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Among all those earls and marquis in the surroundings, some people called Zhu Rong Tianming's name with low voices.

Ji Hao smiled, took a few step back and gave the 'battlefield' to Zhu Rong Tianming. Although he was Earl Yao, Gold Crow Clan was rooted in Southern Wasteland. And according to the rule of the human world, Zhu Rong family was Gold Crow Clan's suzerain; that meant Ji Hao could never steal Zhu Rong Tianming's thunder under the current situation.

Glancing at those people following behind Zhu Rong Tianming, Ji Hao couldn't help but pause for a second.

Why were Lie Mountain Xu and Yi Shen both following behind Zhu Rong Tianming? Judging from their moves, they were clearly taking Zhu Rong Tianming as their leader now!

Although Zhu Rong Tianming was the seventh son of Zhu Rong, he had no friends or contacts here in Pu Ban city, neither had shown any specialty. Lie Mountain Xu was a 'prince' of the Lie Mountain Clan, while Yi Shen was also a respectful prince from the Ten Sun Country, how could they possibly pledge allegiance to Zhu Rong Tianming?

Lie Mountain Xu and Yi Shen sensed Ji Hao's gaze. They raised their heads simultaneously, each casting a complicated glance at Ji Hao.

Ji Mountain Xu had anger in his eyes. Clearly, he was still mad at Ji Hao; unlike him, what contained in Yi Shen's eyes were pure hatred and malicious. Ji Hao came from Gold Crow Clan, only this was enough for Yi Shen to want to kill Ji Hao.

Ji Hao smiled to both of them. He slightly cupped his hands towards them but didn't say anything.

Gong Gong Wuyou fiddled with the bamboo flute while staring at Zhu Rong Tianming coldly.

What Zhu Rong Tianming said just now was no different from dragging his face down and throwing it to the ground, then stepping heavily on it. Gong Gong Wuyou really wanted to curse him loudly, but couldn't do that, because he had to protect the reputation of the Gong Gong family.

Wuzhi Qi, who now seemed to be so polite and graceful, as if he was a totally different Wuzhi Qi, put his mouth near Gong Gong Wuyou's ear and murmured something with a low voice. Instantly, Gong Gong Wuyou laughed and said, "Ah, I get it. Prince Tianming, how's your mother?"

Zhu Rong Tianming's pair of eyes immediately turned into two spheres of fire. He fiercely stared at Gong Gong Wuyou, shook his body and attempted to rush up.

Lie Mountain Xu and Yi Shen made their moves simultaneously, grabbing Zhu Rong Tianming's arms and stopping him from attacking Gong Gong Wuyou in front of everyone.

Ji Hao stood aside and smiled. This was it, both of them were not kind at all. The more intensively they fought, the more would Ji Hao like it. Gong Gong Wuyou's words did not sound wrong at all, but in fact, those words were extremely mean.

To pure-blood human beings, they may not sense the viciousness contained in Gong Gong Wuyou's words, but it was different to Zhu Rong Tianming. Gong Gong Wuyou asked him about his mother, but as a matter of fact, his mother couldn't sustain the great Fire God Power possessed by Zhu Rong Tianming when he was giving birth, consumed her life-force up and died.

Zhu Rong Tianming's mother was a human being, that was why she couldn't sustain the great Fire God power released by Zhu Rong Tianming.

Gong Gong Wuyou intentionally mentioned his mother, by doing which, he was teasing Zhu Rong Tianming because half of Zhu Rong Tianming's bloodline was from the humankind. He was calling Zhu Rong Tianming a 'bastard' without actually saying the word!

Both the Fire God family and the Water God family were close to the humankind, but among the members of these two families, some did despise the humankind. Since the prehistorical era, the God-kind was worshiped by the humankind for a rather long period of time, and at one point of time, the humankind even worked for the God-kind as slaves.

Some princes of the God-kind, like Gong Gong Wuyou himself, regarded their pure God-kind bloodlines as especially important. They were proud, respectful, and special, considering that even a single hair of theirs would be much nobler than any of these human earls and marquis on the scene. All of this would be because their God-kind bloodlines were pure, and were passed down from the prehistorical era, from true Gods.

Therefore, Gong Gong Wuyou could tease Zhu Rong Tianming for the half-god and half-human bloodline as much as he liked!

