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From hundreds of miles away, Zhu Rong Long waved his hand and threw over a golden phoenix vulture, which was screaming shrilly.

According to the legends, this creature had the mixed bloodline that came from phoenix and golden wing vulture, although no one knew if that was true or not. But, as a matter of fact, golden phoenix vulture's flying speed could truly be counted as top-ranked among all fierce flying beasts. A mature golden phoenix vulture had a wingspan of no greater than five meters, yet, with a slight vibration of its pair of wings, it could cover a distance of over ten-thousand miles. Golden phoenix vultures could also be extraordinarily agile and flexible, which made them extremely hard to catch.

Being violently thrown over by Zhu Rong Long, the golden phoenix vulture let out a panicked scream and shook its pair of wings, leaving a sharp arc trace in the air. It raised a wave of afterimages, attempting to swiftly zip away from beside Ji Hao.

Ji Hao flashed across the air as his body transformed into a golden sphere of light, immediately moving in front of the golden phoenix vulture as fast as teleportation.

"Big thing?" Ji Hao looked at this around five-meter long golden phoenix vulture in front of him. He murmured and then threw a complaining glance at Zhu Rong Long, who was at some distance away.

The golden phoenix vulture flapped its wings quickly, its body only faintly visible in the air. It looked like a hazy shadow while creating numerous sharp arc traces in the air, trying his best to escape from Ji Hao's chase. However, Ji Hao moved as fast as ghosts. Golden afterimages sparkled ceaselessly, and every single time, Ji Hao managed to show up right in front of the golden phoenix vulture and block its way.

In the distance, Zhu Rong Long, Zhu Rong Hu and the over few Divine Magi were already dumbfounded. They clearly knew how difficult it was to catch a golden phoenix vulture. Earlier, these few Divine Magi all joined hands and even set up a trap, and only then with some solid efforts did they finally catch this golden phoenix vulture.

In terms of moving speed, not a single one of them could be faster than the golden phoenix vulture.

However, things were different for the golden phoenix vulture when facing Ji Hao. Ji Hao's body was like a dazzling stream of light, and no matter how fast the golden phoenix vulture flew all over the sky, Ji Hao could always move faster than it and block its way. Gradually, even Zhu Rong Long and the other Divine Magi couldn't see Ji Hao's move clearly. In their sights, only Ji Hao's body and tens of afterimages had been sparkling endlessly.

"What an amazing speed!" said Zhu Rong Long in shock, "Which star did Earl Yao choose as his spirit star?"

"The real big thing is here!" Zhu Rong Hu shook his head and growled. Which star Ji Hao chose as his spirit star was Ji Hao's personal secret, and he would never let the others know without a good reason, so no one should ask him about it.

Zhu Rong Hu swung his hands and followed by his move, an around a hundred-meter long King Kong mantis with four sharp, large, blade-like appendages, gave a loud scream while being throwing towards Ji Hao. The mantis transformed into a black stream of shadow in the air, roaring towards Ji Hao.

King Kong mantis was a powerful creature, possessed great flying speed and four sharp and heavy blade-feet. A mature King Kong mantis could be as powerful as a Magus King at least. With those heavy blade-feet of its, even average Magus-King-level magic treasures could be chopped into pieces.

Sensing the fierce gust of wind brought by the King Kong mantis, Ji Hao threw a kick to the golden phoenix vulture, which was screaming all the time. He kicked it far away, and then swung his hand backward, slicing his finger across the air.

The King Kong mantis had just been beaten violently by Zhu Rong Long and the other few Divine Magi and been captured alive. It was just looking for a vent to let out the anger. Being thrown out by Zhu Rong Hu made Ji Hao be the only person in front of it. This fierce King Kong mantis let out a shrill scream, crazily wielding its four blade-feet and bringing up waves of dazzling light streams, hacking right down towards Ji Hao's head.

Within a single second, the four blade-feet of the King Kong mantis waved at least ten-thousand times. The moving tracks of its blade-feet were weird and twisted, and no gap could be found between the afterimages it caused. The space in front of Ji Hao was completely blocked by the mantis's movements.

However, Ji Hao sliced his finger across the air, and in the meanwhile, the sun power in his body gathered inward into a fist-sized, stamper-like spell symbol that flew out of his hand. A beam of fiery light started a beautiful arc in the air. Facing this spell symbol, the sharp blade light streams caused by the King Kong mantis's were like unreal images. The blazing spell symbol burned countless streams of blade light out and violently banged against the mantis's chest.

