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On the journey back to Pu Ban city from where Ji Hao made the breakthrough, Zhu Rong Long and the other few Divine Magi had been showing extreme respect towards Ji Hao.

Before, they were only polite to Ji Hao because Zhu Rong had sent them to be under Ji Hao's command. Because of Zhu Rong's order, they were especially polite to Ji Hao. Although they were willing to listen to Ji Hao's orders all because of Zhu Rong, and the fact that Ji Hao would certainly become Man Man's husband one day.

Nevertheless, at this point in time, the four Divine Magi together had actually been punched away by Ji Hao, a young man, and a newly promoted Magus King. Even their divine armors that were crafted in the earthcore flame for a thousand years by the top-grade Zhu Rong master craftsmen were broken by that punch launched by Ji Hao. Because of this, the four Divine Magi were sincerely convinced.

Ji Hao was already so powerful after he became a Magus King. In the future, when he broke into the level of Divine Magi, would he be powerful enough to rival a Supreme Magus?

Therefore, when facing Ji Hao, the attitudes of Zhu Rong Long and the other three Divine Magi had changed thoroughly. Their politeness now turned into respect and compliance, and the four Divine Magi were now extra cautious when following behind Ji Hao, same as the old time when they followed around Zhu Rong. Every single move made by them was now made carefully and cautiously.

Ji Hao was surprised a little bit by this. Meanwhile, he started thinking about if he should beat Candle Dragon Yan and the three of his brothers up as well after he returned to Yao Mountain City.

They returned to Pu Ban city and stayed in the Fine Jade Snow Palace. Ji Hao showered under the sunshine every day, silently absorbing the sun power to strengthen himself. Both his power and body condition had been improving at an amazing rate.

The sun shone gloriously on the whole world, and the sun power was pure and great. Not a single star in the world could ever be mentioned in the same breath as the sun.

When the other Magus Kings cultivated themselves every single night, they had to spend great efforts to ceaselessly extract the power of their spirit star from the massive star power released by billions of stars, then purify the spirit star power and absorb it. Unlike them, Ji Hao could float upon the clouds each noon, when the sun power was the strongest during te day, and absorb the sun power as much as he wanted for two hours. The amount of power he could attain in these two hours equaled to the power an ordinary Magus King gained through months of severe cultivation.

The sun power in the noon was the purest, densest and thickest; not a single slight trace of impurity could be found in it. Therefore, Ji Hao didn't need to spend any efforts to purify the sun power. Instead, he could directly absorb the sun power and merge it with the spirit star power he already had, and his power would improve largely after that.

What made Ji Hao wonder was that the nine five-colored flames in his lower abdomen had now almost combined into one. Within that multicolored flame, something seemed to be slowly waking up. Each day, this mysterious thing would absorb a slight trace of Ji Hao's spirit blood, and therefore, a subtle connection between Ji Hao and this thing had been gradually built up.

The thing surprised Ji Hao was that same as before, the great amount of beast meat and effective magic medicine he swallowed every day would all be devoured by the multicolored flame, but what the flame gave Ji Hao in return was now pure and strong essence sun fire!

That mysterious thing in the flame could actually turn after-world ordinary things into pre-world sun power; this was a creative power and was even against the natural rule. Ji Hao was a little unsettled about this, what treasure was it that it actually had such a nature-reversing effect?

He asked the mysterious man in his spiritual space, but the mysterious man didn't tell him a word.

Helplessly, Ji Hao could only keep the secret to himself, silently absorbing sun power, solidifying his foundation and improving his power every day.

Staying and resting for a few days in Fine Jade Snow Palace, a long and resonant bell ring came from the Town Hall. The beautiful bell ring resounded across the entire Pu Ban City, and following the bell ring, Pu Ban, this great city suddenly became noisy. Large groups of people ceaselessly walked out of all palaces and mansions in the city.

Ji Hao sat on the vehicle given by Zhu Rong, dragged by twelve fire flood dragons. Eight Divine Magi and hundreds of guards followed behind him. This large group of people moved slowly towards the Town Hall. Ji Xia and some Gold Crow Clan people were in the group as well, curiously looking around.

