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When Ji Hao measured Dragon Mother with eyes, Emperor Xun had also been looking at her through a magic mirror inside a palace.

"What a beautiful woman!" Emperor Xun's eyes burned with passion. His soul was filled with emotions and desires, and every cell of his was affected by all kinds of negative feelings. If his human body hadn't been restraining his soul, he would even directly become a sky devil!

He even made frivolous remarks about Dragon Mother right in front of a large group of human clan leaders and ministers.

In the palace, the eyes of the group of human leaders who were gathered around Emperor Xun had also been shining brightly. Their hearts were predominated by all kinds of negative emotions. The longer they followed Emperor Xun, the deeper they sank into emotions and desires, without being able to extricate themselves.

Therefore, they chimed in with Emperor Xun. Looking at Dragon Mother through the mirror, they unbridledly gave remarks about her, even using all kinds of dirty languages, which were intolerable to the ear. These people now looked more like scums than the leaders of human beings.

Unlike Shixin and his brothers, who were tens of meters tall and muscular, Dragon Mother was about three meters and two-feet tall, with snow-white and smooth skin, looking beautiful and elegant like a top-grade aristocratic lady.

She was wearing a golden and red long dress, a strong and exquisite golden armor, and a three-feet-tall crown. She looked like a powerful, piercingly cold, inviolable being who stood high above the masses.

Apart from the wild and bestial power that Ji Hao had been sensing from her, she looked like a human lady, without any features of the dragon-kind. She was noble and stunning, as if her entire body was glowing with a bright, fiery light. She stood on a golden cloud; she wasn't giant in size, yet she was like a mighty mountain. The incredibly heavy pressure laid on everyone else on the scene, disabling people from looking directly at her, and making everyone unable to help but want to kneel before her.

"Dragon Mother?" Ji Hao sensed something from Dragon Mother, similar to what he sensed from Priest Mu and Pries Hua before. Without thinking, he asked.

Dragon Mother narrowed her eyes. A dark blue light flashed across her deeply sunken eyes as she curved her red lips downwards, then slowly and lazily sneered, "The heaven is truly falling generation after generation...In the old days, the first generation of divine emperors were truly powerful. Every word they said represented the law of this world. They were mighty enough to suppress all living beings in Pan Gu world. How come a human kid is the new divine emperor now?"

She slowly reached out her right hand. Her long, sharp, and golden fingernails tinkled against each other and started puffs of fire sparks and thunderbolts. Abruptly, Dragon Mother grinned and bared her sharp teeth, which glowed with a frosty light as she spoke, "Little thing, back in the old days, a little thing like you was better off being seasoned with cherry jam, then served as dessert."

Ji Hao's face darkened. Judging by what Dragon Mother said, she used to eat human beings, didn't she?

"Amma...Ji Hao is a divine emperor. You..." Behind Ji Hao, Qiu Niu, who was kneeling on the cloud, raised his head and said to Dragon Mother with a bright voice. At this point, Dragon Mother moved suddenly. Ji Hao was shocked, because he didn't manage to see her movements clearly. When he instinctively turned around, Dragon Mother had already rushed to Qiu Niu, gripped his neck, and carried him up. Qiu Niu was thirty meters tall, and merely his head was in about the same size as Dragon Mother's whole body. Nevertheless, in Dragon Mother's hands, he was entirely defenseless.

A quick series of slaps could then be heard. Within one single second, dragon Mother madly threw thousands of heavy slaps on Qiu Niu's face with her right hand, creating shreds of afterimages. The green scales on Qiu Niu's face were shattered inch by inch. Some scales were directly pulled out from his face, darting away along with streams of blood.

Following a muscle-tearing noise, Qiu Niu's cheeks were smashed by Dragon Mother. His muscles flew out piece by piece, and his bones were exposed. Bone cracking noises could be heard without an end, as Dragon Mother's slaps landed on Qiu Niu's bones. His bones broke one after another, and his teeth all fell off.

His broken bones and teeth flew all over the sky like crystal pieces. Within such a short span of time, a small half of Qiu Niu's chin was smashed.

Dragon Mother stopped and gave a smile. Her fingers were all covered in Qiu Niu's blood. She raised her right hand, then slowly licked clean the blood on her hand, bit by bit. She grinned while looking at Qiu Niu and asked, "Little one, since when did you have the guts to talk to me like that? Hah, if I knew you'd be like that old b*stard, I should have eaten you to replenish myself when I gave birth to you!"

Ji Hao gasped in shock. Even fierce and evil beasts wouldn't eat their cubs, but this Dragon Mother turned out to be so brutal. She nearly beat Qiu Niu to death...How could she be so violent and savage? And, based on what she said, she actually wanted to eat Qiu Niu. Should any mother have such a thought?

No matter where this Dragon Mother from, judging merely by what she had done and said just then, one could easily tell how ferocious and tough she was. The dragon ancestor totally had a reason to seal and imprison her!

Qiu Niu was beaten out of his wits. He slowly shook his head, coughing blood.

Standing aside, Ao Bai immediately stood up and pulled out his sword, pointing at Dragon Mother as he shouted out harshly, "Let go of my big brother! What do you want? Years ago, you nearly killed my second and third brother, so Abba sealed and imprisoned you. Haven't you done enough?"

Dragon Mother smiled faintly. Her smile was so graceful and noble. She dropped Qiu Qiu, then slowly turned to Ao Bai.

"Ah, little Bixi… It's been quite some years. You're brave now, aren't you? You even dare to point your sword at me. Who gave you the courage to do it?"

A golden light suddenly flashed across Ji Hao's eye corners, as Dragon Mother rushed swiftly up to Ao Bai and slapped on his chest.

Ao Bai's divine robe was blasted. Dragon Mother's palm shattered the strong scales on his chest, tore apart his muscles, and crushed his chest bone. Her five fingers cut into Ao Bai's chest like blades, then came out from his back.


Dragon Mother loosened her five fingers, and a black piece of spine dropped from her hand. She had broken Ao Bai's spine!

Ao Bai twitched intensely while vomiting blood. He raised his sword high with his right hand, yet he could not swing it down, no matter how hard he tried. The unbearable pain nearly collapsed his soul. Ao Bai was roaring something, yet no one understood what he tried to say.

Ji Hao gave a sonorous growl and lunged the Pan Gu sword towards Dragon Mother's back.

"Dragon Mother, you beat them too hard, didn't you? They're your sons after all!"

The sword light dazzled like a thunderbolt and instantly reached to Dragon Mother's back. But, the Dragon Mother laughed and suddenly disappeared. In the next moment, Ji Hao sensed a sharp coldness from the behind, as the Dragon Mother was already standing close behind him!

Ji Hao had no time the turn back, but roared thunderously and fully activated the Pan Gu bell.

A bell ring resounded across the sky, as strands of Chaos power shielded Ji Hao's body. Dragon Mother's palm landed on the Chaos power streams and penetrated three-thousand layers of Chaos power in a row.

Under the tremendous force, Ji Hao failed to keep his feet, and ended up flying to a long distance away.

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