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Ji Hao, Shaosi, Man Man, Taisi, Yu Mu, Feng Xing.

They were mentioned by name by Yu Dynasty's messenger, Pi Chitian, as appointed participators of the life-and-death game. Apart from them, the eight Divine Magi from Zhu Rong Family under Zhu Rong Long's lead and the four Divine Magi from Candle Dragon Clan under Candle Dragon Yan's lead, and tens of Magus Kings under their commands would be accompanying Ji Hao and his teammates to take part in the game.

Since the non-humankind dared to give such a stunningly heavy bet, they were surely quite confident about winning. Therefore, in order to keep his friends safe, Ji Hao decided to bring all subordinates who were powerful enough to join the game together.

Outside a city gate of Yao Mountain City, tens of elders of Yao Mountain territory were dancing around a bonfire while loudly singing a blessing song, praying for Ji Hao and his people, and begging the Gods in this world to protect them and let them come back safely.

Ji Xia and a group of Gold Crow Clan people were standing by the city gate, silently looking at Ji Hao and his friends.

"Hao, be careful!" Ji Xia looked at Ji Hao and said seriously, "You have grown up…You on your own account now, you have to be careful."

Ji Hao kneeled on the ground, kowtowed to Ji Xia and said in a deep voice, "Abba, don't worry, just guard Yao Mountain City well for me. I will certainly come back safely… you know what I can do."

Ji Xia rubbed the beard on his chin, intentionally showing a carefree look and laughed out loud.

He fought hand to hand against Ji Hao. After inheriting the power of an ancient Master Supreme Magus, Ji Xia's power had been improving every single day. However, in frontal battles against Ji Hao, he was suppressed by Ji Hao violently all the time.

In terms of spirit stars, Ji Xia's spirit star was far less powerful than Ji Hao's spirit star, which was the sun. In terms of moving speed, that was a most essential factor in close and frontal combat, Ji Hao's moving speed was way higher than Ji Xia.

Only in terms of physical strength could he suppress Ji Hao overwhelmingly, because Ji Xia had inherited all three spirit stars of Ji Liao, and every single one of the three stars had reached the level of six-star. But the problem was that without a high speed, he couldn't even manage to launch effective attacks at Ji Hao. What difference could his great physical strength make?

"Ha, you're better than your Abba." Ji Xia scratched his own head with a bitter smile, "You're just a Magus King now…but it's a good thing. Just come back soon. Seize the time and have a few kids when you came back. Your Amma has been expecting her grandchildren."

Ji Xia was so nervous that he could only say something like this to comfort Ji Hao and himself.

Ji Hao stood up. Except for grinning, he didn't know what to say.

Shaosi's pretty face was blushed a little bit, while she lowered her head and remained silent. Only Man Man excitedly grabbed Ji Hao's arm and yelled, "Eh? Is having kids fun? Ji Hao, let's have some kids for fun after we come back!"

Ji Xia and the group of Gold Crow Clan people laughed instantly out on hearing Man Man, as well as those Yao Mountain People who came to see Ji Hao and his people off. Zhu Rong Long and the other Zhu Rong Family Divine Magi all darkened their faces, lowered their heads and stared at their feet, unable to say a word. Man Man, this young master of theirs, had truly embarrassed them!

Mr. Crow was standing on Ji Hao's shoulder and had been looking around with his pair of shining eyes. Abruptly, Mr. Crow gave a resonant roar and spread his wings, rising into the sky. Soon, he expanded to around three-hundred meter long, and as his enormous pair of wings flapped, a fiery cloud swooshed up from the ground. Mr. Crow carried Ji Hao and his people up and transformed into a golden fire streak of light, tearing the air apart as he flew towards Pu Ban City along with an ear-piercing swishing noise.

Ji Xia stomped his foot against the ground and swiftly rose into the air, kilometers high from the ground, silently looking at Ji Hao and his people who were disappearing into the clouds.

"Eh, Hao has truly grown up!" Ji Xia murmured a bit dispiritedly while shaking his head. He then looked at the great Yao Mountain City down below and continued murmuring to himself, "Am I so old that I can only guard a city for my son now? Am I too old to do anything at all?"