Swoosh! Essence sun fire suddenly burst out from the mantis's body, and instantly, the mantis was turned into a sphere of flame. Within a twinkling of an eye, it was burned into a puff of smoke, blown away by a gust of wind without leaving any trace.

Just now, Ji Hao condensed the sun power contained in his body into a spell symbol from the Nine Secret Words and added with the move of Sky-Opening, it allowed him to attack the target from a great distance away. This combined move launched by him was undefendable and unbreakable. It was incredibly powerful and destructive, able to incinerate the target with a single touch. After Ji Hao had promoted himself to a Magus King, he combined the knowledge, skills and magics he had learned and created this special move. He gave this move a try just now, and it turned out to be as powerful as Ji Hao expected.

King Kong mantis's shell was incredibly tough, and even average Magus-King-level magic treasures could barely break it. However, just now, a King Kong mantis was killed by Ji Hao easily with a spell symbol. It was not hard to imagine how powerful Ji Hao was now.

"Oh my…what a strange move!" Zhu Rong Long's eye corners twitched while he subconsciously exclaimed with a low voice, "Our master chose Earl Yao to be his son-in-law… it seems to be a great choice now. Even we have to spend quite an effort to break that shell of the King Kong mantis, yet Earl Yao had just destroyed it so easily!"

Ji Hao had just broken into the level of Magus king, but he could now kill a King Kong mantis within a second; this greatly startled Zhu Rong Long. Just now, Ji Hao condensed the sun power in his body into a Nine Secret Word spell symbol, and that spell symbol released an extremely mysterious, unspeakable sense of power. When Ji Hao released that spell symbol, the world seemed to rotate along with it, which even made Zhu Rong Long feel scared.

"There's one more big thing!" Zhu Rong Ku paused for a second as well, then abruptly shook his head and threw out a violent mountain ape, which was locked behind him.

That violent mountain ape was nearly as powerful as a medium-level Magus King. It was over thirty meters tall, and its body was as tough as iron. Added with its incomparably great strength, it could be counted as a dominator of these woods. Violent mountain apes were not smart but were wild, violent and amazingly strong. In mere terms of power, a violent mountain ape's physical power could be ten times greater than the power of a human Magus King!

Ji Hao had asked Zhu Rong Long and his brothers to catch some big beasts to let him practice using his new power, and this violent mountain ape was a perfect one to measure Ji Hao's physical strength.

"Great!" growled Ji Hao.

The violent mountain ape roared towards the sky. Suddenly, the thick right arm of the ape swelled to double its size as it threw a heavy punch towards Ji Hao's head.

Ji Hao looked at this violent mountain ape that was crazily pouncing at him, and couldn't help but be startled by the enormous body and violent power vibrations of the ape. Subconsciously, Ji Hao launched the Earth-Splitting move. The sun power contained in his body gathered and compressed layer by layer, suddenly condensing into an extremely small point and blasting out.

Ji Hao threw a punch out against the punch launched by the ape. Ji Hao's fist began burning, seeming to be a golden shooting star, as it heavily banged against the ape's fist.

Puff! The violent mountain ape was gone, completely gone…It was evaporated!

Earth-Splitting allowed Ji Hao to release the great power that was tens of times greater than his usual power within a single moment. As the price, all power contained in his body would consume up immediately.

By now, his physical strength was as great as a three-star Divine Magus's physical strength and added with the Earth-Splitting move, that poor violent mountain ape was destroyed entirely within a single moment, not even managing to leave a grain of ash. The ape's enormous body was evaporated, without even raising a puff of smoke.

A golden beam of light ejected out from Ji Hao's fist, transforming into a five-meter in square flame sphere, fiercely roaring towards the ground.

Zhu Rong Long, Zhu Rong Hu and their few brothers growled out immediately and rushed under the flame sphere at their highest speed. They pulled out their weapons to fend against this sphere of flame that was condensed from sun power.

Followed by a thunderous bang, fiery light dazzled in all directions. Zhu Rong Long, Zhu Rong Hu, and their two brothers, as the famous four Zhu Rong family Divine Magi, were hit right on the chest that made their weapons fly out, making their arms shiver from numbness. They stepped back quickly and staggeringly, and only after they took a few steps back did each of them spit out a mouthful of blood.

Ji Hao stayed silent, while the four Divine Magi stared at him as if they were staring at a ghost.

A continuous and small cracking noise was started, along with which, countless cracks appeared on the red armors worn by the four Divine Magi.

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