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In Earl Yao's mansion, the central hall…

Ji Hao sat on a purely golden large armchair in the middle of the hall. The armchair was exquisitely crafted by divine Gods, simply shaped but decorated with the statues of nine fiery dragons, nine fiery phoenixes, and nine fiery Qi Lin. All these statues were cast from pure gold mixed with fire magic crystal powder, and had been releasing a dazzling light. It looked as if Ji Hao was sitting on a small blazing mountain.

On both sides of Ji Hao's armchair, Man Man and Shaosi each were sitting on slightly smaller armchairs. Same as Ji Hao, they were also looking down at River Earl Jade Dragon, who was standing in the hall with a badly embarrassed and nervous look.

The Heaven and Earth great formation remained fully activated. Star power mixed with earth power and condensed into tens of armored giants with golden armors, standing in the hall. These were battling puppets condensed from pure power; each of them had been releasing a strong power vibration that sensed as great as that released by Divine Magi.

These battling puppets' real powers were even greater than the powers of Divine Magi, as they were created by the Heaven and Earth great formation. As long as the great formation stayed complete, as long as the star power and earth power were not cut off, they were indestructible and could fight forever. No matter how many enemies came, they would never be defeated.

Added with Zhu Rong Long, Candle Yan and other Divine Magi under Ji Hao's command standing on both sides, with a fierce aura of killing, the great hall now looked like the court in hell. The tense atmosphere in the hall was so strong, and the pressure landing on River Earl Jade Dragon's body was so great, it even seemed nearly touchable.

Ji Hao remained silent, only staring at River Earl Jade Dragon.

Seeing Ji Hao remain silent, Man Man and Shaosi did the same. Even Man Man, who had always been the most energetic one and would never ever quiet down except for sleeping, now was holding a bone-piercing cold face. She sat on the armchair with her head held high and a faint sneer on her face.

The extra tense atmosphere made sweat continuously ooze out of River Earl Jade Dragon's forehead. He forced himself to stay calm and gnash his teeth tightly, insisting on not speaking first. But after a whole quarter of an hour, he finally couldn't stand this weird and tense atmosphere anymore and quite embarrassedly gave a few coughs.

"Lord River Earl has caught a cold, can't discuss official business today. Guards, send Lord River Earl to the guest room and arrange a few more people to guard him safely. Fully activate the great formation and chop all those idiots outside."

Once River Earl Jade Dragon gave a few coughs and tried to break the cold and weird atmosphere in the hall, Ji Hao immediately took this opportunity and ordered guards to send him to a guest room.

River Earl Jade Dragon instantly lost his temper and hurriedly yelled out in a harsh tone, "Lord Earl Yao, I came with important things to discuss with you! The army outside is an army of my Huai Water. We were just crossing the border, but why did you, Earl Yao, suddenly launch deadly attacks on us? Why did you kill so many of our aquatic creatures and so many elite warriors of our Hua Water army?"

"F**k!" Ji Hao was sitting straight on the fiery-mountain-like chair, with a serious and majestic look. A strong and great power vibration was releasing from his body while the Gold Crow flame cloak of his had been shining brightly with a fiery light. Added with the long and purely golden table placed in front of him, which was decorated with golden embossment of dragons, he now looked more like the human emperor than Emperor Shun himself. However, after hearing River Earl Jade Dragon, he simply let out the dirty word. He then pointed his finger at River Earl Jade Dragon and shouted in a strong voice, "Break all five of his limbs and seal his power… toss him out of the city!"

Zhu Rong Long and Candle Dragon Yan simultaneously took a step forwards, cupped their hands, bowed to Ji Hao and asked, "Lord, what do you mean by 'five limbs'?"

Ji Hao showed a weird look, threw a sideway glance at the two Divine Magi then swept across the area between River Earl Jade Dragon's pair of legs with his eyes.

"Ah!" exclaimed Candle Dragon Yan and Zhu Rong Long and the group of army commanders under Ji Hao's command altogether, as if they were suddenly enlightened. After that, they excitedly rubbed their own hands and impatiently walked up to River Earl Jade Dragon.

How dare Ji Hao give such an order?

And the target of his order was actually River Earl Jade Dragon?!

