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Five dead bodies of powerful non-humankind beings were placed right in the hall.

Although their souls had all perished, the bodies of Polo Si and his four warriors still kept seventy to eighty percent of activity. Their hearts were still beating slowly while their blood was still flowing, and their internal organs were still about sixty percent functional.

The dead body of a Divine Magus-level powerful being would decompose only after all life-force remained in the body was consumed up. During this process, if a soul possessed and occupied this body or a slight little bit of remaining of the soul of this body regenerated a new soul for this body, this body with its activity could come back alive.

All earls and marquis on the scene had noticed the strong life-force remaining in the five dead bodies. They gasped loudly in shock while staring at Ji Hao, seeming unable to believe the fact that it was Ji Hao who killed them.

After the era of the three human emperors, Yu Clan erected Yu Dynasty in Liang Zhu City, and Yu Clan had gained a firm foothold in this world. Since then, wars frequently happened between the humankind and Yu Dynasty, but the intensity of the wars was far lower than wars that happened in the era of the three human emperors.

From that time on, even if some of those Yu Dynasty warriors still fell in battles, a few fallen Magus King-level Jia Clan warrior commanders would already make big news.

Divine Magus-level Jia Clan warriors were also called 'battle kings' among the non-humankind. For the enemies at this level, at least during the long years when Emperor Shun was sitting on the throne of human emperor, only twenty to thirty Jia Clan battle kings were killed by the humankind.

The life-force of Divine Magus-level powerful beings was way too strong. For killing a Divine Magus, several same-level Divine Magi needed to cooperate perfectly when launching the siege. Otherwise, it would be barely possible to take the targeted Divine Magus down. And for Divine Magus-level Jia Clan warriors, their advanced fighting talents made them way more powerful than human warriors who were at the same level as they did.

Therefore, to kill a Jia Clan warrior who was at the level of Divine Magus was incredibly difficult, just extremely difficult.

A few elderly Maguspreists pushed and squeezed out of the crowd, walked up to the dead bodies of Polo Si and his four warriors, took out all kinds of oddly shaped tools and carefully collected a drop of blood and a small slice of skin and flesh from each of the five dead bodies. They then put those in containers and started running texts with special magic reagents.

"Divine Magi, they were indeed Divine Magi."

"And they were as powerful as five to six star Divine Magi!"

"Divine Magi from the High Moon, Divine Magi from the High Moon!"

Abruptly, an elderly Maguspriest yelled out loud — Warriors from the High Moon were known as fighting masters among the non-humankind. Based on the same power level, a High Moon Divine Magus could equally rival two to three Divine Magi that came from other branches of the Yu Dynasty.

Polo Si was a pure-blood noble Yu Clan warrior from High Moon, while his four subordinates were all master-level High Moon warriors. The battle effectiveness of five of them together was almost equal to fifty to sixty human Divine Magi.

All earls and marquis on the scene realized the meaning of 'Divine Magi from the High Moon,' because of which, they couldn't help but look at Ji Hao stunned, silently wondering what kind of 'trick' did Ji Hao use that allowed him to kill these five powerful non-humankind beings.

Ji Hao then flicked his hand. Followed by his move, four High Moon divine towers banged against the floor of the hall. These silver High Moon divine towers decorated with countless patterns of swords and blades were especially heavy. Each of these four less than a hundred meter tall towers weighed equal to ten giant mountains.

The floor of the Town Hall shook, and even Emperor Shun couldn't help but suddenly stand up from the ground. Hundreds of Magi Palace's master Magi and elders from those large clans instantly released a dreadful wave of power that made them look like hungry tigers which had caught a fresh piece of meat with its eyes. A few scrawny elderly Maguspriets, who seemed to stop breathing anytime, directly bumped Ji Hao away and reached their hands towards the four High Moon divine towers.

"Divine towers of the non-humankind, complete divine towers!"

"And these are from the High Moon! Look at these spell symbols shaped like swords and blades, these all could directly boost warriors' powers up!"

"Ah, as I see, this spell symbol, if I can add it in my 'bloodthirsty wolf talisman,' my talisman would be able to explosively raise the warriors' powers by at least sixty percent!"

