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Footsteps came one after another.

After all, this was the time of the ten-year meeting with the human emperor, and many earls and marquis had gathered in Pu Ban city. As this was not yet the day for the formal meeting, these earls and marquis had been visiting their own friends and having fun in Pu Ban city.

People liked gossip ever since the ancient time. The news regarding Ji Hao and Wuzhi Qi raising a tense conflict in the Town Hall was just like a hurricane that swept across the entire Pu Ban city within the blink of an eye. Therefore, groups of earls and marquis called their friends and dashed overs, as if their butts were burned by fire.

Wuzhi Qi was known as an especially fierce one. He was a famous great spirit beast ever since the era of the heaven emperor. Afterward, he was taken under control by Gong Gong, and after attaining a backer, he acted even more evilly than before. Among the entire humankind, except for a very few extremely powerful, large clans, almost no one dared to offend him.

Ji Hao was also a well-known young man during the recent few years. Not to mention the fact that he was an apprentice of the Magi Palace recruited by Si Wen Ming himself, during Chi Ban Mountain War, he was extraordinarily outstanding, being conferred with the title of Earl Yao only for the contributions he made for one war. Among the entire young generation of the humankind, he was a top-notch one.

What made Ji Hao even more impressive was he had actually beaten Wuzhi Qi up right in the celebrating banquet for the winning of Chi Ban Mountain war! In front of Emperor Shun and countless senior human ministers, this young man beat Wuzhi Qi, that old beast, up!

This time, Wuzhi Qi cried and accused Ji Hao of murdering his sons, and that too thirty-six of his sons! By now, they were confronting each other in the Town Hall, what a great show! How could anybody miss that?!

Last time when Ji Hao beat Wuzhi Qi up, many earls and marquis didn't manage to witness that due to the long distance between Pu Ban city and their territories. But today, they abruptly heard that Ji Hao and Wuzhi Qi had started another conflict, and one of them had Zhu Rong while the other one had Gong Gong Wuyou as a supporter. Even Candle Dragon Gui, this renowned old man, had also involved himself, how exciting! How could they ever afford to miss such a great show?

Large groups of earls and marquis rushed into the Town Hall with excited looks. None of them said anything, only crossed their arms in front of their chests and stood on both sides of the great hall, staring at Ji Hao and Wuzhi Qi from heads to toes.

More and more people were arriving, and within the span of a few breaths, at least ten-thousand earls and marquis had broken into the Town Hall. Added with the guards and assistants brought over by these earls and marquis, the Town Hall was soon suffused by strong power vibrations. The Town Hall, which could only contain thousands of people, was forced to trigger its magic formation. Instantly after that, the inner space of the Town Hall speedily expanded and soon, no border could be seen anymore. At last, at least fifty to sixty thousand people gathered in the Town Hall.

"It's Wuzhi Qi! Just like people said, it's this old beast!"

"Eh? How come he is burned into such an ugly shape? His fur was burned out."

"This was just fur, you hadn't seen him last time when he was beaten by that young man. You should have heard his howls."

"Is this Earl Yao, Ji Hao? Indeed a handsome young man who dares to beat even Wuzhi Qi! Amazing!"

"Eh? Have you heard just now? Zhu Rong's daughter and Candle Dragon Gui's little disciple… hehe!"

"Wuzhi Qi's gonna suffer today!"

"I'd love to see that. I assume this old monster hadn't foreseen this!"

Tens of thousands of earls and marquis who came to watch the show, and their guards, subordinates and assistants, started talking without an end. The great hall was overwhelmed by a buzzing noise, as if a million flies were flying in the air.

Wuzhi Qi's face turned green because of the anger. He showed his sharp teeth and looked at all these earls and marquis, but there were so many of them gathered together that no matter how hard Wuzhi Qi tried to make a scary face, not a single one of these 'audiences' was frightened by him. Tens of thousands of earls and marquis, despite the fact that Wuzhi Qi had always been a bold and reckless one, he dared not to say ugly words to so many earls and marquis together.

A steady flow of people had been surging into the hall constantly. More earls and marquis arrived excitedly, some impatient ones even yelled out loudly, "Wuzhi Qi wasn't beaten to death, was he?"

"Eh, eh, this brother standing in front of me, oi, please step aside and let me have a look. Just a single glance… Wow, look at Wuzhi Qi's face… so dark."

"Ah, ah… his hair was burned out? So smooth…haha!"

