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Clouds dissipated and the sunlight poured down from the air, as the mountain area that was a thousand miles in radius was instantly covered up by the golden sun glow.

Normally, when an ordinary Senior Magus broke into the level of Magus King, he or she needed to concentrate at night, hold his or her breath and release the power, trying very hard to search for a spirit star that matched his or her own power the most. Afterward, he or she needed to extract a trace of the power of the spirit star from the mixed great star power released by all stars in the void, then carefully take this hair-thin stream of star power into his or her body.

For Senior Magi who didn't have solid foundations and a great number of awakened Magus Acupoints, only searching for the sense of powers released by their spirit stars could cost them tens of years as their powers were not great enough. After that, they had to concentratedly and slowly extract the purest trace of power from their spirit star. For those impatient Senior Magi, this process might cost hundreds of years of severe work, but the result wasn't guaranteed.

Unlike them, Ji Hao took the mysterious man's advice and gave up on star powers that would come at night. Instead, he chose the sun as his spirit star.

The sky was clear and cloudless, and the sun shone high above. Essence Sun fire suffused the whole space, and not a single stream of power released by any star could manage to linger. Therefore, Ji Hao surely didn't need to waste any time to search for his spirit star.

Taking a deep breath, the main Magus Acupoint on top of his head was opened widely. Ji Hao locked his fingers together, and according to the secret upgrading method he learned in the Magi Palace, he waved his hands toward the sky. Instantly, all his power roared up into the air through the Magus Acupoint on his head top, raising a raging fire that condensed into thousands of meters tall golden-red fire column upon his head.

Ancient Gold Crow naturally had essence sun power contained in their bodies. Although the sun power contained in their bodies was not pure enough, it shared an origin with essence sun fire. Ji Hao forced his own power out with the secret method he learned from the Magi Palace, and afterward, the essence sun fire surrounding him sensed his power and immediately began gathering towards the fire column upon his head, like birds flying towards the woods.

In the air, countless golden, transparent fire streams silently gathering towards the fire column upon Ji Hao's head. Within the blink of an eye, the fire column upon Ji Hao's head turned pure golden from the color of golden-red.

If anyone saw Ji Hao at this moment, he or she would definitely yell out and call Ji Hao a crazy suicidal man!

The sun power was immensely great, suffusing the entire world, and the power of sun was inexhaustible. It nourished all living creatures in the world, and at the same time, it could destroy everything in this world. The process of taking the power of the spirit star into the body of a Senior Magus could be seen as an extremely serious trial to a Senior Magus. When the spirit star power merged with the Senior Magus's body, it would immediately start to assimilate the Magus's power. This was just like putting a torch on a pile of dry wood, and was extremely dangerous.

Normally, Senior Magi would search for relatively weaker stars at night and take the powers of those stars into their bodies extra carefully. If the body condition of a Senior Magi wasn't great enough, and his meridians and Magus Acupoints were not strong enough, the power of his or her spirit stars might shatter his or her bones and cause severe injuries right on the spot; this kind of things actually happened quite often. Some Senior Magi even had their souls destroyed by the powers of their spirit stars and consequently fell right away.

Even the powers of those comparatively weaker stars could be so dangerous, and the essence sun power was thousands of millions of times more violent and terrifying than powers of those stars. Who would be so brave to choose the sun as the spirit star?

During all these years, many ambitious and confident elite human Magi had thought about this. However, they were all burned into nothingness when taking the sun power into their bodies, both in terms of their bodies and souls.

At this moment, Ji Hao was also facing the first trial on his path to the level of Magus King.

Essence Sun fire roared down through the fire column upon his head. The sun power was pure and great, containing immeasurable, indescribable creative powers. The sunlight nourished all living creatures in this world; birds, fishes, flowers, bugs and all kinds of beasts, they all lived on the warmth released by the sun.

Nevertheless, the essence sun fire was violent as well; it was extremely positive. When the essence sun fire turned strong to a certain degree, it could naturally burn everything in the world, literally everything.

The essence sun fire roared into Ji Hao's body. Golden light dazzled out from every corner of Ji Hao's body. Different from his Gold Crow fire which only contained a slight little bit of essence sun power that gave it the color of golden-red, the essence sun fire was pure golden in color, splendid and transparent, seeming to be sacred and majestic.