Jade Dragon River was one of the top-10 branches among all millions of branches of Huan Water, and River Earl Jade Dragon was a senior official under Wuzhi Qi's command. The title of 'River Earl' was just like the title of 'Earl,' it was also a noble title of government officials given by the human emperor himself. A person with a title like this could be seen as the owner of an entire water area.

Breaking River Earl Jade Dragon's all five limbs? Candle Dragon Yan and Zhu Rong Long and the other warrior commanders in the hall nearly fainted because of the excitement. Breaking the five limbs of a River Earl… they felt so excited just by thinking about it. This could be shown off in front of their clansmen as a legendary story for countless years!

The twelve Divine Magi made a move together, pressing River Earl Jade Dragon straight on the ground.

River Earl Jade Dragon desperately growled and struggled, but before he could activate his magic, the black jade jar held in his hand was snatched away by Man Man, who had leaped down from her seat. Carelessly fiddling with the black jade jar for a short while, Man Man threw it into the small bag tied around her waist.

Without the black jade jar, at least seven percent of River Earl Jade Dragon's power was taken away. He roared hoarsely under the violent suppression given by the twelve Divine Magi, but how could his physical strength ever compete against these muscular guys?

"Haha! How about we break your left hand first?!" Candle Dragon Yan raised a giant hammer that was made from lava golden crystal, grinningly asked River Earl Jade Dragon, whose face had badly twisted long ago.

"Lord Earl Yao! Please don't do this!" River Earl Jade Dragon looked at Ji Hao and wailed hoarsely, "I am a River Earl, entitled by the human emperor himself! I am equal to you, Earl Yao! You wouldn't be able to explain to the human emperor if you insist on humiliating me like this!"

"Well, I believe I would!" Ji Hao wielded his hand and said. Polo Si and the four Divine-Magus-level Jia Clan warriors suddenly showed up in the hall. After that, he looked at River Earl Jade Dragon, whose face was now extremely dark, and said, "River Earl Jade Dragon passed by Yao Mountain for unknown reasons, and was murdered by Polo Si, one of the direct descendants of the Polo family, of High Moon. I, Earl Yao, heard about this and led my warriors to rescue River Earl Jade Dragon, but sadly, River Earl Jade Dragon had been killed already!"

Clapping his hand loudly, Ji Hao laughed out loud coldly and expressionlessly, then continued, "You're right, don't bother to break his five limbs, just kill him straight! With this sword!"

As Ji Hao waved his hand, a spare sharp sword that Polo Si hid in his space magic ring flew out towards Candle Dragon Yan.

Candle Dragon Yan gripped the sword while laughing in an evil voice. Flicking his wrist, he pointed the sword tip in between River Earl Jade Dragon's eyebrows, then said, "I will kill a River Earl with my very own hands, and he is one of the top-ten River Earls of Huai Water! God damn it, I am gonna be a hero!"

River Earl Jade Dragon's voice changed completely. Looking at Polo Si and the four Jia Clan warriors, he screamed in a trembling and high pitched voice, "Earl Yao, how dare you! How dare you do this!"

Ji Hao looked at River Earl Jade Dragon coldly and said in a frosty voice, "Your Hua Water army passed by my territory. Millions of elite warriors and aquatic creatures brought up a killing flood in my territory, but no official document was sent to my hands ahead of time. The army of yours, which you claimed was only crossing the border, actually dared to sneakily attack my city, where I am living in."

Taking a deep breath, Ji Hao continued with a 'gentle' smile on his face, "Since you, dear Lord River Earl Jade Dragon, could find such a great excuse, why can't I also find an excuse that is as ridiculous? And believe me, my excuse will be even more perfect than yours, and with more solid evidence!"

Ji Hao waved his hands and growled in a cold voice, "Just kill him, what a perfect excuse!"

River Earl Jade Dragon roared out once again in rage, but Candle Dragon Yan straightened his wrist and pierced the long sword deep into River Earl Jade Dragon's forehead. Countless silver spell symbols sparkled quickly on the long sword, while streams of fierce power surged out, crushing River Earl Jade Dragon's soul.

Slightly flicking his finger, Ji Hao said in a bland tone, "Keep doing the job… kill all those people outside the city!"

'As long as you dare to reach your hand into my territory, I will chop your hand off!'

'I would like to find out whose power is greater and whose background is more solid!' thought Ji Hao.

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