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The last guest had already left. Servants and maids under Ji Hao's command were quickly cleaning the main hall, which was now a big mess.

Clang! A clay wine jar fell on the ground and smashed into pieces, which startled the two sleepy maids badly and made them shiver. Seeing this, a middle-aged woman angrily rushed up, pointed at them and yelled out.

Ji Hao was just walking through the area. He waved his hand towards the woman and said, "It's alright, everybody had been working so hard in these couple of days. Don't punish them, it's just a wine jar. After you clean up this place, give three jade coins to everyone as a reward."

Servant and maids working in the hall knelt one after another and saluted to Ji Hao. Ji Hao had been thinking all the way as he rushed towards the secret hall that was specially designed as a cultivating space, located behind the main hall.

Ji Hao walked into the secret hall and activated the magic formation. Hundreds of different sized silver boards sliced open, exposing a tens of meters wide tunnel, leading to somewhere underground. Ji Hao leaped into the tunnel, after which, those silver boards sliced back and resealed the opening of the tunnel. Followed by a heavy buzzing noise, layers of magic screens lit up behind Ji Hao one after another, thoroughly sealing the long and dark tunnel.

Falling down for around one and a half kilometers, Ji Hao landed in an underground palace that was five-hundred meters in square. The inner decoration of the palace was simple and of an ancient style. All four walls were entirely cast from metal and spell symbols that had been releasing great senses of powers were faintly visible on the surfaces of the walls.

Ji Hao took out a portrait of Yu Yu and hung it on a wall. He then set an altar, placed a censer on it and lighted up three incense sticks. He then sat down in front of the portrait with his legs crossed, incanted the spell of dispelling both inner and outer distractions that he learned from the three scriptures given by Yu Yu, instantly calming down.

His primordial spirit flew out of his body. A water-clear stream of Yu Yu's Qi of Dao rotated around the primordial spirit. Ji Hao locked his fingers together and released a spell symbol from between his fingers. Following this, Yu Yu's portrait moved without being blown by any wind. Meanwhile, glistering light spots flew out from the portrait.

After around a quarter of an hour, countless light spots gathered together in front of Ji Hao, condensing into Yu Yu's figure.

Yu Yu's figure was entirely wrapped in muddy and fierce airstreams, and occasionally, yellow earth power, violent waves, raging fires or screaming gale would occur suddenly within those airstreams. They would bump into each other and cause great explosions and heaven-shaking noises. Looking at all these terrifying scenes around Yu Yu's figure, Ji Hao couldn't help but silently click his tongue in shock, wondering what his Shifu was doing and where he was.

"Ji Hao, what's going on?" Yu Yu's voice contained a slight trace of tiredness that was hard to conceal, "Hm, make it quick, things are pretty tense over here. I have to protect your brother Po and sister Gui Ling, and two disgusting guys are over there making a mess. Ah, my hands are so itchy, I can barely stand it anymore."

Ji Hao dared not to say any useless word. Yu Yu was now dealing with a situation that was troublesome enough to even make someone like him tired, Ji Hao definitely dared not to waste any of Yu Yu's time now.

He hurriedly asked, "Shifu, just now I heard about some ancient secrets from Zhu Rong's warriors regarding the power-inheriting system of humankind and current prevailing cultivating methods of Magus Kings and Divine Magi."

Pausing briefly, Ji Hao continued in a deep voice, "I prepare to break into the level of Magus King tonight. Please guide me, Shifu."

Ji Hao was going to ask Si Wen Ming for guidance for breaking into the Magus-King-level, but after he had heard what Zhu Rong Long and Zhu Rong Hu said, Ji Hao was quite curious about those ancient secrets. He thought that Yu Yu was so powerful, so those things that happened back in the ancient time probably all happened under his witness.

Si Wen Ming was indeed powerful, but if Yu Yu could give some directions on this, Ji Hao would prefer to listen to Yu Yu.

"Just some small things…hm, this is it." Hearing Ji Hao, Yu Yu gave a grin and then conveniently pointed his finger at Ji Hao. A clear stream of light was injected into Ji Hao's forehead, after which, large numbers of character-like symbols swiftly flashed across before Ji Hao's eyes.

