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High up in the air, Ji Hao pointed the Pan Gu sword at Shixin and his brothers. Instead of using the Pan Gu bell as a protection, he now had it held in his left hand like a weapon. The bell seemed to feel the strong will of fighting in Ji Hao's heart and buzzed deeply without being rung.

Every buzz of the bell would stir up waves of space ripples around Ji Hao's body. The space was quaking, and all the others felt as if invisible electric currents were going through their bodies, numbing their bodies and souls. Their power flows were disordered, no longer under their full control.

Shixin and his brother seriously looked at the Pan Gu bell. Earlier, they had done a few quick move exchanges with Ji Hao. But back then, they only knew the bell had an amazing defensive power, but never thought it could also be so effective as a weapon.

They silently did a rough calculation, and found that as a result of their disordered power flows, they were weakened by at least forty percent!

"Ji Hao kid, you're just relying on the treasure..." The long-bearded priest who challenged Ji Hao just now abruptly pointed at him and shouted out loud, "Do not bring humiliation to your Shifu. Do you dare to fight me with your true power?"

The priest's eyes shone brightly, and the group of priests around him each showed a weird smile.

How many years had Ji Hao lived for? He wasn't even a hundred years old! But, these priests were all old cultivators who lived since the prehistorical era, measurelessly powerful. If Ji Hao truly gave up on using the bell and fought them with his own power, that would be like smashing a giant stone with an egg, that the long-bearded priest could easily win!

As the group of priests were doing their wishful thinking, Ji Hao laughed out loud and said, "Pah! Are you qualified to wrestle me? You're just a bunch of featherless pheasants. How dare you fly at the same height as a phoenix? I, as a divine emperor, have already lowered myself by talking to you. How dare you make this excessive demand?"

The fiery cloud treading under Ji Hao's feet sparkled, then a clear light flashed across his forehead. The golden bridge brought him next to the long-bearded priest instantly, then the Pan Gu sword was swung at the latter. The long-bearded priest never thought that Ji Hao would attack so suddenly because he showed no sign of attacking earlier. As a result, he didn't manage to react and could just watch the approaching sword while issuing a despairing scream.

These priests were powerful, but speaking of close combat, they were far weaker than Ji Hao. Shixin reacted pretty fast, that the moment Ji Hao moved, he had already brandished his meteor hammer. The giant hammerhead brought up eighteen beams of frosty light while swishing towards the Pan Gu sword.

The hammerhead landed heavily on the sword when the sword edge was still about half an inch away from the priest's robe.


Ji Hao's wrist shook, and the Pan Gu sword emitted a water-like, flowing sword light while airily moving between the cold light of the hammer. Suddenly, Ji Hao let out a deep shout. Following his voice, a three-feet-long beam of sword light shone out of the sword tip and cut the giant hammerhead of Shixin's meteor hammer into two, causing a bright crack.

A series of complicated spell symbols flew out of the broken hammerhead. Shixin's face, which was thickly covered in dark scales, blushed instantly. He gave a muffled snort, then let out a mouthful of blood while shambling back for quite a few steps.

"My moon-chasing wind-splitting hammer!" Shixin roared with a heart pain. This meteor hammer was a great pre-world supreme treasure, found by the dragon ancestor in the Chaos. It had been with Shixin ever since he was born; this weapon never left his side. This meteor hammer had killed countless lives and destroyed numberless treasures. Back in the ancient time, Shixin became so famous with its help. Nevertheless, just then, it was cut open so easily by the Pan Gu sword.

"Great sword!" Standing aside, Shican burst into a wild growl, "It broke big brother's moon-chasing wind-splitting hammer. What a great sword! I'll take it!"

While roaring, Shican pulled out a longsword which was dazzling with lightning bolts from the sheath carried on his back. He swung the sword straight down to Ji Hao's head, leaving shreds of afterimages behind. Shixin cried for his hammer and Shican pulled out his sword to attack, two things that happened almost at the same time. Before Ji Hao could kill the long-bearded priest, Shican's sword light had reached his head.

With a mere glance, he figured out that Shican wasn't a sword master. However, he had super strength and great agility, for which reason, his sword move was especially quick and heavy. Along with the fierce movement of this sword, his sword light poured violently down like a waterfall.

Ji Hao was a cultivator of Yu Yu's sword of Dao. To him, Shican's sword art could only be described with a word like 'coarse'. With his top-grade strength and speed, Shican was able to defeat average cultivators with this 'coarse' sword art, but Ji Hao wasn't average. Even without using the sky-opening move, Ji Hao had already found countless weaknesses in his sword move!

"Want my sword? Do you even deserve it?" Ji Hao didn't even launch a counterattack. Instead, he simply straightened the sword and pointed it at the sky. Next, all the others on the scene watched Shican swing the sword down with full strength, after which his arm strangely fell straight on the tip of the Pan Gu sword, and was penetrated.

"My arm!" Shican howled shrilly. He dropped his sword and pulled his arm away from the Pan Gu sword with some effort. But, before he could cover the wound, his right arm blasted. The destructive sword intent delivered by the Pan Gu sword shredded his entire right arm bit by bit like thousands of sharp blades.

Shican was injured severely. His right arm was entirely gone, and a cold sharp sword intent lingered in his wound, drilling into his internal organs. Because of the pain, Shican was soon soaked in cold sweat. He stepped back quickly, his eyes filled with panic. This almost magical sword move made by Ji Hao had thoroughly crushed his confidence!

Perhaps, for the rest of his life, Shican wouldn't dare to pull out his sword ever again in front of Ji Hao.

"Not anyone with strength can use a sword!" Ji Hao said coldly to Shican. Next, he turned to Shixin and taunted, "You too, not anyone with a strength can use a meteor hammer! You stupid nine, you have a great strength, but you're nothing aside from that!"

While talking, Ji Hao made tens of sword moves in a row. Tens of priests didn't manage to dodge, nor cast any magic, and ended up dead under his sword light. Their defensive treasures activated automatically to protect their owners, but were all cut into pieces by the all-conquering edge of Pan Gu sword.

The Pan Gu sword had merged with that giant axe that Saint Pan Gu used to create this world. How could these priests ever imagine its power?

About thirty priests moved swiftly. Witnessing the miserable death of their brothers and sisters, they screamed out loud while fleeing desperately backward, staring at Ji Hao as if he were a ghost.

Shixin and his brothers roared with rage. They rushed up and attempted to start a serious battle against Ji Hao. But right at this moment, a strong, brutish power could suddenly be sensed, and a voice, which was as cold and sharp as a blade, echoed through the clouds.

"Don't you wanna live anymore? You can't stop his sword...Boys, step back and let your mother deal with him!"

The faces of Qiu Niu and Ao Bai paled immediately. "Amma!" They kneeled on the cloud, then kowtowed deferentially and exclaimed.

Ji Hao raised his head and saw a well-dressed woman, standing with a cold look on her face.

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