Not to mention Ji Xia's self-pity, Mr. Crow, whose bloodline had already thoroughly become the bloodline of ancient Gold Crow, his power was improved greatly. By now, Mr. Crow had transformed into a dazzling stream of light and swiftly flew towards Pu Ban City with a group of people carried on his back. Soon, they arrived at Pu Ban City.

Once they arrived in Pu Ban City's air space, a beam of light dazzled over which was grasped by Ji Hao. A jade talisman blasted out in his hand, from which, Si Wen Ming's voice came, "Ji Hao, come to the inner palace, quick."

Ji Hao told Mr. Crow to turn around without any hesitation, flying towards the Magi Palace.

Nearly an hour later, in the inner palace, Ji Hao saw Si Xi, Si Wen Ming, Candle Dragon Gui, Wulong Yao and other elders. In the broad hall, a tortoise chariot was silently floating midair.

Different from the tortoise chariot Ji Hao saw during the Chi Ban Mountain War, this tortoise chariot in front of him was recovered to its original shape by the Magi Palace's master craftsmen with unknown materials and methods. It looked just like a living tortoise, with a head, a tail and four limbs; the dark dragon scales on its body had been glowing with a cold luster, making it seem to be furious and powerful.

From time to time, puffs of smoke could be seen rising from the tortoise chariot, and within the smoke, countless spell symbols would flash.

According to a feature of weapons and treasures produced by the Magi Palace, the more spell symbols a treasure had, the more powerful this treasure would be. Every single one of those dragon scales had hundreds of thousands of spell symbols faintly visible on it, judging from which, this tortoise chariot could be mention in the same breath with a Divine-Magus-level magic treasures in terms of quality,

"What is this?" Ji Hao curiously looked at this huge object in front of him.

"A tortoise chariot." Si Wen Ming turned around and seriously said to Ji Hao, "With all rare and precious materials we had in our secret storage, in the past year, our Magi Palace only managed to build six tortoise chariots like this one."

Kuafu Yan walked over with a large hammer holding in his hand, then began loudly introducing all kinds of capabilities of this tortoise chariot.

Tortoise chariots had always been the most powerful type of chariots, and had the greatest defensive power among all kinds of chariots invented by the Magi Palace. No matter how strong the attacks launched by the enemies were, not a single tortoise chariot had ever been broken. Nevertheless, the defensive power of the older version of tortoise chariot was great enough, but the attack power was quite limited.

During the Chi Ban Mountain War, Ji Hao extorted a giant amount of design papers from Di Family. Under Kuafu Yan's lead, a group of master craftsmen of the Magi Palace had concentratedly studied those design papers for a few years. Based on the old version of the tortoise chariot, they finally designed this new tortoise chariot, which was a powerful weapon with both defensive power and attacking power.

This new version of tortoise chariot was recovered to the original shape of a tortoise. Its tail was a soft whip with extremely long striking range. Normally, it was only around fifteen meters long, but once it was activated, it could extend to hundreds of miles long within a very short span of time. The soft and pliable whip was thickly covered in armor-breaking blades, and with a simple twist, it could even tear Divine Magi into pieces.

The four limbs of the tortoise chariot were incredibly powerful weapons for close combat. According to the test results, these four limbs could tear a large-scale defensive magic formation open with full strength in merely a quarter of an hour. This could be safely counted as terrifying.

The head of this tortoise chariot was its most powerful and effective weapon. With abundant magic crystals, this tortoise head could release a magic thunder that was as powerful as a full-strength attack launched by a nine-star Divine Magus.

In addition to both long distance and short distance fighting capacity and the incomparably great defensive power, a hundred mile in radius space was opened up inside the tortoise chariot, which allowed it to contain tens of thousands of people to rest or live.

A tortoise chariot like this could even be the most powerful weapon of a small country!

With the abundant resources possessed by the Magi Palace, they only made six tortoise chariots like this.

Among all people who would take part in the game, Si Wen Ming, Huaxu Lie, Lie Mountain Kang, and Ji Hao got one each.

"The inner space is not small at all. We have already filled it with grains, dry meat, herbs, fresh water and magic crystals." said Si Wen Ming seriously while looking at Ji Hao, "Ji Hao, in the game, you have to be extra careful and cautious…Everybody has to come back alive."

Ji Hao looked at the tortoise chariot floating in front of him and seriously nodded.

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