"Move, move, let me have a look! You bunch of bastards, just leave me a spot!"

A commotion was started in the great hall immediately, and when Emperor Shun stepped up and tried to take a close look at the four divine towers, the first of the few elderly Maguspriests who had suddenly burst with inexhaustible energy, had almost punched on his face.

Emperor Shun sat back to his seat a bit embarrassedly, then gave a loud cough.

No one paid any attention to Emperor Shun. Not only those elderly master Magi and Maguspriest, but even those earls and marquis also couldn't control their excitement anymore.

This was the very first time for the humankind to capture the non-humankind's undamaged divine towers, and these four towers were from the High Moon, which meant these towers could directly raise warriors' powers. If they could bring these divine towers back to their own clans and crack the spell symbols attached to these towers, then figure out the structure of the magic formation contained in each divine tower, an amazing improvement would be made to the military forces of their clans entirely. As a result, based on the same number of warriors, the battle effectiveness of their clans' military forces would definitely raise by a couple of times.

Everyone in the great hall was now yelling and shouting. Some elderly Maguspreists even rolled up their sleeves and attempted to climb up to the tower tops through the embossment on the tower.

Wuzhi Qi confusingly looked at the hall that had already fallen into a great mess, while howling torpidly, "Ji Hao killed my sons, he killed River Earl Jade Dragon!"

Again, Emperor Shun coughed loudly, but still, no one paid any attention to him.

Emperor Shun's face was slightly darkened. However, facing these crazy elderly master Magi and Maguspriest who were either serving for their own clans or the Magi Palace, not even Emperor Shun could do anything to these people.

Ha Tao suddenly burst out a resonant growl, "How dare you! Be quiet!"

Streams of black mist descended from the air while countless chains condensed from black starlight falling from the ceiling of the great hall, along with ear-piercing clangs, swaying beside all those master Magi and elderly Maguspriests. Meanwhile, an extremely strong and suppressive power was released that made all those over excited master Magi and Maguspriests suddenly calm down.

The group of elderly people grinned embarrassedly while squeezed back into the crowd.

Many people had still been staring at the four High Moon divine towers without even blinking their eyes. Their faces had all blushed as they were silently calculating about exactly how much efforts would it cost to get these High Moon divine towers.

Hao Tao looked at these earls, marquis, clan leaders and elders standing in the crowd with a sharp pair of eyes while he shouted in a harsh tone, "Be solemn and silent! Do not forget where this place is!"

Emperor Shun slightly waved his hand and said blandly, "Earl Yao, did these four divine towers belong to…them?"

Ji Hao looked at the dead bodies of Polo Si and his four warriors, which were lying on the ground and stepped by those crazy elderly Maguspriests and Master Magi countless times, then nodded and said slowly, "That's right. Those towers belonged to these five. The five of them had four High Moon divine towers with them…Take a guess people, what were they trying to do?"

Wuzhi Qi shut his mouth while Gong Gong Wuyou seemed to say something. But at last, Gong Gong Wuyou only glared at Wuzhi Qi in anger without managing to say a word.

Zhu Rong and Candle Dragon Gui glanced at each other knowingly, then both started chuckling with cunning looks.

The great hall was now strangely quiet. All people in the hall glanced at each other with subtle yet obvious smiles on their faces.

Ji Hao threw out the five dead bodies of non-humankind Divine Magi. No matter how he managed to kill these five Divine Magi, the dead bodies were real. As for these four High Moon divine towers, hehe, noble Jia Clan warriors from High Moon had always been well known for their advanced assassination skills. Polo Si, as a powerful Yu Clan Divine Magi, and his four powerful subordinates, along with four immeasurably powerful High Moon divine towers bumped into Ji Hao, many stories could be speculated based upon this.

"What on earth had happened? Wuzhi Qi?" asked Hao Tao in a cold voice.

"I don't know what had happened either!" Wuzhi Qi held his head high and yelled in anger and impatience, "All in all, thirty-six of my sons were killed!"

Wuzhi Qi pointed his finger at Ji Hao, gnashed his teeth and said, "You have to pay with your own life for this murder!"

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