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In the following few days, Ji Hao had been wandering in all markets in Pu Ban City.

He had the title of Earl Yao and a few powerful Divine Magi following him around. Furthermore, he owned the reputation of beating up Wuzhi Qi and killing River Earl Jade Dragon. With all this, Ji Hao could now go anywhere he wanted in Pu Ban City without any difficulty; whether it be the Ten Sun Market or Southern Wasteland Market. He had even gone in and out of the North Dark Ocean Market founded by Northern Wasteland clans without any trouble.

Jade coins and magic crystals he gained from Polo Si were spent out within merely a couple of days. Ji Hao bought all magic herbs and medicines that he could find in the market that were over ten-thousand years old. All those medicines and herbs were good for spirit-blood replenishing and body-strengthening.

During the past few days, Ji Hao had also spent quite an effort to carefully read the book that was written by Yu Yu and his two brothers regarding body-strengthening methods. After reading the book thoroughly, Ji Hao couldn't help but want to applaud the wonderful ideas of Yu Yu and his brothers.

Human Senior Magi could make connections with their spirit stars and break into the level of Magus Kings. At first, a Senior Magus needed to spread his or her own power out, attract the star in the void that had shared nature with his or her own power, then draw a trace of the star power and merge it with his or her power.

Human bodies naturally contained boundless great Dao and the mysteriousness of the universe, and the structure of human bodies roughly corresponded with the structure of the universe. The body of a human being contained 129600 meridians, while the void contained countless stars. According to the differences of power natures, these stars were divided into three-thousand broad classes and 129600 subclasses.

Gold, wood, water, fire, earth, wind, rain, ice, thunder, lightning…Countless stars belonged to one of the three-thousand classes and 129600 subclasses, and this classification system also matched the power system of the human Senior Magi.

In order to make a connection with the spirit star, a Senior Magi needed to open all his or her Magus Acupoints and release all the power into the void to sense the star that was the most suitable for him or her. The more powerful the Senior Magus was, the greater power he could spread out and the star he could sense could be larger in shape, more distinct in nature, purer in power and more powerful.

Therefore, Si Wen Ming and those master Magi tutors in Magi Palace tried their bests to develop the secret meridian-expanding skill, only to allow human Senior Magi to have more solid foundations, to wake up more Magus Acupoints and accumulate more powers, then to find more powerful spirit stars.

The star power of a Magus's spirit star was a higher class power that was purer than the power gained through daily cultivation. It was more natural and fit the origin of nature. Therefore, after the star power merged with the body of the Magus, it would begin to assimilate the Magus's power and slowly turn all of the Magus' power into star power. This process was also the process of gradual disintegration of the intervals between the Magus Acupoints and meridians contained in this Magus's body. At last, the inside space of this Magus's body would become like a boundless void, and all the spirit star power would gather in this void.

Therefore, the body of a Magus King was like an immense container of star power. Every single cell of this Magus King's body would be nourished by the star power, and the power contained in a single punch launched by a Magus King could be thousands or tens of thousands of times greater than the power contained in a punch launched by a Senior Magus that came from Magus Acupoints and meridians.

Not to mention that in terms of nature, even the weakest spirit star power could be like a top-quality steel blade while the power of a Senior Magi could at most be like a tough piece of leather from a boar. When the sharp blade sliced across, the leather surely couldn't withstand it.

Therefore, Magus Kings and Senior Magi were totally at two different levels; they were in two largely different degrees of life evolution.

Among human army forces in Pu Ban City, ordinary warriors and lower level warrior commanders usually were Senior Magi, while even the weakest higher level commander or general had to be a Magus King. This was the power difference between Magus Kings and Senior Magi, in addition to the differences between their strength.

Nevertheless, even though a Magus King could make a connection with his or her spirit star, his or her physical cultivation had to depend on the slight trace of great Dao power contained in his spirit star power, and would happen naturally. This meant that same as a Senior Magi, the strengthening of Magus Kings' bodies would be completed naturally without requiring extra effort.

However, body-strengthening methods created by Yu Yu and his brothers allowed a Magus to cultivate his or her body with controllable efforts and resources, as if his or her body was a piece of natural-crafted treasure.

Corresponding with the three-thousand classes and 129600 subclasses of star powers, the major idea of Yu Yu and his brothers' body-strengthening methods was to abstract corresponding great Dao spell symbols from a Magus King's spirit star power, then add these spell symbols on the body of the Magus King layer by layer.

Using the universe as a stove, star power as firewood and the human body as the raw material, with spell symbols of great Dao as auxiliary materials, one would forcibly cultivate after-world human bodies into a pre-world natural crafted treasure that could merge perfectly with the great Dao of nature. After this cultivating process was completed, the body condition of this Magus King would surely be far greater than the body conditions of ordinary people. In addition, unpredictable and unbelievable special abilities would also be generated, such that with a single slight move, this Magus King could release a terrifyingly great power which would be similar to the power of the great Dao.

If cultivators like Po and Gui Ling, who mainly focus on the cultivation of Qi, cultivated themselves with the methods mentioned in this book, because of the irrelevancy between these cultivating methods and their great Dao, their progress would be especially slow.

However, if Ji Hao cultivated himself with these methods, with the help of his spirit star power and the power of great Dao released by his spirit star at all time, his would be able to step forwards incredibly fast.

If Po and Gui Ling wanted to cultivate themselves with these methods, they had to sense a certain kind of Dao from the great Dao of nature, then purify the Dao they sensed and add to themselves layer by layer. Alternatively, with all this time, they could peacefully cultivate their primordial spirits and by doing that, they could also attain a tremendous power.

But since Ji Hao was going to make a connection with his spirit star anyway, he didn't need to worry about wasting time, and neither did he need to search for the suitable Dao. He only needed to purify the power of the great Dao that was contained in his spirit star, then add to himself layer by layer.

Besides, the first stream of Yu Yu's Qi of Dao needed to locate a seed of Dao. With these body-strengthening methods mentioned in this book, he could not only strengthen and purify his physical body but could also cultivate his seed of Dao and nourish his primordial spirit. Thus, he would be able to make progress in both aspects at the same time. To Ji Hao, this was a perfect way to attain great and overall improvements.

This book written by Yu Yu and his two brothers was divided into nine chapters. Every chapter was a new level, and the cultivating outcomes that would be delivered by the cultivating methods mentioned in every chapter were largely different. Ji Hao pondered for a while, abruptly laughed out loud, then bit his finger open, and wrote a few characters on the book cover — A Mysterious Cultivating Method with Nine Turns.

Faintly, three cheering voices rose from next to Ji Hao's ears, lingered around his ear for a short while, then dissipated in the air at last.

After buying a great amount of spirit-blood-replenishing and body-strengthening magic medicines and herbs, Ji Hao purchased a few large-scale defensive magic formations from the Magi Palace. Then, Ji Hao secretly asked some people to watch over him for safety during his breakthrough. This day, right in the noon when the sun power was the strongest, Ji Hao sat still in a suburb area that was far away from Pu Ban city.

He took a series of magic medicines, after which, multicolored flames in his lower abdomen quickly swallowed those medicine and transformed them into different kinds of power. With those powers, Ji Hao adjusted both his physical body and primordial spirit into the best state. He took a deep breath, each hand gripping a black magic flag, and waved them. Followed by his move, twelve entirely gray and misty, enormous hazy silhouettes swooshed up into the air surrounding the hill he was sitting on.

The twelve oddly-shaped gigantic heavy silhouettes pointed their fingers at the sky and wielded their arms. Immediately, all clouds within the area that had the radius of a thousand miles were dissipated, and a dazzling stream of sunlight poured down.

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