Wuzhi Qi was completely enraged. He gnashed his teeth so tight that they even generated a creaking noise. He took a deep breath, silently blaming Ji Hao for all these humiliations he suffered today. Gritting his teeth, Ji stood in front of Emperor Shun and hoarsely roared, "Emperor Shun, my son and River Earl Jade Dragon were all murdered by Ji Hao!"

Turbulence was instantly started in the hall by Wuzhi Qi's words.

Wuzhi Qi's sons were murdered, this might or might not be a big deal, but River Earl Jade Dragon was a man with an official title conferred by a human emperor. Ji Hao killed River Earl Jade Dragon, this meant that Ji Hao had committed a felony by violating the rule of the entire humankind!

Emperor Shun didn't say anything, only looked at Ji Hao.

Hao Tao growled in a harsh tone, "Wuzhi Qi, you claimed that your sons and River Earl Jade Dragon were murdered by Ji Hao. Do you have any evidence?"

Wuzhi Qi leaped up in anger and yelled, "My sons were murdered by someone, and you ask for evidence?! I saw it! With my own eyes!"

Emperor Shun shook his head, still not saying anything.

Hao Tao weirdly looked at Wuzhi Qi and asked in a bland tone, "You said that you saw Earl Yao kill your sons and River Earl Jade Dragon with your own eyes, then why didn't you rescue them?"

Wuzhi Qi held his head high and answered loudly, "The defensive magic formation of Earl Yao's Yao Mountain City is way too powerful. I dared not to go!"

Many people in the hall started talking loudly. Hearing Wuzhi Qi, those earls and marquis just couldn't help but yell out.

"Wuzhi Qi, do you have even a slight little bit of sense of shame?"

"Watching your own sons being killed and you dared not try to even rescue them? Where was that fierceness of you, you old beast?"

"You shameless old beast, yeah just like people said, you're such an old beast!"

"Eh, you don't understand. Wuzhi Qi has so many sons and daughters, countless spirit creatures under his command. How important could a few sons be?"

Waves of taunts came continuously, while Wuzhi Qi remained holding his head high proudly, looked at Emperor Shun and said, "I don't want to die. Therefore, I dared not to attack Ji Hao's Yao Mountain City, what was wrong with that? These silly birds are not wrong. I have many sons and daughters, and although I'm suffering a heartache for the death of my thirty-six sons, rescuing them might cost my own life. That wouldn't be worth it at all!"

Many earls and marquis in the hall all burst in anger, unable to help but leap up, pointing at Wuzhi Qi and cursing him loudly.

What did this old beast say? All earls and marquis in the hall were 'silly birds'? Was this old thing trying to challenge the entire humankind?

Emperor Shun pressed both of his hands down. Followed by his move, the waves of yelling and cursing gradually quieted down. He looked at Wuzhi Qi and said in a cold and strong voice, "You mean that Ji Hao killed your thirty-six Divine-Magus-level sons and River Earl Jade Dragon with the defensive magic formation of Yao Mountain City?"

Snorting coldly, Emperor Shun growled out in a harsh tone, "Then what were they doing in Yao Mountain City?"

Wuzhi Qi blinked his eyes, the upper eyelids and lower eyelids of his bumping against each other, causing a series of clear metal-clashing noise.

This equation thrown out by Emperor Shun had truly embarrassed Wuzhi Qi. Wuzhi Qi was agitated badly and came to Pu Can city only for bringing a lawsuit against Ji Hao. But after all, he was born as a spirit creature and couldn't be as thoughtful as human beings. Therefore, he didn't think about everything before he came. For this question asked by Emperor Shun, he didn't think about it earlier, neither could he give an appropriate answer now.

"Well…this…" Wuzhi Qi turned to Gong Gong Wuyou.

Gong Gong Wuyou looked at Wuzhi Qi with an extremely darkened face. Earlier, he heard that Wuzhi Qi was screaming and rolling in the Town Hall. Therefore he hurriedly came over with his people. But since Wuzhi Qi couldn't find an excuse himself, what could Gong Gong Wuyou possibly do?

'This old monkey!' Gong Gong Wuyou could only silently complain in his head.

"Emperor Shun!" Ji Hao, who was standing aside, took two steps forward and took out the dead bodies of Polo Si and his four Jia Clan warriors out of the space magic ring, orderly placing those dead bodies on the ground.

Seeing this, all those earls and marquis standing in the hall gasped loudly in shock.

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