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Countless bonfires were lit up in the vast campsite. Cleaned and peeled beasts were put on the bonfire, grilling till oil oozed out along with a sizzling noise.

The autumn was invigorating, the air was fresh, and the clouds were thin. In the dark sky, a dimly glowing light screen had been sparkling. Emperor Shun's figure appeared on the light screen, enormous enough to allow everyone in the campsite see it clearly.

Gentle whirlwinds blew across, bringing Emperor Shun's voice to every direction.

As the human emperor and the leader of the alliance of human clans, Emperor Shun was carrying out his obligation, saying something those were completely useless for Ji Hao. Emperor Shun was encouraging all elite human being who were going to take part in the life-and-death game. He was telling them to take benefits of the entire humankind as their top priority, to act base on the overall situation, to combine their powers, join hands and fend against the enemies to try to win this life-and-death game.

To Emperor Shun's words, Ji Hao was noncommittal.

Not to mention the conflicts of interests between the other clans, only the issue between Wuzhi Qi and himself was solid, because of which, all clans from the Northern Wasteland and under the Water God's command would be his enemies in this game. He knew Wuzhi Qi would never let go of any chance to kill Ji Hao.

Furthermore, not long ago, Ji Hao turned thoroughly against Yi Shen.

The hatred caused by Ying Yunpeng's death had never been eased, and now the problem left by Feng Xing's old life was added to it. Feng Xing had actually fled to the Midland from the Eastern Wasteland with the greatest treasure of Yi Shen Clan!

"Feng Xing, screw it. That guy, Yi Shen, since he dared to come look for troubles, we can simply take him out!" Thinking of all those annoying things and seeing Feng Xing squatting beside a bonfire in a daze, Ji Hao directly raised his wine bowl and threw a heavy punch on Feng Xing.

"Ji Hao!" Feng Xing held a blow of wine, raised his head and seemed to say something.

"Cut the crap! Just drink!" Ji Hao looked at Feng Xing, then continued word by word, "We are friends, we are brothers who fought side by side. So, do not explain. Yi Shen is your enemy, that makes him our enemy… that makes him the enemy of the entire Yao Mountain territory!"

Drinking up the fine wine contained in the bowl, Ji Hao said blandly, "Don't forget, even if your problem didn't exist, I came from Gold Crow Clan, and there's a blood hatred between Ten Sun Country and our clan. How can they possibly let me go?"

Feng Xing grinned, held the bowl up and took a gulp, then said excitedly, "Ah, I nearly forgot that. Ji Hao, you too have some old issues against Ten Sun Country. In this case, let's make a plan to take out Yi Shen first!"

Hearing this, Yu Mu, Taisi and Man Man showed interest immediately, then sat together, discussing how they should kill Yi Shen quickly and neatly.

When the heated discussion was happening, tsunami-like cheers suddenly burst from surrounding areas. Many warriors raised their wine bowls, cups and pots, cheering out towards Emperor Shun's figure on the light screen.

The wine had a nice scent, spreading out to tens of thousands of miles away. Countless people in the campsite were having as much fun as they could. This was the last revelry before the life-and-death game.

No one seemed to truly listen to Emperor Shun. It was nothing but go to a place and start a great fight against non-humankind monsters. The three people who killed the most non-humankind monsters would be able to compete for the throne of the human emperor, how simple was that?

Within waves of cheers, yells, and shouts, Zhu Rong Tianming walked over with a darkened face and a wine pot carried in his hand.

Seeing Zhu Rong Tianming, Man Man instantly showed the whites of her eyes, fell directly into Shaosi's arms and pretended to be drunk; she even began snoring loudly. Shaosi smilingly shook her head, gently held her arms around Man Man and moved closer to the bonfire.

"What do you want?" Yu Mu stood up, blocked Zhu Rong Tianming's way with his huge body and said, "Prince Tianming, we don't seem to get along. I suggest you do not come to us to hear ugly words, what do you say?"

