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Including Yu Hu, all colony nobles on the scene kneeled down on one knee and pressed their right hand on their hearts, looking straight down at the ground to give Yu Meng, who had been slowly walking down from the altar, their highest respect.

Yu Meng walked down from the altar and bowed slightly to Human Eighteen.

Human Eighteen was still wearing the warm and mild smile. He nodded smilingly and narrowed his eyes as he asked Yu Meng, "Dear saint, how do you feel?"

Yu Meng's eyes shone with a bright yellow light. He clenched his hands and nodded heavily while responding, "Good, I've never been better...I can't even describe this feeling, this...I feel I can do anything!"

Remaining silent for some time, Yu Meng waved a hand. Following his move, Yu Hu and the other colony world nobles were held up from the ground by a scorching yet gentle power. With a deep voice, Yu Meng said, "Maybe because I've just walked into this magical world, I can't describe the beauty of it with language. Give me some time. When I understand it better, I'll be able to..."

Pondering carefully for a while, Yu Meng seriously nodded and continued, "… talk about...Dao!"

'Talk about Dao' meant describing the great Dao he understood with specific, detailed language, to teach his Dao to the other intelligent lives. Which ordinary living being would dare to even say these three words?

Yu Hu and the other colony world nobles fixed their red eyes on Yu Meng. By simply waving a hand, Yu Meng held them up from the ground. Yu Meng's movement was simple, but he made the others defenseless. Under his power, the other colony world nobles just unwittingly stood up without feeling anything wrong, as if they were going to stand up anyway.

Earlier, they were controlled by the 'dreamland' that Yu Meng created. In the 'dreamland', they were completely defenseless; they didn't even know how the things changed in there. Added with this fact, these colony world nobles now understood how incredibly powerful 'saints' were.

The level of 'saints' could also be called as the stage of beyond redemption. 'Saints' were indestructible, because their souls were merged with the great Dao of nature. To any Yu Clan family, if one single member stepped into the level of 'saints', this family would immediately become a top-grade one, and would have the right to carve a famous river in Pan Yu world on their family emblem.

Yu Hu and the other colony world nobles gazed straight at Huaman Eighteen with burning eyes, trembling slightly. They were too excited to control their own bodies.

This altar truly had the magical power to turn people into 'saints'. With its help, Yu Meng had really set foot in that magical realm! Yu Meng became a 'saint', and his entire White Flower Skylark Family would be benefited!

If this happened to Yu Hu and the other colony world nobles too...

Coughing slightly, Yu Hu took one step forward and bowed deeply to Human Eighteen. "Master Human Eighteen, I am Yu Hu from the White-crown Bird Family. I am willing to swear on my soul that I will be the most loyal ally of the humankind. I will be your most determined companion, and will defend your glory and interests with my sword and shield!" He said.

Without any concealment, Yu Hu fawned on Human Eighteen so straightforwardly. The other colony world nobles came forth with a rush and each took an oath, promising Human Eighteen that they would defend the humankind with all their powers, at all costs. They vowed to teach a harsh lesson to those Pan Yu world nobles who unashamedly laid fingers on Pan Gu word.

They aired their opinions. According to them, the Pan Yu world nobles were like a giant tumor of the entire universe, that their existence desecrated and seriously threatened all intelligent creatures.

The few colony world nobles who hadn't melted their erect eyes were clearly extorted by Pan Yu world nobles too many times. With hatred and bitterness, they created a slogan, 'Only the dead Pan Yu world nobles are good nobles!'

Human Eighteen smilingly accepted all their promises. Once these colony world nobles vented a part of their passion and calmed down, Human Eighteen began talking unhurriedly, "Perhaps, you haven't understood one thing yet...The Pan Yu world 'saints' created by this 'Praying and Sanctification' altar...will not suffer any natural suppression in Pan Gu world!"

All colony world nobles on the scene paused for a second, even including Yu Meng.

Raging fire, rolling sands and dark hurricanes flashed across the air around Yu Meng's body. "It's true. I'm not suppressed by the great Dao of Pan Gu world at all...I… I can freely use all my powers in here! Besides, I felt the kindness of this world through the natural powers...The natural powers in this world are willing to be close to me...This feeling...!" In the next moment, Yu Meng said in a great surprise.

Yu Hu and the other colony world nobles were even more thrilled!

Becoming a saint without being suppressed by the great Dao of Pan Gu world? This meant that once they become saints, they would have the power to rival those old saints from Pan Yu world! Yu Huo, Yu Ji, Yu Tu, Yu Feng, they were saints for many years and were incredibly powerful, but under the natural suppression given by the great Dao of Pan Gu world, were they able to release even ten percent of their powers?

"We don't have to be afraid of them!" Yu Hu screamed hysterically, "We can even...slaughter the saints!"

Before he finished his sentence, Yu Hu was startled by what he said, and immediately covered his mouth with his hands. He glanced around, eyes filled with panic.

Yu Meng clenched his teeth, even causing a creaking noise while saying, "Of course, slaughter saints...Why not? Ten Pan Yu saints have invaded Pan Gu world. They are suppressed by the great Dao of Pan Gu world. At the moment, they can release no more than ten percent of their powers...If we can freely use all our powers, then...why not?"

Human Eighteen stood aside as he grinned brightly. In a mild tone, he said, "So, you've all seen our honesty and power! Now, let's get into action as we agreed earlier...Convince the nobles in Liang Zhu City to dispatch troops! Let's consume their strength, and weaken them as much as we can. Let's start!"

Smiling warmly, Human Eighteen continued, "The nine of you who earned the largest credit in this action will get the chance to use this altar the first time around...I hope you all understand that even though this altar is greatly powerful, it also leads to a giant expenditure. We can't guarantee every one of you a chance to become a saint!"

Human Eighteen smiled amiably, while Yu Hu and the other colony world nobles left at their highest speeds and headed back to their camps as if their butts were on fire.

Once all the other colony world nobles had left, and no one else but Yu Meng and Human Eighteen remained standing under the altar, Yu Meng suddenly turned around, ripped his golden armor open, and exposed a faintly visible mark on his chest that looked like a giant.

"What is this? Pan Gu life and death seal? The altar told me it's a Pan Gu life and death seal!"

"Tell me, human, why would this bloody thing appear?" In a panic, Yu Meng took two steps towards Human Eighteen and yelled, "Tell me, what is this?"

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