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"Earlier, you didn't tell the others." Human Eighteen looked at Yu Meng and said. He was still wearing that mild, natural, and warm smile

"Why would I?" Yu Meng snorted, loudly buckled the armor, and covered the life and death seal on his chest. Before that, he unwittingly lowered his head and glanced at the seal. It looked like a giant with his arms raised, seeming to hold up the sky.

"Why would I tell the others?" Yu Meng narrowed his eyes and looked at Human Eighteen, then said, "You should know our Yu Clan people...If the others gain benefits, I will try my best to earn a share. But, if I unluckily fall into a trap, why wouldn't I drag them all down?"

Human Eighteen looked at Yu Meng, a little surprised and speechless.

However, what an adorable nature these Yu Clan people had! So adorable! He clearly knew that this was a trap that he had jumped in, but he pretended like nothing happened, just so his people could all jump in!

"You can calm your mind to feel this life and death seal." Human Eighteen grinned warmly, his eyes curving up as he said, "Feel it carefully, and you'll know what it's for."

Yu Meng slowly glanced at Human Eighteen, then took a deep breath and focused on the life and death seal. He sensed a tremendous and prehistorical power. As Human Eighteen said, he immediately understood what it was for.

It was a magical seal. It was a contract, a chain, a strong shield, and a permission.

With this life and death seal, Yu Meng was able to exert a hundred percent of his 'saint power', that he attained just now, in Pan Gu world, as long as he didn't do anything to harm the Pan Gu world and the humankind. In Pan Gu world, his power wouldn't be weakened by the great Dao of nature at all, as if he were still in the hundred desert worlds he and his family had conquered.

Also, with this Pan Gu life and death seal, he would be protected by the natural fortune of Pan Gu world. Due to this reason, he would be much luckier than the others. He might even kick away a random stone by a road then find a piece of gold underneath it!

But of course, the gold belonged to human beings in Pan Gu world. Yu Meng couldn't take any gold away from Pan Gu world, even if he actually found some. However, with such a great luck, Yu Meng would be at a natural advantage in any battle. Things would happen exactly the way he wanted, and his enemies, no matter who they might be, would be suppressed by the natural fortune of Pan Gu world. For them, nothing would go well, and all kinds of small troubles could happen at any moment. At last, small troubles would become big troubles, and put them in difficult positions.

If Yu Meng were injured in Pan Gu world, with this Pan Gu life and death seal, his injuries would heal faster than usual, because the natural powers in Pan Gu world would flow into his body to heal him.

Besides, the Pan Gu life and death seal had a strong defensive power. With this seal, Yu Meng's soul would always be protected by Pan Gu world, that no outside evils could ever affect his soul again, not even sky devils. If one day, Yu Meng needed to face Yu Huo, who was a master of soul magic, he would directly win half of the battle even before the fighting started. Because with the life and death seal, Yu Huo's most powerful soul attack would be ninety percent useless to Yu Meng.

Not to mention the fact that with this Pan Gu life and death seal, the natural powers of Pan Gu world would support him. Any magic he cast would become twice as powerful as before. This may sound like nothing, but at the level of 'saints', even ten percent power improvement could be terrifying, but Yu Meng could make a hundred percent!

The only bad thing about having this life and death seal was that with the help of the altar, Yu Meng became a saint and got a Pan Gu life and death seal. As the name stated, this seal was a life and death contract. If Yu Meng did anything harmful to Pan Gu world and human beings, he would naturally suffer a counterforce from the seal!

If that truly happened, Yu Meng's soul and body would immediately burn, and this kind of burning was irreversible. Both his body and soul would be incinerated, and he would be erased from the universe, without leaving a trace.

"As a saint, my base of Dao is this Pan Gu life and death seal!" Yu Meng finally made it clear. He frowned while saying, "So, if the seal wants me dead, I'd be defenseless, right?"

Human Eighteen again showed that warm smile and said, "Saint Yu Meng, as long as you do not do anything to hurt the humankind and keep your promise to help us in destroying those Pan Yu world nobles who have been eyeing our Pan Gu world covetously, what will you have to worry about?"

Spreading his hands, Human Eighteen maintained the smile as he looked at Yu Meng and continued, "Help us to destroy those evil non-humankind beings, then immediately leave Pan Gu world with your people. As long as you leave this world, the seal can no longer harm you. With your current power, you should know that everything I said is true."

Without thinking, Yu Meng put a hand to where the seal was located while nodding heavily.

Human Eighteen didn't lie.

This was a life-threatening contract, but once he helped the humankind to wipe out all the Pan Yu world nobles who were casting greedy eyes on Pan Gu world and left this world with his people, this seal would immediately lose its power to hurt him. But of course, after that, if Yu Meng came to Pan Gu world again, he would be strongly suppressed by the great Dao of Pan Gu world...Then, if some human 'saints', who were also promoted to the world of saints by the altar's power, were here to guard Pan Gu world...Yu Meng's second visit to Pan Gu world would be suicidal.

Generally speaking, this Pan Gu life and death seal was beneficial to Yu Meng. It threatened his life indeed, but as long as Yu Meng keep his promise, he wouldn't need to worry about a thing. This seal was like a whip, lashing on Yu Meng's body moment by moment, so he could fight and even risk his life for the humankind!

He had both gains and losses, but the gains were greater than the losses. This Praying and Sanctification magic could truly drive many people crazy.

"Not bad! I'm starting to like this Pan Gu life and death seal. It allows me to freely use my power...I can't wait to crush many people's heads!"

Yu Meng laughed out loud. A while later, he abruptly turned around and looked at the altar.

The power released from the alloy altar was strong and felt old like a wise old man sitting there, looking at Yu Meng.

"Have you...used it before? Or, how many times have you used it?"

Human Eighteen turned around and looked at the altar, without saying a word.

Yu Meng smiled and nodded. Also remaining silent, he turned around and disappeared in a dark hurricane with swirling sands, which was rising from the ground.

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