Zhu Rong Long, Zhu Rong Hu and other few Divine Magi stood up, narrowed their eyes and looked at Zhu Rong Tianming.

From around three-meter away, Zhu Rong Tianming said in a deep and strong voice, "Ji Hao, I hope that you can make the right choice."

Ji Hao lazily raised his head and said, "The right choice? What right choice?"

A red glow flashed across Zhu Rong Tianming's face as he looked at Ji Hao, smiled and said, "Yi Shen, Lie Mountain Xu and over a hundred other princes from different clans and families have decided to combine their powers and help me to earn credits to make me the top one, and help me to attain the throne of the human emperor. If you are willing to come to my side and consider me as your leader, in the future, when I attain the throne, I will certainly treat you well."

Ji Hao looked at Zhu Rong Tianming in shock.

Yi Shen had decided to help him? And even Lie Mountain Xu and over a hundred other princes? They all decided to help him joint handedly?

Was this a joke? The title of 'prince' wasn't an official noble title of the humankind. But still, only top-grade clans and families that had human emperors emerge from their clans and families were eligible to confer this title. Elite young men who possessed titles of 'princes', such as Lie Mountain Xu were all especially proud. Each of them believed that he was the most powerful one in the world, and all of them had their eyes fixed on the throne of the human emperor and had been working incredibly hard for it.

Did Zhu Rong Tianming actually manage to convince over a hundred princes to help him with full strength?

"Bo Qiujia!" Ji Hao murmured to himself in a low voice. Zhu Rong Tianming could never do this, only Bo Qiujia could.

"Consider me as your leader and you will certainly earn some benefits." Zhu Rong Tianming was still talking, "And, from now on, both Yi Shen and you are my subordinates, so don't harm your friendship only for a traitor of Yi Clan Clan. You shall cut off Yi Feng's four limbs yourself, then hand him to Yi Shen and I'll make peace between you two. All hatred between you and Yi Shen, between Gold Crow Clan and Ten Sun Country, will be erased."

Ji Hao remained silent for a while, then raised his head, smiled and said, "But, I have already decided to help Uncle Si Wen Ming with full strength. Therefore, Prince Tianming, you shall go back to where you came from."

Zhu Rong Tianming's look changed instantly. Ji Hao refused so quickly and clearly, that made him feel so humiliated.

Based on his temper, he was supposed to call his guards over and chop Ji Hao into pieces…But thinking of Ji Hao's current power and the power belonging to ancient Supreme Magi that was inherited by Gold Crow Clan, added with Zhu Rong Long, Candle Dragon Yan and the other few powerful Divine Magi standing beside Ji Hao, Zhu Rong Tianming forced himself to swallow his anger back down.

He smiled embarrassedly and said, "Ji Hao, you and I are families after all. You're Man Man's man, how can you go help an outsider?"

Ji Hao stood up, but before he said anything, Man Man, who was pretending to be asleep in Shaosi's arms, leaped up like a nimble cheetah. She flashed across the air and moved to before Zhu Rong Tianming.

Zhu Rong Tianming hurriedly squeezed a huge grin out of his face, bowed and said to Man Man, who was shorter than him, "Man Man, we're brothers and sisters…"

"Who's your sister?! You're not a good man, you want to kill Ji Hao all the time! And you bullied me since I was little!" Man Man pulled a hammer out of her sleeve and violently smashed on Zhu Rong Tianming's face.

A fiery thunderbolt dazzled out of the lotus-bud-shaped hammer that was crafted by Yu Yu himself, roaring across Zhu Rong Tianming's face and shattering all of his teeth.

"Who's your sister?!"Man Man added angrily.

"Good…Man Man…" Zhu Rong Tianming vomited blood while stepping quickly back, then turned around in rage and walked straight away while saying, "In this case, there's no more family affection between us. We shall all depend on our own abilities!"

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