"Have you attained the first stream of Qi of Dao already? That is the foundation of your great Dao, you have to take it seriously." Inside Yu Yu's eyes, a boundless sphere of grey-purple mist was rotating slowly as he glanced at Ji Hao, nodded and said, "Human Magi never cultivate their souls, only cultivating their bodies. This is not the correct way of cultivation, just like building a pillar in a wall, which seems to be sturdy but wouldn't last for the long term. In the end, nothing would be truly achieved, and all powers would be gone."

"However, the bodies of human Senior Magi are indeed tough and strong, and can serve a defensive function perfectly." Yu Yu smiled and said, "My two brothers and I created an effective body-strengthening method when we were at leisure. We haven't named it yet, but it does have some special effects. You can take it as a reference."

Waving his hand, a book wrapped in coiling streams of glowing mist appeared before Ji Hao's eyes. Abruptly, Yu Yu snorted coldly and said, "Bloody thing…Ji Hao, focus on your cultivation…I have to deal with something over here."

The light spots dimmed down and Yu Yu's figure instantly dissipated in the air.

Ji Hao took over the book, knelt and kowtowed to Yu Yu's portrait, then closed his eyes. Instead of reading the book, Ji Hao started carefully reading the information that Yu Yu injected into his mind just now.

After quite a while, Ji Hao suddenly exclaimed out, "I see, it turns out that Emperor Xuan Yuan was in the same sect as I am? He was guided by one of my second uncle's disciples."

From the information given by Yu Yu, Ji Hao learned that in the ancient times, in order to survive, ancient human beings begged those powerful magical creatures for pity and inherited cultivation systems from those creatures with a secret bloodline magic. They thus attained the great powers that belonged to those magical creatures.

However, in the era of the three legendary human emperors, emperors found out that once elite human warriors reached to a certain level of cultivation and the magical creatures bloodlines contained in their bodies purified to a certain level, they could no longer stay in the shape of human beings and instead, would transform into magical creatures. Not only these powerful human warriors would become magical creatures and add new members to those magical creatures' kinds, great amounts of natural fortune that belonged to the humankind would be taken away by those magical creatures, who were transformed from human beings. Consequently, the humankind gradually weakened.

Back then, Yu Yu was concentrating on his cultivation and stayed away from worldly affairs. It was Ji Hao's second uncle who silently made the move instead of Yu Yu, sending one of his disciples to guide human emperors, allowing them to create a special cultivating system of making connections with spirit stars and dispelling magical creatures' bloodlines, and to cut off human beings' cultivations of magical creature bloodlines and purify the human bloodline instead.

Since then, the humankind raised and expanded, and the power of humankind advanced rapidly. The three legendary human emperors led their armies and swept across the world, wiping out everyone that refused to obey. The fortune of the humankind grew thrivingly, and many kinds of magical creatures were exterminated during the era of the three legendary human emperors.

Also in that era, the humankind thoroughly shook off their low position as a dependent kind of those magical creatures and became the true dominator of the world. For once, the power of the humankind even surpassed the dragon-kind and the phoenix-kind. Because of this, the dragon-kind and the phoenix-kind, which had a shared origin, were forced to form an alliance.

Emperor Xuan Yuan nearly became a disciple of Ji Hao's second uncle, and the natural fortune of the entire humankind nearly turned to the sect that was founded by Yu Yu and his two brothers.

At that time, Yu Clan invaded, and the humankind suffered a heavy loss; the war had lasted till the present days.

Ji Hao popped his eyes out wider and wider. In these ancient secrets that Yu Yu gave him, many things were way too astonishing.

According to Yu Yu, the exact reason for Yu Clan's sudden innovation couldn't be determined for sure, and it was hard to find out.

"They have always been intriguing against each other, but what's the point?" From his spirit space, the mysterious man's voice abruptly came, "It has been so many years, which one of them truly gained any benefit? Tons of troubles were caused for no reason, and lot's of things are still not wrapped up."

Ji Hao remained silent for a while, then opened the book held in his hand and said in a low and calm voice, "I get it… now, I'm preparing to break into the Magus-King-level."

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