If one were not from their world, it would be tough for one to understand their strange way of thinking based on bloodlines. Zhu Rong Tianming heard Gong Gong Wuyou's vicious words, while those earls and marquis on the scene were mostly experienced and knowledgeable, and clearly understood the meaning behind them.

No one said anything, neither did anyone give any orders, but together, all surrounding earls and marquis took whole ten steps back silently, clearing an empty area for Gong Gong Wuyou and Zhu Rong Tianming, broad enough for them to make a scene in it.

Ji Hao held his hands behind his body, stood aside and stayed silent.

This did have anything to do with him. Therefore, although the other earls and marquis could step back, he couldn't take even one step back. Even though he never liked Zhu Rong Tianming, right now, Zhu Rong Tianming represented the dominator of Southern Wasteland, and professedly, Zhu Rong Tianming started this conflict for helping Ji Hao, because of which, Ji Hao couldn't step back.

Man Man held Ji Hao's arm, curiously looked at Zhu Rong Tianming and said, "Brother, didn't your Amma die long ago?"

Man Man didn't understand what was truly happening. She just simply and quickly pointed out the heart-piercing fact. Gong Gong Wuyou instantly laughed three times, "he, he, he"; even Ji Xia, a simple and insensitive man, had sensed the scornfulness contained in his laughter.

Zhu Rong Tianming's face turned even darker. He threw a threatening glance at Man Man and yelled loudly, "Man Man, it's a conversation between men, you little girl shouldn't interrupt us!"

Man Man instantly showed the whites of her eyes and snapped, "Eh? I could even interrupt when Abba was talking with other men. Are you more powerful than Abba?"

Seeing Zhu Rong Tianming yell at Man Man and Man Man yelling back, Gong Gong Wuyou laughed again and said, "Aha, so this is the difference between people who were given birth by a wife and a concubine, right, Man Man?"

Zhu Rong Tianming's badly darkened face instantly turned red in anger. Gong Gong Wuyou's words were extremely insulting; he was clearly saying that Man Man was a pure-blood descendant of the Fire God while Zhu Rong Tianming was nothing but a mix-blooded bastard. Therefore, he couldn't even frighten Man Man.

Taking a deep breath, Zhu Rong Tianming growled harshly at Man Man, "Man Man, shut up!"

How could Man Man endure this? She had always been a happy and straightforward little girl, and would never keep unhappiness in her heart. Hearing Zhu Rong Tianming growling at her, Man Man instantly released a raging fire from her body, staring at Zhu Rong Tianming and yelled, "Why should I?! Eh?! Abba just left and now you want to bully me?! Zhu Rong Long, Zhu Rong Hu, beat him up!"

Zhu Rong Long and Zhu Rong Hu, who were standing behind Ji Hao embarrassedly responded, glanced at each other but dared not to move. It was a conflict between Zhu Rong's son and daughter. As subordinates, how could they even dare to take any move?

"Man Man, you're wilder and wilder now. How dare you order them to attack your older brother? I should set you some rules. Otherwise, you'd become more and more unruly in the future. You'd humiliate our Zhu Rong family!"

Seeing Zhu Rong Long and Zhu Rong Hu dare not to move, Zhu Rong Tianming sneered, throwing a heavy slap towards Man Man's face.

Ji Hao snorted and took a step forward. He raised his left hand and launched the Sky-Opening move, releasing a fiery stream of light and directly striking Zhu Rong Tianming's left wrist. Meanwhile, he launched the Earth-Splitting move with his right fist, bringing up a dazzling beam of light, violently hitting on Zhu Rong Tianming's face.

Bang! Zhu Rong Tianming was sent flying backward by Ji Hao's fist while screaming in pain, directly flying into the thick layer of clouds and disappeared.

"It is not your position to teach Man Man a lesson!" Ji Hao then smilingly cupped his hands towards all surrounding earls and marquis, who were all dumbfounded, and said, "Great Libation has already chosen me as Man Man's fiancé. Therefore, if this little girl has to be taught a lesson, only I should be doing it. If any other dares to make any move, that would be seen as a humiliation to me, Earl Yao!"

The surrounding area fell into an absolute silence, with only Gong Gong Wuyou laughing out loud.

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