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"Emperor Shun… and all marquis and earls." Compared to Wuzhi Qi who had been acting rather ragingly and violently, Ji Hao seemed to calm and unhurried. Every single move made by him seemed to be natural and unrestrained, making people feel them to be pleasant to watch.

Wuzhi Qi showed his teeth, turning his burned-furless head around. His neck had been extending and shrinking all the time, from tens of meter long to nearly retracted into his chest. Added with his little beady eyes and those sharp fangs in his mouth, his shrill and ear-piercing voice which was quite unpleasant to hear, and his hysterical cursing language, he looked quite abominable to all people present.

Only based on the difference between Ji Hao and Wuzhi Qi's appearances, many neutral earls and marquis tended to believe Ji Hao.

"I will now retell everything that had happened from the very beginning." Ji Hao pointed at Wuzhi Qi, sighed a bit helplessly and said, "As for all of Wuzhi Qi's censures, such as I have to pay with my own life for his sons' death…"

"You have to pay with your own life! If Emperor Shun wouldn't kill you, I will do it myself!" Wuzhi Qi cared no more about what the others said. He burst into rage and screamed, and suddenly, leaped up and threw a punch right at Ji Hao's face.

All those earls and marquis were enraged upon seeing this. What was Wuzhi Qi doing? Ji Hao was Earl Yao, his position was equally high as many of these earls and marquis on the scene. Wuzhi Qi attempted to kill Earl Yao right in front of so many earls and marquis. Didn't this mean that in the future, he would do the same to any of these earls and marquis?

Gong Gong Wuyou's look changed instantly. He leaped up immediately, seeming ready to stop Wuzhi Qi. However, when Wuzhi Qi was still tens of meters away from Ji Hao, he suddenly let out a loud howl and weakly fell to the ground. Next, he held his stomach with both of his hands and began howling hoarsely. Wuzhi Qi's entire body quickly turned dark-green, while drops of sticky, poisonous liquid ceaselessly oozed out through his pores. Meanwhile, all kinds of weird noises came out of his body that sounded like ghost cries.

It sounded as if countless fierce ghosts were hiding inside Wuzhi Qi's body and had been crazily devouring his internal organs, bringing him endless pain.

Candle Dragon Gui, who was sitting next to Emperor Shun, slightly waved his magic staff, while showing an indescribable fierceness that would make anyone quiver in fear, on that wrinkled face of his, and said, "I recently have taken two little disciples. The youngest one is a girl, named Shaosi, who is capable of inheriting my magic. And Earl Yao, Ji Hao, is Shaosi's fiancé, chosen by herself."

While coughing, Candle Dragon Gui continued slowly, "Candle Dragon Clan people are never frightened by any threat that came from anyone. As long as we are on the right side, hehe, to those who dare to mess with us, do you really think that I couldn't kill people?"

Gong Gong Wuyou's look changed slightly again. He took two steps forwards, politely bowed to Candle Dragon Gui and said, "Master Candle Dragon, Wuzhi Qi didn't mean to offend you. He was just too sad for his sons' death…After all, those who were murdered were his sons!"

Candle Dragon Gui gave a frosty sneer while he cast a complicated glance at Gong Gong Wuyou with his green eyes, then slightly shook his magic staff. Following his moves, Whuzi Qi, who had been lying and twitching on the ground, instantly took a long and gasp deep for air, then weakly stood back up.

Glancing at Candle Dragon Gui in fear, Wuzhi Qi wiped that poisonous liquid oozing out of his body, then shut his mouth.

Not only Wuzhi Qi, none of those people who had been standing or sitting in the great hall managed to notice when and how Candle Dragon Gui cursed Wuzhi Qi. Such a dreadful, lethal method of cursing that could kill anyone without even being noticed made almost everyone in the hall unable to help but quiver in a sudden coldness.

Even Wuzhi Qi, this fierce and fearless creature, dared not to say or do anything inappropriate anymore before he completely dispelled the curse that had been cast on him just now.

Ji Hao politely bowed to Emperor Shun, then said in a gentle voice, "So now, let me retell everything that had happened from the beginning. But before I start, I, Ji Hao would like to present these four divine towers to Emperor Shun as my offering for this ten-year pilgrimage."

