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On the western side of Pu Ban City, a large-scale campsite was built up quickly.

Ancient style halls built from giant stones, luxurious, exquisitely decorated palaces and mansions, simple and rough cottages, barbaric leather tents; all different types of buildings and accommodations were built in the same area, creating a chaotic scene.

Over ten million elite people who were carefully selected out by tens of thousands of clans, prepared to enter into the small world and take part in the life-and-death game along with their guards and warriors. In total, hundreds of millions of people had gathered in this place, making this vast campsite nearly boundless.

Young people with luxurious clothes that came from famous and influential families strutted among the crowd. Warriors from barbaric clans who covered their bodies with leathers yelled and shouted, and sturdy warriors with heavy armors popped out their eyes and showed fierce looks while experienced clan leaders and elders walked and talked around. The campsite was filled with all kinds of sounds; all kinds of mounts roared towards the sky and poisonous bugs and snakes raised by some Maguspriests wriggled all over the ground. The huge campsite seemed to be a complete mess that could drive people crazy right on the spot.

If Emperor Shun didn't send out his private guards and warriors patrolling all over the campsite, these elite human beings gathered in Pu Ban city might have started intense fights long ago, and some people might have died even before the life-and-death game started.

Not long after Ji Hao followed Si Wen Ming into the campsite, he had already witnessed thousands of people provoke each other and schedule duels. The tangled hatred between tens of thousands of different scale clans had lasted countless years, and all people gathered in here were elite members of their own clans. They were all proud, and didn't want to bow to anyone. They were only too anxious to start fighting to show off their powers and to impress the others.

Walking in the campsite, Ji Hao only felt that the air was suffused by a fierce aura of killing, many people had been glaring at the others with dagger-sharp eyes.

They finally reached the central area of the campsite, which was a large empty area. Elders from each clan who came as team leaders, some earls and marquis and some other people who possessed high social status had gathered in this area, talking loudly to each other about those people who were sent out by their clans to join the life-and-death game this time.

This life-and-death game was a great matter for the humankind, and also was a great matter to each clan.

Emperor Shun had made his promise that the top-3 people in this game would be able to compete for the throne of the human emperor. This encouraged all large clans to send out their most elite young people.

Within these couple of days, the governors of the humankind on the scene gained a general understanding of these elite young men who came from all those clans, and roughly, they each made a ranking of these people in their hearts. For example, 'Princes' from large clans and families such as Huaxu Family, Lie Mountain Family, You Xiong Family, Candle Dragon Clan all had pretty high rankings.

As for Ji Hao, although his performance was quite impressive during the Chi Ban Mountain War, he was still at a relatively lower level of cultivation. As a 'new Magus King', he didn't even make into the first million among all those elite human beings who were going to join the game.

One had to mention that these 'princes' sent out by those large clans and families were all Divine Magi, such as Yi Shen, Lie Mountain Xu, Gong Sun Yuan; they were all-powerful Divine Magi. Although Elite young men who came from the other clans and families hadn't yet reached the level of Divine Magus, they were all experienced Magus Kings. How could a kid like Ji Hao, who had been a Magus King for merely one year, ever be compared with them?

Some Clans set up stalls in corners of the campsite and placed bets, betting on many things, including who would be the with most credits earned, who would make into the top-100, or even which one among all these elite young men who came from those large families and clans would die the first, and who could stay till the last.

Many clan leaders placed their bets, all believing in the young men from their own clans.

Loud and clear clinks made by jade coins and magic crystals could be heard all over the area. Some people were yelling at each other, teasing each other, and attacking each other in speech, cursing the young men from the others clans to be the first ones to die.

Ji Hao walked into that area and clan leaders who knew him all waved their hands and greeted him.

Ji Hao hurriedly greeted back. This area was filled by people and way too many people had been greeting each other, which made Ji Hao incredibly busy for a while.

Abruptly, a great force came, pushed away a few clan leaders who had been standing in front of Ji Hao and exchanging greetings with him. Yi Shen, who had a fierce and sharp vibe and was surrounded by a group of Ten Sun Country warriors split the crowd up and walked over.

Ten Sun Country was an especially strong force, therefore, although those clan leaders who were pushed aside by Yi Shen were quite angry about that, they only gave Ji Hao bitter smiles from a distance away, then hurriedly stepped away to avoid getting into any trouble.

"Earl Yao has offended Wuzhi Qi, but does he also have issues against Prince Yi Shen?"

"Who knows? But Earl Yao doesn't have to be afraid of Ten Sun Country anyway. Who would Zhu Rong's son-in-law be afraid of?"

"Hehe, that's correct! Crap! Let's move, Zhu Rong Man Man is looking at us. Don't let her grow any interest in you."

People whispered to each other, but Ji Hao didn't want to pay anything attention to them. Instead, he looked at Yi Shen, smiled faintly and said, "Prince Yi Shen? Do you have something to say to me?"

Yi Shen raised his finger, and a purple jade talisman flipped out from his fingertip. Tiny bolts of lightning were coiled around the talisman. It suddenly flew towards Feng Xing, who was standing behind Ji Hao, then began rotating slowly around him.

"You can't run, Yi Feng!" Yi Shen chuckled, narrowed his eyes, looked at Feng Xing and said in a cold voice, "Yi Qingniao disappeared in Chi Ban Mountain area. He was killed by you, wasn't he?"

Feng Xing didn't respond. Ji Hao sneered, swung his right hand and sent out a golden stream of flame that wrapped the jade talisman up. Immediately, the jade talisman was burned into a puff of smoke, after which he said, "Yi Shen, what did you say? Why can't I understand a single word you say? Yi Qingniao? Who's that?"

Yi Shen stared at Ji Hao, then said word by word, "I have plenty of jade talismans like this one. It has already memorized Yi Feng's smell, so he can never run. Earl Yao, hand him out and we can forget about the debt you own me, for killing Ying Yunpeng."

Ji Hao took a step forward, pressed his chest against Yi Shen's chest and bumped his nose against Yi Shen's nose, then sneered and said, "What did you say? Say it again!"

Yi Shen puffed his chest heavily out.

A thunderous bang was generated, followed by which, the ground under Ji Hao and Yi Shen's feet was split up. As hundreds of meters long and three feet wide ditches appeared on the ground, the two of them were drawn around three feet away from each other. Yi Shen stood perfectly still, while Ji Hao sensed a great pain from his chest, unable to help but take nine steps back.

Cracking noise could be heard endlessly. Every time Ji Hao stepped back, an immense stream of power would be forced to the ground that made the ground in the area with a radius of ten miles shake slightly and generate countless cracks on the ground.

Obviously, Yi Shen's physical strength had surpassed Ji Hao, and with Ji Hao's current power, he was still far away from rivaling Yi Shen.

A squad of Emperor Shun's guards speedily moved over. tThe squad leader shouted shortly, "Fights are strictly banned in Midland, whoever wants to start a fight and settle your issues, go up to the upper air."

Yi Shen gave a cold smile, spread his arms and grinned to that squad leader. Then, in front of countless surrounding clan leaders and elite young men who would join the game, he said word by word, "Good, Ji Hao, and Yi Feng, you are so dead this time! In that life-and-death game, no one can complain about anyone's death. This is a decision made by all clan leaders joint handedly. You're so dead!"

Ji Hao pointed at Yi Shen, curved his lips upwards and responded, "Yeah? Regarding who will live and who will die, nothing can be told for sure yet."

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