Ji Hao's primordial spirit screamed in pain. Suddenly, his primordial spirit shrunk while streams of black smoke puffed out of it. Nevertheless, in the blink of an eye, streams of black and yellow mist, that came from the natural reward surged out of his primordial spirit, transforming into a soft yet tough screen and wrapping Ji Hao's primordial spirit up. After this, no matter how fast the essence sun power injected into his body, Ji Hao's primordial spirit could only feel a nice warmth. Many impurities contained in his body were burned out by the essence sun fire, and in the meanwhile, the primordial spirit had been shrinking ceaselessly, becoming purer and firmer.

Incanting a spell with a low voice, Ji Hao silently started to cast the Seed of Dao condensing magic that he learned from Yu Yu's scriptures, then locked his fingers together and pushed forward.

The first stream of Yu Yu's Qi of Dao attained by Ji Hao winded up. The water-clear Qi of Dao coiled around the essence sun fire and simply sucked. Right in the next second, a pure trace of gold was added in the faint cyan Qi of Dao.

In the meanwhile, the air vibrated. High above in the air, the sun seemed to move slightly, and next, a round-shaped, flawless spell symbol silently emerged from Yu Yu's Dao of Qi. This spell symbol was extremely complicated, and with Ji Hao's current eye power, he only saw a series of dazzling golden stars before his eyes, but couldn't clearly see this spell symbol.

This was the spell symbol that transformed from the original great Dao contained in the sun. After merging with Ji Hao's Yu Yu's Qi of Dao, this spell symbol was now his seed of Dao. Ji Hao only generated this spell symbol in his own Qi of Dao with the secret method taught by Yu Yu, and with the help of Yu Yu's great power. As for the effects of his spell symbol, he would be exploring it later by himself.

Yu Yu's Qi of Dao was like a fertile land, and the seed of Dao was like an actual seed. As for what the harvest would be after the seed was planted, that would depend on Ji Hao's power.

After the seed of Dao had been generated, Yu Yu's Qi of Dao swooshed into Ji Hao's primordial spirit. Instantly, Ji Hao's primordial spirit was enveloped by a faint layer of golden light. A purely positive stream of power ceaselessly merged into Ji Hao's primordial spirit, and suddenly, Ji Hao sensed that there was now a connection between him and the sunlight all over the space.

The Immemorial Sun Streamer, this pre-world treasure was now happily rotating without being blown by any wind. Abruptly, the streamer transformed into a golden stream of light, hovering around Ji Hao's primordial spirit. This pre-world treasure had actually, directly became Ji Hao's spirit treasure under the effect of the essence sun fire.

Essence Sun fire continuously injecting into Ji Hao's body. After the single touch with the essence sun fire, the Gold Crow fire contained in Ji Hao's body started to burn intensively. From within the golden-red Gold Crow fire, large clouds of black smoke puffed out into the air. The ocean-great power contained in the Gold Crow fire dissipated quickly, while slight bits of essence sun fire started surging inside Ji Hao's body. Wherever the essence sun fire swept across, Ji Hao sensed an overwhelming pain, as if his entire body was almost melted.

Ji Hao opened his mouth wide and swiftly threw all kinds of body-strengthening and spirit-blood replenishing ten-thousand years old magic medicine into his own mouth.

Inside his lower abdomen, those five-colored flames burned ragingly. Those ten-thousand years old magic medicines and herbs were quickly transformed into streams of multicolored light by the flames, integrating with his body. After absorbing those magic medicines and herbs, Ji Hao's body stayed perfectly still and unharmed despite the fierce burning of the essence sun fire.

Taking a deep breath, Ji Hao let the essence sun fire assimilate and remold his power as much as possible.

He made a weird gesture, then quickly locked his pair of hands together, and started to perform the first stage of the cultivating-method with nine turns, with all of his power and attention.

The essence sun fire that had injected into Ji Hao's body suddenly disintegrated, transforming into invisible, strange-shaped patterns that were imprinted on every corner of Ji Hao's body. Those golden patterns ceaselessly fit in the finest part of Ji hero's body. Meanwhile, Ji Hao's body condition was improving at a terrifyingly high rate.

The essence sun fire wrapped Ji Hao entirely up and gradually, his body turned into a transparent, golden flame.

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