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In the center of the area beside the biggest bonfire, Emperor Shun in a shirt made from coarse cloth was sitting on a straw sheet, smilingly watching Man Man and Zhu Rong Tianming yelling at each other around a hundred meters away.

Holding up a bowl of warmed wine, Emperor Shun said in a gentle voice, "It's so nice to be young, so energetic!"

People who could sit together with Emperor Shun were all famous and influential, and possessed high social status. These included the Master Elder of Huaxu Family, the clan leader of Lie Mountain Family and the young master of the phoenix-kind, Feng Qinxin.

Except for these well-known people who could shake the entire Pu Ban City with a single word of theirs, a tall and sturdy man who was wearing a tall hat and a long robe but covered in shadows, was also sitting beside Emperor Shun today

Although he was sitting right beside the bonfire and the bonfire had lightened everybody's face up, this man's sturdy silhouette was still hazy. The tall hat and long robe worn by him were both ancient styled, and he was sitting with his legs crossed. A faint layer of shadow wrapped his body up, and no matter how hard the others tried, no one could see his face clearly.

Hearing Emperor Shun's words, this man gave a faint smile and said, "They can't combine their powers. How big is the chance you think, that we can win this game?"

Emperor Shun's hand shook, swayed the fine wine in the bowl and splashed a few drops of wine out on his hand. Remaining silent for quite a while, Emperor Shun said in a deep voice, "I am well-prepared already. In the south side of Broken Cloud Mountain that is located in the south of Pu Ban City, a new capital city of our humankind is building."

The man responded in a low voice, "Already preparing for losing Chi Ban Mountain to the non-humankind and giving up on Pu Ban City?"

Emperor Shun lowered his head. The other senior ministers sitting beside him, such as Candle Dragon Gui and Si Xi, all had a gloomy look now while slightly shaking their heads. For this life-and-death game, the humankind was forced to take part in it by the non-humankind, and that might be entirely beyond the capabilities of the humankind.

Since the non-humankind dared to place such a big bet, they might not be guaranteed to win, but they were at least seventy to eighty percent confident about winning.

Once Chi Ban Mountain was ceded to the non-humankind, Pu Ban City would be completely exposed under the non-humankind's blades. If the humankind didn't prepare for this as soon as possible and move the heart of the human society to the southern side, which was safer, they might suffer an immeasurable loss.

"So hard to accept… Pu Ban City, a city built in the era of the three legendary emperors, if I lost it…how should I face the three emperors?" Emperor Shun seemed to be a bit depressed as he held the bowl up and took a gulp of wine.

Nearly a hundred meters away, Zhu Rong Tianming, who was smashed away by Man Man, was yelling ragingly. He rushed over with a large group of guards, seeming ready to make trouble for Ji Hao and Man Man. Emperor Shun, who wasn't in a good mood, suddenly stood up and gave a deep growl, "Before you go out for battle, whoever dares to break the military disciplines will be punished severely!"

Zhu Rong Tianming and his group of guards paused instantly, then obediently stepped back into the crowd, daring not to make any trouble.

Emperor Shun sat back on the straw sheet, scooped a full bowlful of wine out of a large vat, then said with a glum look, "A bunch of kids, can never let us stop worrying. All of them are just over energetic. A life-and-death battle is coming but they are still intriguing against each other…Can't they just think about the future of the entire humankind?"

That tall and sturdy man sat still on his sheet, smiled and said blandly, "What are you worrying about? What if we truly lost Pu Ban City? Back then, at the low ebb of our humankind, we were nearly exterminated. But still, we survived and developed till present days, didn't we? How many times are we now stronger than the old days? Nothing but some frustrations, why should you be afraid of that?"

Turning around, a dim stream of light flashed across the man's hazy face as he stared at Emperor Shun and said, "Chonghua, you're the emperor on the throne. To these little kids, you need to be confident…Just like back then, we give the entire humankind to your hands. We were confident on you, and you have done a good job during all these years."

Emperor Shun held the wine bowl up and slowly drank the wine contained in it. He turned around, looked at a distance away and said in a deep voice, "The non-humankind's messengers have arrived."

A floating metal city was dragged over by hundreds of flood dragons. It seemed to be moving slowly but in fact, it swished as fast as the wind. That floating city was enormous; the city wall was nearly a hundred miles long while countless defensive spell symbols sparkled brightly on it, making the city look as dazzling as a small sun in the dark sky.

From a great distance, human warriors in the campsite saw that floating city. Large groups of elite human beings stood up one after another, pointing at the floating city that was cast entirely from metal, exclaiming out in surprise.

Such a tremendous metal city was actually floating in the air and had been flying with such a high speed. Such a high technological level was something the humankind could never achieve at the current stage. It was unimaginable that if the non-humankind put flying metal cities like this in use in past wars, what a great damage would have been caused to the humankind.

Some human warriors who were not brave enough had their faces instantly turned pale. This approaching metal city coming from the north pressed on their hearts like a giant mountain. The humankind was indeed weaker than these monsters, and those non-humankind monsters indeed possessed an incomparably great power, way greater than the power of the humankind!

This city drifted over like a dark cloud, dispelling a small half of the full confidence of those over ten-million elite human beings and their warriors who were all going to join the life-and-death game, even before the game started.

Ji Hao stood up as well in shock, looking at this metal city that was hundred miles in square and had twelve kilometers tall divine towers standing in it.

In the sky of the Midland, different sized floating mountains could be seen, drifting across the air frequently. But those were natural sceneries; with the current most advanced technology possessed by the Magi Palace, they could make only an around ten miles in radius mountain float in the sky permanently; that was the best they could do.

For a hundred miles square metal city, how much energy did it require to allow such a city to fly swiftly in the air like a bird? And for a city that had such a great energy, how powerful could it be? How could it be destroyed?

The power possessed by the non-humankind was way too terrifying, and even Ji Hao felt his heart sink, and his face darken.

The immense metal city quickly flew over, floating above the campsite like a dark cloud. Soon, a few Yu Clan people flew out, surrounded by large groups of Jia Clan warriors. A Yu Clan man wearing a long gray robe and having visible air ripples spreading out from his body constantly laughed proudly out and began talking.

"Lowly barbaric creatures, are these people selected to take part in the life-and-death game? Hm, much more than ten-million, the lower limit we required. This is good, we can enjoy a greater massacre at one time."

"Good, are you ready? We have prepared a teleporting magic formation that will send you to above the sky."

"You lowly pathetic, stupid, barbaric creatures, those simple and rough teleporting magic formations of yours can never send you up there. If you're thinking about flying up there by yourself, that would be a great waste of time."

Emperor Shun and a group of senior ministers flew up and stood in the air, facing those Yu Clan people.

"Time to depart? Young human beings, get ready, time to go!" Emperor Shun gave a resonant shout.

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