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Zhu Rong's clone transformed into a stream of fiery light and gradually dissipated in the air. The snow covered the woods up as Ji Hao and Zhu Rong Tianming stood under the old tree, looking at each other silently. After quite a long while, Zhu Rong Tianming said blandly, "Since my Abba said so, from now on, we're families. Ji Hao, you might have some misunderstanding about me before, but I hope that in the future, you can be on my side and help me with whatever the power or resources you have."

Taking two steps forwards, Zhu Rong Tianming slightly pointed his finger towards Ji Hao's chest, staring at Ji Hao in the eyes and continued in a cold voice, "Remember, you're Man Man's man, that makes you a member of our Zhu Rong family."

Ji Hao looked at Zhu Rong Tianming coldly. Zhu Rong Tianming was malicious to him from the very beginning. In Zhu Rong Mountain, he had even given the order of arresting and imprisoning Ji Hao. Zhu Rong Tianming was also the one who drove Ji Shu to raise a revolt and attempt to attain the throne of Gold Crow Clan. Zhu Rong Tianming, for this man, Ji Hao only had a deep hatred and would never accept any grace from him.

"I will marry Man Man, but that won't make me a member of your Zhu Rong Family. Instead, Man Man will become a member of our Gold Crow Clan."

Slapping Zhu Rong Tianming's hand away, Ji Hao pointed his finger heavily on Zhu Rong Tianming's chest and continued, "Prince Tianming, do you truly believe that you're the one chosen by fate as your name states? Hehe, literally, your name means 'natural fate.' But how much do you know about nature? And how much do you know about fate? How much do you know about the natural fortune? What a joke!"

Along with this, Ji Hao couldn't help but laugh out loud as hard as he wanted.

The noise of people stepping on snow and squeezing the snow started, following which, two Fire Qi Lin Clan Divine Magi who were wearing red heavy armors and had scales on their faces walked out from behind two towering trees.

Following a series of heavy coughs, Zhu Rong Long, Zhu Rong Hu and the other two Zhu Rong's close guards, who were now under Ji Hao's command, walked out from another direction. From a long distance, they and the two Fire Qi Lin Clan Divine Magi glanced at each other and stopped walking simultaneously.

Zhu Rong Tianming cast a complicated glance at Ji Hao, then flipped his sleeve, turned around and walked right away.

Ji Hao looked at Zhu Rong Tianming, who was turning around and leaving, and said in a bland tone, "Prince Tianming, since you're taking over Zhu Rong's responsibilities here in Pu Ban City, don't you want to go into my palace and exchange greetings with those earls and marquis?"

Zhu Rong Tianming gave a scornful sneer, and said disdainfully, "They're nothing but ordinary human beings, a bunch of ants. They are supposed to go to visit me in my palace. You want me to greet them nicely first? Do they even deserve that?"

Ji Hao spread his hands, smilingly looked at Zhu Rong Tianming walking away quickly while being surrounded by a few Fire Qi Lin Clan warriors. Alright, since he was so proud, Ji Hao had nothing to worry about.

With Zhu Rong Tianming's way of doing things, the threat he could make would be extremely limited. But the few Fire Qi Lin Clan warriors following behind him seemed to be quite powerful. Ji Hao turned around, glanced at Zhu Rong Long and asked, "The few men following the seventh prince look rather powerful. Where are they from?"

Zhu Rong Long's look was quite serious. He narrowed his eyes, looked at the backs of the few Fire Qi Lin Clan warriors who were moving quickly away, and said in a deep voice, "Fire Qi Lin Clan people…they have mixed bloodline from ancient Qi Lin and humankind. They are very powerful…at least based on the same power level, my brothers and I can't rival them before our divine bloodlines wake up."

"So powerful?" JI Hao looked at Zhu Rong Long in shock and asked, "But you have the Fire God's bloodline, that means you have divine fire power while they only have fire power. At the same power level, you should be much more powerful than them, isn't that right?"

Zhu Rong Long looked at Ji Hao seriously and reminded him, "Their power is not simply the fire power in the power system of the humankind. Instead, their power is Qi Lin's power that purely came from ancient Qi Lin. Unlike the Fire Kylin Clan in Southern Wasteland, it is a human clan, and their power is simple fire power while Fire Qi Lin Clan people are half-blooded descendants of ancient Qi Lin. Their power is Qi Lin's power."

