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The three large apes were captured alive, which startled the rest of those Divine Magi who had been trying to break into the city at the moment.

The thirty-three Divine Magi turned away from those enormous turtle silhouettes that they couldn't possibly defeat, then gathered together and raised their dark ice stakes high, violently smashing down towards the section of city wall where the three large apes were dragged in from. Thick water ripples were brought up by the huge dark ice stakes held in their hands.

Shaosi, who had been controlling the Heaven and Earth great formation in Earl Yao's mansion, knitted her eyebrows. So many Divine Magi joined hands and launched the attack on the city wall. She wasn't sure that if the Heaven and Earth great formation could withstand such a fierce attack. Ji Hao had spent a fortune to hire those divine gods to build this city for him. If any harm were done to this city, Shaosi would feel sorry to Ji Hao.

She wielded her hand, and along with her move, a cyan-colored jade talisman sparkled brightly. At the same time, twelve silver beams of light zipped down from the sky. The twelve-star space twisting magic formation was triggered instantly.

Silver light dazzled before the eyes of the thirty-three Divine Magi who had gathered together. Suddenly, the air under their feet vibrated and disabled them from standing steadily. Afterward, their bodies started spinning swiftly, and they couldn't put forth their strengths anymore, as if they were drifting leaves in the wind.

They fiercely raised their dark ice stakes but then wielded it weakly down. Waves of howls came right away as the tremendous, devouring waves raised by these Divine Magi all fell into the group of heavily armored warriors surrounded them, who had also been launching attacks on the city wall.

These heavily armored warriors were all peak-level Senior Magi, how could they possibly survive fierce attacks launched by Divine Magi?

Black waves roared down from the heaven, clapping directly into the group of warriors. Along with a loud series of clattering noise, countless armored warriors were smashed into pieces by the fierce dark waves. Blood and minced body parts ejected out from cracks of armors, dyeing the water red.

Attacks launched by the thirty-three Divine Magi landed chaotically outside the city gate, and those warriors, who had been rushing towards the city gate, were slaughtered by their own leaders when they were still miles away from the city gate. Not only that, but these Divine Magi had also discovered in shock that, although they were gathered together earlier, after the wave of silver light beams flashed across, they had somehow been separated. Now, they were at least fifty miles away from each other.

"Save them!" Countless armored elite warriors were killed or injured severely, who were all their clansmen! Nevertheless, these Divine Magi didn't have the time to feel sorry for these warriors. Instead, they hoarsely and hysterically roared to each other, telling each other to pluck the three large apes, who were captured alive, back out as soon as possible.

Those large apes were still alive. If Ji Hao sent them to Emperor Shun and tortured them until they gave out the name of the person who had planned all this, the lives of their masters might be in danger.

This was Yao Mountain, Earl Yao, Ji Hao's territory. Emperor Shun enfeoffed this piece of land to Ji Hao right in front of countless humankind leaders in the great celebrating ceremony, as a reward for the contribution he made in the war. This was Ji Hao's personal territory. The ownership of this piece of land belonged to Ji Hao, It was recognized by all human leaders, and was under the protection of the law of the entire society.

This time, Ji Hao left the city and they took the opportunity to launch surprise attacks on this city. By doing this, they had undoubtedly violated the law of the entire human society and gone against the interests of all human earls and marquis who had their own enfeoffments.

Once this went public, all human earls and marquis, and families and clans of these earls and marquis who had attained benefits from their enfeoffments would join hands to hunt them down. Not to mention their masters, even the masters of their masters wouldn't be able to fend against the entire humankind.

"Come on! Come on! Break in!" These Divine Magi all fell into panic. One of them hoarsely growled, "Everyone who is still alive, gather your power and attack the city gate! Break in! Now! Now!"

Inside Yao Mountain city, those enemies who had sneaked in earlier with some kind of transforming magic had also been crazily roaring while madly launching attacks at the city gate just like wild dogs.

Nevertheless, when the Heaven and Earth great formation was activated, the city gates had been slowly shut down. Additionally, seven-colored divine thunderbolts condensed from the star power constantly struck down, blast those warriors into pieces. No matter how hard they tried to attack, within the short span of around ten breaths, only less than a hundred enemies were left alive in the city. They had now been desperately rolling on the ground to try to dodge the fierce thunderbolts, and couldn't possibly launch another effective attack.

Bang! Bang! Thunderous noises could be heard endlessly. The city gates were shut down, and in the middle of each city gate, an embossed portrait of devil-god emerged, releasing thick layers of lights screens, firmly sealing the city gates.

Divine Magi outside the city started moving, attempting to gather together one more time and break the Heaven and Earth great formation with their combined power. However, when they took the first step forward, silver light beams flashed again before their eyes. Once again, they couldn't stabilize their bodies as if an enormous hand had grabbed them up and threw them out randomly hundreds of miles away. Before, they were around fifty miles apart from each other, but now, this distance had been increased to a hundred and fifty miles.

Not only them, but the same thing also happened to the remaining armored warriors outside the city. As long as they moved their bodies, they would be randomly sent to faraway places outside the town. Hundreds of thousands of heavily armored warriors were now crazily rushing around, but just like ghosts, their bodies had been flashing across the air unexpectedly appearing in different places.

Some Senior Magi were even suddenly teleported to the upper air, kilometers away from the ground. These poor Magi hadn't attained the ability to fly yet, and consequently, fell from the ground while howling shrilly. They heavily thudded against the extremely solid ground outside the town, with their whole bodies fallen apart.

"Damn it! What's going on?!" A Divine Magus was badly enraged. He raised a large stake and fiercely smashed down towards Yao Mountain City. However, in the very next moment, the body of this Divine Magi flashed in the air and disappeared suddenly. When he reappeared, he was teleported behind another Divine Magus and next, his large stake swooshed down, smashing the back-head of the other Divine Magus along with a fierce gust of wind.

That poor Divine Magus didn't even manage to let out a moan before a big half of his head was smashed into meat paste. Fortunately, with the extremely strong life-force of a Divine Magus, he cast out a great growl and boosted up his spirit blood. The damaged head of his quickly grew back, fully recovering within the span of a few breaths.

The other Divine Magi launched attacks in rage as well. However, the situation would still be under control if they did not move, and once they did, their attacks would certainly land on the bodies of their own people. Within a few seconds, each of these thirty-three Divine Magi launched deadly attacks on their own fellows seven to eight times, and each of them had suffered a few violent strikes. After consuming a great amount of Divine Magi spirit blood, they floated in the air in confusion, daring not to make another move.

This was one of the magical effects of the twelve-star space-twisting magic formation. It couldn't launch lethal attacks directly, but under its coverage, no matter how powerful one was as a Divine Magus, one wouldn't be able to release even one percent of the great power! Unless these Divine Magi could see through the secrets of this twelve-star space-twisting magic formation and had the ability to control time and space, understanding the great Dao of nature nearly as much as Yu Yu did, they could never, ever break this magic formation and leave without being harmed.

Nevertheless, how powerful was Yu Yu?

These Divine Magi only cultivated their physical bodies. They only paid attained on strengthening their bodies and improving their body conditions. Although their bodies were tough and their power was great, they never cultivated their souls and spirit. Consequently, the understanding they had regarding the great Dao of nature was nearly zero!

To these poor things, it was definitely impossible for them to break the twelve-star space-twisting magic formation and flee away.

Gradually, all enemies outside the city stopped attacking in despair, looking at Yao Mountain city, which was covered under a splendid glow, in deep confusion.

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