In the evening, numerous groups of people wearing luxurious clothes and shining armors surged towards the Town Hall like tidewater.

Earl and Marquis that came from different parts of the Midland walked out of their vehicles outside the front gate of the Town Hall and smilingly greeted each other. This day was not only the day of the ten-year-meeting with the human emperor, but it was also the last day of the year. Tomorrow, a new year would begin. Therefore, earl and marquis who knew each other all gave out their best wishes to their friends, and the plaza in front of the Town Hall was already filled up by people and suffused by the sound of talking.

Among all those people, Ji Xia's voice was the loudest and clearest. He stood together with a few earls and marquis who were already his friends, and had been proudly saying, "My Ji Hao is already a Magus King… such a young Magus King! Among our Southern Wasteland young men, he is the first one who managed to become a Magus King at such a young age!"

Many earls and marquis around him curiously looked at Ji Hao.

As Ji Xia said, the sense of power released from Ji Hao's body had become especially strong and great, much greater than before when they saw Ji Hao the last time. Besides, Ji Hao was now about two inches taller than before, and when he walked, a sharp and strong vibe would be felt.

After being purified by the essence sun fire, Ji Hao's Gold Crow flame cloak had already turned purely golden. Worn on Ji Hao's body, the cloak emitted a faint golden light in the dim light of the snowing evening, making Ji Hao the most eye-catching one among all earls and marquis.

A Magus King who was still a teenager... Many earls and marquis silently murmured Ji Hao's name in their heads for a few times.

In large families or clans like Lie Mountain Clan and Hua Xu family, teenage Magus Kings were not rare at all, Divine Magi who were only around thirty years old frequently emerged as well. However, those elite Magi were raised by an immeasurably great amount of resources. As for Ji Hao, almost everyone on the scene knew about Ji Hao's background, that he came from Gold Crow Clan, a small clan, and was only a Junior Magus when he first came to Pu Ban city. It had only been a couple of years since he came to Midland, but he already had become a Magus King purely with his own power!

Compared with those 'prince'-level elite young people in those large clans and families, this talent and power of Ji Hao made him seem to be even more excellent.

The crowd abruptly split into two parts. Gong Gong Wuyou walked smilingly towards Ji Hao while fiddling with a black bamboo flute. Wuzhi Qi and the other few men, who were wearing black robes, followed behind Gong Gong Wuyou, looking at Ji Hao from head to toe with sharp and shining eyes.

"Congratulations, Earl Yao. You have actually broken into the level of Magus King, haven't you?" Gong Gong Wuyou walked up to Ji Hao, smiled and said, "I'm just wondering which star did you, Earl Yao choose as your spirit star? Earl Yao, you came from the Southern Wasteland, so your spirit star certainly had the nature of fire…Is it Fire Mouse? Fire Sparrow? Or Fire Snake?"

The few stars mentioned by Gong Gong Wuyou were the weakest ones among all named stars with the nature of fire in the recordation kept by human beings; merely from the names the humankind gave them one could tell how weak those few stars were.

Ji Hao held his hands behind his body, smilingly looked at Gong Gong Wuyou and said slowly, "Are you my son?"

Gong Gong Wuyou instantly froze his smile, pointed at Ji Hao and yelled, "Earl Yao, Ji Hao, how dare you insult me?"

"Ji Hao looked at Gong Gong Wuyou coldly and said, "Since you're not my son, why do you want to know which star is my spirit star?"

All surrounding people stopped talking. Ji Hao had gone against Gong Gong Wuyou in such an intensive way; it seemed that they would truly fight till one of them was dead!

A loud and clear series of claps came, following which, Zhu Rong Tianming split the crowd again and walked over with a large group of people.

With a malicious smile, Zhu Rong Tianming chuckled and said, "Earl Yao, who knows? He might truly be your son!"

The looks of all earls and marquis changed instantly. The family of Fire God from the Southern Wasteland and the family of Water God from Northern Wasteland, had these two families turned against each other in such an obvious way?

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