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Above the sky…

Everybody could see the sky. In ordinary people' eyes, all stars were lying orderly in the sky according to some magical rule, and the sky was the limits of height one could reach.

However, in the eyes of truly powerful people, the structure of this world was completely different.

Stars in the sky, which sparkled splendidly at night and had different colors, seeming to be reachable by simply raising the hand, were only projections of real stars.

So to speak, the space where Midland and the four wastelands were located was like the yolk of an egg, while the sky was like the parting line between the yolk and the egg white. All stars were contained in the egg white as a complete system. The edge of the egg white where the eggshell was located was the parclose that parted this world from the outer space.

At the moment, Ji Hao and his friends' location was the edge of the egg white, also the so-called 'above the sky'.

This area was hazy cyan, and not a single grain of dust could be seen in the void. At first glance, one could see countless enormous stars swiftly moving in the void along indescribable, magical tracks.

Visibly, waves of star power crossed each other and bumped against each other, stirring up countless giant whirlwinds and tidal energy waves. The void was especially quiet, as quiet as an ancient tomb late at night. Those gigantic whirlwinds and tidal energy waves that seemed to be able to devour countless living creatures disappeared soon after they emerged, without making any sound.

However, after staring at those indescribably enormous stars for a long while, Ji Hao's primordial spirit began shaking intensely. Although he didn't hear any noise with his physical ears, his primordial spirit nearly fainted because of the immense noise caused by those moving giant stars.

When those stars moved along their tracks, an extremely loud noise would be generated. However, the sound was way too loud and ordinary people with flesh bodies couldn't hear anything. Only people like Ji Hao who had grown a primordial spirit and were even more sensitive than Divine Magi could sense the dreadfully loud sounds made by those stars.

At the moment, Man Man, Shaosi and the others standing beside Ji Hao were all curiously looking at those stars all over the space. Because of his primordial spirit, Ji Hao was the only one among his friends whose face had turned deathly pale, with cold sweat pouring down in huge streams from his head while an overwhelming pain came from his primordial spirit.

Fortunately, Ji Hao quickly calmed down. His primordial spirit wielded the immemorial sun streamer and released streams of essence sun fire, wrapping his primordial spirit up. The immensely loud noise caused by those moving stars was blocked by essence sun fire. Although his spiritual space could still sense some noise, that great pain which nearly shattered his soul and drove him crazy had gone.

Additionally, from the mixed star power filled in the space, a great and warm stream of power came over, drilling into Ji Hao's body through every pore of his.

Ji Hao's body quickly was surrounded by a faint golden glow, which was the purest sun power not weakened by the 'sky'. Spirit star power contained in Ji Hao's body rose speedily. Meanwhile, the thin and faint golden glow had been thickening and brightening.

Looking where the sun power came from, Ji Hao saw that in a seemingly furthest and highest area, an enormous sun was shining dazzlingly. Even though hundreds of millions of stars had all been glowing splendidly in this area, when Ji Hao saw this sun, he could no longer see any other star but this sun. In the void, many other stars often brushed against each other and nearly bumped into each other, but only the surrounding space of the sun was completely empty. The other stars seemed to be afraid of the sun and dared not approach it. The area where the sun was located seemed like a throne of an emperor while the other stars looked like ministers of this emperor; not a single minister dared to offend the emperor.

"Above the sky!" Ji Hao's eyes sparkled with a golden light. White silently recalling the descriptions of moving tracks of stars he read in Yu Yu's Study of Magic Formation, Ji Hao activated his eye power and looked at those stars.

A while later, Ji Hao found that regardless the size of those stars, each star was a small world. These small worlds relied on this bigger world. Those stars seemed to be moving in the void at lightning speed, but in fact, their bodies stayed perfectly unmoved. Instead, it was the small worlds based on those stars that had been rotating.

This feeling was incredibly mysterious and unspeakable, and Ji Hao couldn't understand it for a while.

Because every star was a small world, although these stars seemed to almost brush against each other sometimes, in fact, they were still billions of miles away from each other, and would never really bump into each other.

Ji Hao also saw palaces and pavilions on some stars, along with mountains and rivers. All those buildings were of an ancient style but seemed to be inanimate, as if they had been empty for many years.

"Owners of stars are also Gods of the ancient heaven…fallen, all fallen!" Without being noticed by Ji Hao, Si Wen Ming had come beside him, pointing at a giant crimson star that was swishing across from above Ji Hao's head and said, "This is Ying Huo Star… Ying Huo once was a general in heaven, but he had fallen as well."

"Who did that?" Ji Hao looked at Si Wen Ming and asked in shock.

Si Wen Ming remained silent. With glowing eyes, he looked at an enormous piece of cloud that was supported by the twelve gigantic divine towers.

Ji Hao's heart sank immediately. 'Was it these non-humankind beings?' wondered Ji Hao.

In the void, a gigantic teleporting magic formation had been emitting an eye-piercing light. Countless human warriors walked out from the magic formation with big steps with their heads held high, then released their powers, floated in the air and facing each other with that incomparably tremendous cloud in afar.

On that cloud, many Yu Clan people had been looking at those human warriors. The teases Ji Hao heard just now were let out by one of them, who was a young man with a long blood-red robe. Many Yu Clan people had their fingers pointed at these human warriors while laughing loudly. Apparently, they were laughing at these human warriors' recklessness as these human warriors actually dared to come to join the life-and-death game.

Gradually, in the void, the group of senior ministers who wouldn't join the game but only came to see those young people off gathered around the sturdy tall man who was sitting beside Emperor Shun. The other human beings who came to take part in the game had already divided into a few groups.

Gathered around Si Wen Ming were Ji Hao, Huaxu Lie, Lie Mountain Kang and a large group of princes of Midland families and clans, along with some earls and marquis. Obviously, Si Wen Ming had a solid background and many supporters in Midland.

Standing behind Zhu Rong Tianming were Yi Shen, Lie Mountain Xu, Ying Yunhe and a large group of Eastern Wasteland and Southern Wasteland elite warriors. Southern Wasteland elite warriors had a good reason to follow Zhu Rong Tianming, and because of Yi Shen, the majority of Eastern Wasteland elite warriors chose to follow Zhu Rong Tianming as well.

What made Ji Hao knit his eyebrows was Bo Qiujia, Miaolian, Miaoyin, Qing Mei and a few other people were also standing behind Zhu Rong Tianming. Were these people joining the game as well?

Gong Sun Yuan and Gong Gong Wuyou stood side by side, and behind them were Northern Wasteland elite warriors under Wuzhi Qi's lead.

Surprisingly, warriors from a few well-known powerful Western Wasteland clans, including Qiong Qi Clan, Tao Tie Clan, Zhu Wu Clan, Ya Yu Clan, had also been standing behind Gong Sun Yuan and Gong Gong Wuyou.

Except for these few groups of people that could be considered as stronger forces, the other millions of warriors who came to join the game had divided into over ten different sized groups, staying hundreds of miles away from each other.

From a long distance away, a high-pitched voice came from the tremendous cloud.

"It's still early, why don't we warm it up first? Human beings, is anyone of you brave enough to come fight a life-and-death battle?"

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