Emperor Shun gave a faint smile, nodded delightfully and said, "In this case, I will thank you for this. These four High Moon divine towers… Good, good, very good! Ha Tao, record this, free Earl Yao's territory from pilgrimage-offerings in the coming thousand years."

All earl and marquis on the scene had their eyes turned red. They all stared at the four High Moon divine towers with greedy looks, but no one moved at all.

Ji Hao had already presented the four divine towers to Emperor Shun. Without question, Emperor Shun and his own clan would take one and study it. As for the rest three High Moon divine towers, undoubtedly, those would fall into the hands of the Magi Palace, which meant, Si Wen Ming would be the one in charge of dealing with these three divine towers.

Countless eyes were immediately fixed on Si Wen Ming.

By now, who cared how Wuzhi Qi's sons died anymore? This old beast had so many sons, not to mention thirty-six of them, even if the number was ten times, or even a hundred times bigger, those weren't their sons anyway. Who would ever feel sad for that?

Wuzhi Qi gnashed his teeth tight and caused a loud creaking noise while staring at Gong Gong Wuyou.

Gong Gong Wuyou sat on his own seat without saying anything, but with heavy eyelids, seeming like a statue.

Ji Hao bowed to all those marquis and earls in the surroundings, then told everything in detail, from leaving Yao Mountain city for Pu Ban city and being stopped by Polo Si and his four warriors who attempted to assassinate him.

Nevertheless, for killing Polo Wi and his five warriors, Ji Hao put all the credit on Zhu Rong Long and the other Divine Magi under his command, not mentioning himself at all. After all, he was only at Senior-level currently. Being able to harm Divine Magi merely with the Senior-level power and a few magic treasures would sound way too ridiculous.

"Polo Si and his four warriors tried to assassinate you on your way?" Emperor Shun narrowed his eyes and asked, "How did they know when you would leave Yao Mountain City and which path you would choose to get to Pu Can city?"

Ji Hao smilingly bowed to Emperor Shun and responded, "Wise as you are, Emperor Shun, I wondered the same thing. Therefore, I hurriedly headed back to Yao Mountain City after I killed these few reckless non-humankind beings. But when I arrived, I found that Yao Mountain City was under the encirclement by an overwhelming flood, and at least a million elite warriors and a hundred million aquatic creatures."

Sighing deeply, Ji Hao helplessly spread his hands and continued, "In fact, Lord Wuzhi Qi got it wrong. It truly wasn't me who killed River Earl Jade Dragon and his thirty-six sons."

Wuzhi Qi raised his head in shock, looking at Ji Hao, not seeming to know what to do.

Gong Gong Wuyou opened his mouth widely, also looking at Ji Hao in confusion.

Emperor Shun, Si Wen Ming, Hao Tao, and all the other ministers all confusedly looked at Ji Hao, wondering what kind of shocking words would come out of his mouth next.

Only Ji Xia gave a big grin. He was deeply aware of that Ji Hao, his son, who had been especially smart since he was little, would certainly confuse these people.

"When my people and I returned to Yao Mountain city, what had been waiting for us was truly an imminent peril, as an elite non-humankind army had already gotten into the city and nearly broken Yao Mountain City completely. The military force I left in the city wasn't powerful enough, and they couldn't fend against the intrusion of those non-humankind beings at all."

Ji Hao then glanced at Wuzhi Qi. He bowed deeply to him with an 'especially honest' smile, and continued, "In that time of stress, it was Lord River Earl Jade Dragon and Lord Wuzhi Qi's sons who led a million elite warriors and ten thousand Hua Water aquatic creatures to cross the border and save my Yao Mountain City from the great danger."

"It was them who exterminated the non-humankind army that had attacked my city. But sadly, those non-humankind beings were strangely fierce. They even risked their own lives to launch deadly counterattacks. In the end, River Earl Jade Dragon and Lord Wuzhi Qi's sons were all killed by those non-humankind beings."

Spreading his hands again, Ji Hao said in a helpless tone, "Not only so, but the army of Huai Water aquatic creature was also destroyed as well. Not even a single small fish managed to survive…Emperor Shun, dear ministers, the non-humankind is so ruthless and heartless… We have to take revenge!"

The hall had fallen into a deadly silence. Everybody was now deeply confused by this sudden and huge twist given by Ji Hao and didn't know what to say.

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