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The metal city floated in the air, blocking the sky and bringing a great metal stress to every human being on the ground.

On the ground, countless elite human beings raised their wine bowls high. They drank up the wine and then smashed the bowl into pieces against the ground, along with a long series of cracking noise.

"Kill all non-humankind monsters!" Gong Sun Yuan, the prince of You Xiong Family, pulled out an entirely golden long sword, fiercely swung towards the sky and growled.

"Kill all non-humankind monsters!" Zhu Rong Tianming knitted his eyebrows and threw an unpleasant glance at Gong Sun Yuan. For impressive moves like this, especially taking the lead and shouting the slogan out, how could he let Gong Sun Yuan snatched the chance?

"Kill all non-humankind monsters!" Resonant and passionate growls gradually combined into a strong and surging stream of power, lingering in the sky above Pu Ban City. Gradually, from the direction of Pu Ban city, many human silhouettes flew up to the sky, silently looking at this area.

Ding! The bronze bell hanging in front of the Town Hall in Pu Ban City was rung, after which, a series of bell rings could be heard endlessly, spreading out to tens of thousands of miles away and shattering the thin layer of cloud in the sky. Numerous Magus Kings and Divine Magi flew up into the air one after another, floating in the sky above Pu Ban City, hearing the resounding bell rings while looking at the campsite.

It was a life-and-death game. If the humankind won, their territory would be expanded to a hundred million miles, and they would earn a thousand years of peace.

It was a life-and-death game. If the humankind lost, Chi Ban Mountain would be ceded away, and the humankind would fall into a passive situation.

Gradually, thunderous growls came from the direction of Pu Ban City. Many powerful Divine Magi and Magus Kings roared loudly out with full strength, sending their resonant roars over like rumbling thunders, "Kill all non-humankind monsters!"

A fierce aura of killing swished straight up to the sky while a strong fighting will surged up in everyone's heart. At this moment, the power vibrations released by every human being combined into one and transformed into a terrifyingly great power vibration, roaring towards the metal city floating in the sky, towards those few Yu Clan messengers.

The few Yu Clan people instantly changed their looks and hurriedly flew up, dodging this sharp power vibration.

Buzz! Countless complicated and exquisite spell symbols lit up on the metal city. Meanwhile, tens of meters thick, different-colored light screens firmly shielded the city behind them. Hundreds of millions of human warriors were now holding a strong intent of fighting, and the strong power vibration created by their thriving life-force released from their bodies smashed against those thick light screens. The light screens rippled, but the city remained perfectly still.

Smoke coiled in the sky while great glowing clouds emerged, after which, many thousands of meters tall divine Gods descended from the sky, curiously looking at those agitated human warriors in the campsite

Ji Hao's old friend, Kua E, was standing on a cloud, staring at those people on the ground while murmuring, "Yelling and shouting again, yelling and shouting again…Do you think that not enough people have died? If your people died out, where should we get delicious wines and grilled meat from?"

The few Yu Clan people turned around, proudly looking at those divine Gods standing on the clouds.

The Yu Clan man with a long gray robe and who had countless air ripples spreading out from his body laughed loudly with a high-pitched voice and said, "You residual souls under our blades, you can join the game as well. We won't mind killing a few more."

Kua E and the other divine Gods remained silent, only quietly looking at those growling human warriors on the ground.

Ji Hao saw a big half of those divine Gods had their fists clenched and blood veins bulged out from their heads. Clearly, their hearts were suffused by anger as well. However, all divine Gods remained absolutely silent. No matter how many mean and ugly words those Yu Clan people said to them, they only stood there silently.

"Just punch them!" Man Man stood beside Ji Hao, confusingly looked at Kua E and his brothers.

Even Man Man, who had the simplest mind, had discovered the anger of Kua E and his brothers. Nevertheless, these incredibly powerful divine Gods forcibly swallowed their rage back down, and none of them stood out to fight against those Yu Clan people.

"Eh, you're so huge in shape, but why are you such cowards? No wonder you can only build cities of the others and trade for wine and grilled meat with your labor." Man Man slightly curved her lips downwards, lowered her head and murmured scornfully.

Ji Hao gently patted on Man Man's head while looking at Kua E in deep thought.

These divine Gods who were immeasurably powerful still would rather hold the bottom-line, building cities for the humankind to trade for meat and wine, than doing whatever they wanted with their great powers. Did they truly remain unmoved because they were cowards?

People who used their powers for whatever they wanted were not terrifying at all. Instead, truly terrifying beings were those who possess great powers but still could defend the bottom-line and maintain their spirits, even if they had to endure humiliations and all kind of teases and provoking.

Kua E and his brothers!

Facing the few Yu Clan's teases and taunts, Kua E crossed his arms before his chest, lazily spat towards the sky and said, "Pah, what can I get by fighting you? Let's go, let's go, brothers, let's go back and sleep. We don't have to come out and work in these couple of years. The money Earl Yao paid us is enough for us to live a few years of good life. Let's go back and sleep!"

The group of divine gods laughed out loud, then followed by a series of rumbling thunders, storms and sudden rain, hundreds of divine Gods who came out to see what was happening disappeared without leaving a trace in rolling dense clouds.

The few Yi Clan people released the signal, and the gate of the metal city opened.

Emperor Shun stood still, while the tall man with a hazy figure flew up, took the lead and broke into the metal city.

Countless elite human beings who would join the game rose into the air one after another. Numerous clouds swooshed up into the sky, closely following the tall and sturdy man into the metal city through the square-shaped gate.

Inside the hundred miles square metal city, a tens of miles long teleporting magic formation had been shining dazzlingly.

On the ground, hundreds of large altars flew out from the air while Emperor Shun guided large groups of Maguspriests to slaughter countless beasts and non-humankind slaves, offering their blood and souls to the altars.

Thousands of most powerful human Maguspriests surrounded the altars, dancing and singing, hoarsely incanting spells and begging all mysterious and powerful beings in this world to bless those elite young people who would join the life-and-death game.

They prayed not only for their lives but also for the fortune of the entire humankind.

If they won the game, the humankind would earn great benefits, but if they lost, the humankind would suffer a great loss. At least for the next tens of thousands of years, the humankind wouldn't be able to rise again. This was also a fight aimed at the fortune of two different races. Therefore, all those Maguspriests tried their bests to incant spells while giving almost all their spirit blood out and praying devoutly.

"My people, please come back safely!" Emperor Shun led a group of senior ministers and bowed deeply towards those elite and young human beings who had been rising from the ground.

"Yes!" Si Wen Ming, Huaxu Lie, Lie Mountain Kang, Ji Hao and a few other people stood on a cloud and solemnly bowed back to Emperor Shun and those ministers.

The cloud moved swiftly, quickly sending Ji Hao and his friends into the metal city, into that enormous teleporting magic formation.

A strong stream of light reached up to the sky and Ji Hao only felt an intensive vibration of the surrounding environment. He didn't know how long that took, but suddenly, he arrived in a magical void.

"Welcome to above the sky…You ignorant, silly barbaric ants!" Ji Hao stabilized his body as a high-pitched voice reached his ears.

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