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A fiery cloud whirled over from a great distance away. Ji Hao and a large group of people had returned to the Yao Mountain City.

However, once he arrived in the Yao Mountain area, he saw a weird scene — In the Heaven and Earth great formation, three enormous multicolored stampers transformed from gigantic dragon silhouettes suppressed three large apes, while the other Divine Magi standing in midair dared not to move. The area outside the city was a complete mess. At least a million broken dead bodies had been lying in there, and standing in further surrounding areas were two to three hundred thousand heavily armored warriors.

The Heaven and Earth great formation was activated, seven-colored splendid light reaching up to Heaven and enveloping the entire area with a radius of ten-thousand miles. Within the seven-colored light, beams of magical, flashing silver light could be faintly seen. Some complicated and disorderly power vibrations seemed to exist in the air. These power vibrations were strange and mysterious, and even Ji Hao couldn't figure out what they actually were within a short while.

The vehicle descended from the air along with dense fiery clouds, quickly landing inside Earl Yao's mansion. Ji Hao held Man Man's hand and leaped down from the vehicle while Man Man already started yelling, "Shaosi, Shaosi! People are attacking our city! We encountered some enemies as well, but we caught all of them. How're things going in here?"

Taisi was circling around the altar while gasping quickly and loudly. Abruptly seeing Ji Hao, he immediately lied down on the ground with streams of sweat oozing out of his entire body. "Ji Hao's back. Good, everything will be fine… I'm going to sleep now!" murmured Taisi to himself.

Taisi then closed his eyes and directly fell into a deep sleep with a dense and dark, completely lifeless layer of mist coiled around his body, not even bothering to put back his altar. However, everybody clearly sensed that inside Taisis' body, a strong power had been surging around. This power was rapidly remolding his body, making his body stronger and tougher. Meanwhile, countless complicated black divine spell symbols emerged from his skin, making it look quite scary at first sight.

The dark silhouette floated behind Tai's body cast a complicated glance at Ji Hao. He then pointed his finger forward, causing the Nail Head Seven Arrow Book on the altar to suddenly shake. In the next moment, bodies of the thirty-three Divine Magi outside the town started twitching, as their life-force was drained away at a terrifying rate, transforming into streams of visible bright light and ceaselessly surging into Taisi's body.

While asleep, Taisi snorted in satisfaction. After draining at least forty percent of the thirty-three Divine Magi' life-force with the power of the Nail Head Seven Arrow Book, the dark silhouettes slowly transformed into a black stream of mist and drilled into Taisis' forehead.

Followed by a series of clangs, half of the life-force that was drained out from those Divine Magi' bodies by the dark silhouette with Nail Head Seven Arrow Book merged with Taisi's body, while the rest half was compressed into a water-tank-sized, blood-red crystal, silently floating before Ji Hao's face.

"Are we sharing the booty?" Ji Hao patted this blood-red crystal, curiously asking the dark silhouette which was rapidly dissipating. But the dark silhouette remained absolutely silent.

Shaosi walked out of the central hall, seeming to be a bit tired. Walking up to Ji Hao, she wiped the sweat from her forehead and said tiredly, "Controlling two great magic formations is a bit difficult…Ji Hao, that secret magic regarding cultivating souls you mentioned earlier, I think, Man Man and I should try to learn it. It seems that the space-twisting formation required soul power to control it."

Ji Hao held Shaosi's hand and said delightedly, "It's good that you're willing to learn. The great Dao of primordial spirit is different from the cultivation methods we have been using. Physical cultivation can only let us have great strengths, but the great Dao of primordial spirit can bring so many benefits."

A quick series of footstep came. Yu Mu rushed over with large groups of warriors, with his layers of flat clapping loudly. Tens of sturdy men, whose body were covered in blood, had been tightly tied up with dragon tendons and dragged on the ground by Yu Mu like dogs.

"These God da*ned scums!" yelled Yu Mu in great anger, "These people sneakily attacked many servants in the city, peeled them and turned their skins into magic tools, using those to get into the city! How terrible!"

While yelling ragingly, Yu Mu threw a heavy kick on a man's arm and shattered it into bits.

Ji Hao's face turned dark immediately. Had these people actually gotten into the city through means like that?

Shaosi knitted her eyebrows as well, and said angrily, "We have evil-revealing mirrors on city gates, but those are too shiny, so normally we won't activate them."

This city built by Kua E and his brothers had numerous ancient magic treasures and tools in it, serving different purposes. Merely the number of defensive tools that could prevent enemies from getting in the city by using all kinds of magic treasures and transforming magics was thirty-six. Among them, the most effective kind was an evil-revealing mirror set on each city gate. Once this kind of ancient divine tool was activated, a bright divine light would shine on the area with a radius of a hundred miles. Within this area, anyone who had changed their looks with tools or magics would be detected by the mirror, and their true appearances would be revealed.

However, in order to not draw too much attention, Ji Hao had concealed all splendid glow of Yao Mountain City with the twelve-star space-twisting magic formation and shut down all divine tools like this, which would emit dazzling divine light to shine on the whole area. He wanted to keep a low profile but didn't think that this might become an opportunity for his enemies.

"It's my fault!" Ji Hao patted on Shaosi's hand and said in a cold voice, "From this moment on, all monitoring equipments will stay activated all day long. For anyone or anything that is hostile to us, even if it's only a tiny ant, we cannot let it approach Yao Mountain city."

Discussing for a while, Shaosi wielded the magic wand. From the yard of Earl Yao's mansion, a large flat, that was five hundred meters in square and had its four edges decorated with statues of legendary creatures, gradually rose to the air five hundred meters high.

Standing on the flat, that was covered in clouds and coiling mist, Ji Hao looked at those Divine Magi who were floating in the air and dared not to move. hHe abruptly laughed out coldly and said, "Why don't you run? Why don't you attack? Shout? Cry? Just do something, anything. Why are you all standing here so quietly? Aren't you going to flatten my city? Are you planning to kill all of my people? Why don't you make your move?"

A Divine Magi roared furiously, "Earl Yao, don't you…"

"Slap!" Ji Hao snorted coldly and said.

Shaosi wielded the magic wand and instantly, a seven-colored stream of glow emerged from midair, rapidly condensed into a bowl-sized hand and fiercely slapped the Divine Magus's face, even making his teeth fly out.

"Slap them all! Show no mercy!" Ji Hao then waved his hand and gave another order, "They're all pretty tough anyway, not easy to be killed!"

Shaosi sneered, throwing a sharp glance at these people who had sneakily attacked Yao Mountain City and attempted to destroy the entire Yao Mountain territory for good. She gnashed her teeth and wielded the magic wand again. Thousands of seven-colored, large and glowing hands emerged from the air, swiftly waving, bringing up a surging wave of multicolored light stream along with a loud series of slapping noises. The faces of the thirty-three Divine Magi were all slapped swollen and red, looking like grilled pig faces.

In Yao Mountain city, countless civilians and warriors under Ji Hao's command had been standing on streets, watching what was happening in the sky.

Seeing these Divine Magi daring not to move even an inch while their faces were slapped swollen, these civilians and warriors all cheered out in joy; some even started dancing in excitement.

Those were Divine Magi, who were as powerful as Gods and ghosts!

But Ji Hao slapped those Divine Magi so hard as if they were all his grandsons!

Countless streams of especially pure and strong power of faith surged into Ji Hao's body, making Ji Hao's primordial spirit tremble in comfort.

"Earl Yao, Earl Yao! Don't kill them!"

From a distance away, River Earl Jade Dragon, who looked just like a God, trod on a watery cloud and drifted over.

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