Together, Zhu Rong Long and Zhu Rong Hu told Ji Hao every difference between Fire Qi Lin Clan and the other Southern Wasteland clans. What they said directly related to some secrets that even make Ji Hao click his tongue in shock.

Back when Ji Hao's Gold Crow power was waking up, Ji Hao once saw the hidden memories that were contained in his bloodline and belonged to his generations of ancestors. In ancient times, human beings were weak and powerless. They didn't have sharp teeth or claws, their bodies were weak yet their meat tasted good. Therefore, to countless wild beasts and mysterious creatures, ancient human beings were delicious food.

Because of this miserable situation, ancient human beings begged those powerful and magical ancient creatures for help and eventually made agreements with them. Those magical creatures injected their own spirit blood into the bodies of ancient human beings, woke up certain numbers of their power meridians, and allowed ancient human beings to have the special and great power that belonged to those magical creatures.

Nowadays, stories like these were only seen as ancient legends in human clans. Elders would tell children these stories when they were not too busy.

Only clans or families like Zhu Rong family, which had a long history, knew that those ancient creatures usually had reproductive difficulties. Taking Gold Crow Clan as an example, they could only lay eggs once every thousand years, and a Gold Crow couple had to hatch their egg for a hundred years to finally have one baby! Compared with human beings, who could raise a new generation every a few decades, how low was the fecundity of those ancient magical creatures?

Therefore, those magical creatures allowed human beings to inherit their powers, but in return, they injected part of their spirit blood into the bodies of human beings who were willing to inherit their powers. Ss long as these human beings kept cultivating themselves with the power they inherited from those magical creatures, the spirit blood they gained from those magical creatures would grow more and more powerful. Eventually, when human beings who inherited powers and spirit blood from ancient magical creatures became powerful enough to break a certain limit, they would no longer stay in the shape of human beings.

"Those people would become those magical creatures that they inherited powers and spirit blood from." said Zhu Rong Long while looking at Ji Hao seriously, "Those people would eventually become pure blood legendary magical creatures, with incomparably pure bloodline and inherited power."

Ji Hao felt that his head was in a whirl, and he couldn't say a word for quite a while.

"Apart from this, if a man transformed into a magical creature from a human being, the natural fortune he possessed would merge with the natural fortune possessed by the kind of the magical creature that he became. Consequently, the kind of the magical creature would become more and more powerful." Zhu Rong Long looked at Ji Hao and said blandly, "Therefore, the humankind gained powers from those ancient magical creatures, while those ancient creatures took the fortune and opportunities of expanding that belonged to the humankind.

This situation was changed during the era of the three legendary human emperors.

No one knew exactly what had happened back then. In short, the most original power-inheriting system was silently disrupted, and many human clans that used to be extraordinarily powerful declined. The spirit blood contained in their bodies that came from ancient magical creatures, turned thinner and thinner after each generation.

Afterward, after human beings reached a certain level of cultivation, the spirit blood contained in the bodies of human beings would no longer purify itself to strengthen the spirit blood that belonged to ancient magical creatures. Instead, as their bodies were strengthened gradually, they would find their spirit stars, each drawing a stream of star power into the body, thoroughly removing spirit blood of ancient magical creatures that was still contained in their bodies, and restore their bloodlines back to the purest human bloodlines.

This meant that only after a human being reached to the level of Magus Kings and found the spirit star to draw the star power into his or her body could he or she be counted as a pure-blood human being!

For most human beings in present days, only after following the cultivating system of Magus Kings and Divine Magus that required them to make connections with spirit stars, the humankind could truly stay as true humankind.

However, a small part of human clans, such as Fire Qi Lin Clan, they stubbornly stuck up for some ancient inherited powers. But whether it was the Zhu Rong family or the alliance of human clans, they both needed the great power possessed by Fire Qi Lin Clan people. Therefore, Fire Qi Lin Clan people were kept in Zhu Rong family's territory.

"In fact, Fire Qi Lin clan people can't be counted as human beings." Zhu Rong Hu added one last sentence, "They can be considered as half-human and half-God, or half-Qi Lin and half-human… but they can't be regarded as human beings."

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