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The Pan Gu bell buzzed rumblingly while shaking slightly. Within the flowing green light, a blurry giant was faintly visible on the bell's surface. This happened because the Pan Gu bell had also sensed a certain amount of pressure from this strike launched by Dragon Mother.

Under the bell's protection, Ji Hao wasn't harmed. But, he was sent flying tens of miles away by the giant force which Dragon Mother created. He turned around and looked at Dragon Mother in shock. Her power was so weird.

Dragon Mother launched a random move. Her power rolled like ocean waves, seeming to never end. But, within the waves of tremendous, heavy power, an incredibly sharp and fierce strength had been piercing into Ji Hao's body. Even under the bell's protection, Ji Hao sensed a coldness from his internal organs. He clearly felt that without the bell, his body would certainly be penetrated.

…Just like what happened to Ao Bai!

Dragon Mother sent Ji Hao flying away, then turned back without taking another glance at him. She looked at Qiu Niu and Ao Bai, who were both severely injured, and said, "You two little things...You're my sons after all. Indeed, killing you would be too much...Hmm, you shall enjoy your lives in that deep, deep ocean eye, that dark, lonely place!"

As she pointed her finger at Qiu Niu and Ao Bai, two glistening ropes swished out. The ropes were wrapped in clouds and strands of smoke, coiling on Qiu Niu and Ao Bai' bodies at lightning speed.

The two ropes stirred up thin waves of space ripples when flying in the air. From tens of miles away, Ji Hao sensed the exceptionally great sealing power of the ropes. These ropes were pre-world supreme treasures, and judging by the sealing power that he had sensed, Ao Bai and Qiu Niu wouldn't have a chance to free themselves once they were tied up by them.

The Pan Gu sword suddenly disappeared from Ji Hao's hands. A dark beam of light flashed across the space and blasted beside the two ropes. Following a series deafening clanks, the two ropes suffered over a hundred strikes from the Pan Gu sword in an instant. Along with a shrill tearing noise, one rope was cut into tens of pieces by the sword, while clear cracks appeared on the other one.

"Little thing, how dare you?!" Dragon Mother burst into a raging roar, reaching her hands towards the Pan Gu sword.

Meanwhile, Ji Hao looked at Ao Bai and Qiu Niu and shouted, "Take all your people and retreat to the heaven! I'll hold off your...Amma!"

Ji Hao felt awful when saying the word 'Amma'. His Amma was Qing Fu, a wonderful woman who was praised by all Gold Crow Clan people. She was gentle, warm, and capable, that countless people were helped by her, or healed by the medicines she concocted.

However, this Amma of Ao Bai and Qiu Niu was so...ferocious and brutal. 'How could the dragon ancestor tolerate this crazy woman?' Ji Hao wondered.

Ao Bai and Qiu Niu breathed deeply. They each swallowed some life-saving pills, then shouted at the Gold Crow warriors and Zhu Rong warriors, telling them to retreat with the dragon force. Under the orders from Ji Hao and Ao Bai, and with Zhu Rong managing the troops, the divine force gathered together in a hurried but orderly fashion, and drew back to the heaven at the highest speed.

At the same time, Dragon Mother had already gripped the Pan Gu sword with her right hand.

Ji Hao raised his eyebrows. The Pan Gu sword suddenly gave vent to an eye-dazzling light. The light condensed into a hundreds of meters long beam that coiled around Dragon Mother's right hand. The sword light swept towards Dragon Mother's wrist. Without hesitation, Ji Hao attempted to cut off her hand.

Dragon Mother was careless. She chuckled while saying, "What weapon in the world can hurt...Damn it!"

Before she finished boasting, the light of the Pan Gu sword landed on her wrist along with a frosty gust of wind. Immediately, an extremely thin cut wound appeared on her skin, and a large stream of scorching hot blood spurted out, turning into golden fire that wrapped around her body.

Dragon Mother was startled, her face twisted. She raised her right hand and her golden fingernails tinkled against the Pan Gu sword for tens of thousands of times, creating shreds of afterimages, as if she was playing a string instrument.

Along with a quick series of buzzing noises, the sword light brushed across Dragon Mother's wrist and shredded a large piece of skin. Meanwhile, Dragon Mother put forth her strength through her fingertips and sent the Pan Gu sword hundreds of miles away, causing a sharp swishing noise.

The sword drew a giant arc in the air and swiftly flew back to Ji Hao's hand.

Holding the sword and pointing it at Dragon Mother, Ji Hao sneered, "Dragon Mother? You're a stepmother, aren't you? How could you bear to beat your sons so hard?"

Dragon Mother was looking at her bleeding wrist. She shook her hand and let the golden fire cover her wrist, after which the wound was healed immediately, without leaving any scar. With fright, she looked at Ji Hao and hollered coldly, "This strange. How come I felt a trace of the power belonged to that old thing Pan Gu's axe? That was a destructive weapon. Not even I, as a Chaos dragon, dare to take a strike from it."

Shixin and his brothers walked over with large steps and stood behind Dragon Mother in a straight line.

Hearing her, Shican licked his lips and said greedily, "Amma, we can together kill this..."

Once he started talking, Dragon Mother turned back and slapped straight on his face, denting half of his head and squeezing out a giant puff of blood. Mixed in the blood, his broken teeth flew all over the sky.

After slapping Shican and making him scream, Dragon Mother gave a bright smile and said mildly, "Your mother hasn't made her decision yet, so how can you little things talk? One more word, and I will pull out your tendons...I just need some to make a new pair of 'dragon-binding ropes'!"

Shican tremblingly lowered his head and buried his smashed face in his hands, without daring to say a word.

Dragon Mother glanced at Ji Hao and smiled while saying, "I am quite sure that your sword has something to do with Pan Gu's axe...But, I also sensed something belonging to that old b*stard Dragon Ancestor from your sword. Little thing, give me the sword and let me take a look. Hmm, interesting, isn't it?"

Ji Hao smilingly shook his head. He looked at Dragon Mother with eyes narrowed. Just then, he had gained a deeper understanding of her ferociousness.

She brutally injured Qiu Niu and Ao Bai, probably because she didn't like those two sons of hers. But, Shican had his face smashed by her only because he said a few words that she didn't want to hear. This was not about whether she liked Shican or not. This was about the fact that she was out of her mind. Dragon Mother was such a crazy woman that she could slaughter people at any moment, and she was incredibly strong. Suddenly, Ji Hao felt a headache. coming

Behind Ji Hao, the divine force had gone far, turning into a tiny spot in the remotest sky. Hearing Dragon Mother, Ji Hao shook his head and gave a bitter smile, "Alright, you're powerful. For now, I can't afford to offend you...Hah, if you want my sword, come find me in the heaven, will you?"

Vigilantly looking at Dragon Mother, Ji Hao drew back step by step.

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