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The brightly shining alloy altar gradually dimmed, and so did the invisible light beam which reached straight into the Chaos.

Yu Hu and the other representatives of the Colony Alliance saw a splendidly glowing, crystal-statue-like figure descend from the sky and merge into Yu Meng's body. In the next moment, they suddenly felt that Yu Meng was thoroughly different from before.

As the surrounding space quaked, these representatives panicked, because they realized that they were brought into a world of desert.

They looked around and saw nothing but a boundless desert. Roaring swirling winds blew right upon the ground and raised waves of sands that circled around their feet. The fine sands could not support their bodies. As they stepped onto the desert, their foot immediately sank into the knee deep-sands. Under the sunshine, the sands were scorching hot. Burned by the sands, their lower legs were immediately covered in blisters.

Yu Hu and the other colony world nobles burst into exclamation. More or less, they had each touched the great Dao of one or several worlds, and their powers could amaze any ordinary living being. At their level, their bodies were no weaker than average Jia Clan warriors, despite the fact that Yu Clan nobles had always been fragile physically. Not even lava could burn them!

Nevertheless, this sand had actually burned them through their clothes, which had considerable defensive powers. How could this be real?

They gasped in shock and looked around in panic. Alarmedly, they realized that their powers were gone. Their strong powers had disappeared, and they felt like newborn babies, weak and powerless.

What scared them even more was that the connection between them and the surrounding environment had been cut off. They felt the natural powers in this desert world, yet they weren't able to use any. All the natural powers in this area were like living beings that deftly avoided them and refused to make any contact with them.

They raised their heads and saw three suns dazzling in the sky. The scorching sunlight poured down and made their heads spin. They felt the entire sky was rotating, and this world was like a giant stove which had been rapidly drying the moisture inside them and turning them into mummies.

"No, no, no! I don't want to die here!" Some colony world nobles who were like Yu Hu and hadn't melted their erect eyes to sublime their souls, suddenly lost control. They cried hysterically and rolled on the deserts; they were already on the verge of a mental breakdown.

As a large amount of perspiration oozed out of their bodies, their skins soon cracked, exposing their flesh.

From the desert, nimble, thumb-sized dark scorpions crawled out with their tiny tail hooks raised, slowly approaching the hundred colony world nobles. These small scorpions seemed to be greatly powerful. The venom dripped down from their tail hooks and fell on the sands, generating a series of sizzling noises. The sticky black venom burned rapidly and left countless human-head-sized hole on the desert.

Yu Hu and the other colony world nobles cried out in alarm. Their powers were gone, so how could they possibly survive the attack of so many strong and poisonous scorpions?

The boundless desert was entirely covered by black scorpions. Their shiny black carapaces reflected the sunlight, glistening beautifully. The sunlight rimmed each scorpion with a stunning golden line.

"Where are we? What the hell are these?" Seeing a scorpion swiftly crawl to his boots, Yu Hu screamed out loud with a dry voice. He stomped his foot against the sands, raising clouds of dust.

"Master Yu Meng, please take back your power!" Human Eighteen's mild voice could be heard from the sky. "Amazing! Under your might, a hundred noble masters are defenseless!"

Strong gales rose from the ground, rolling the sands and scorpions into the sky. The gale suddenly eased, and the sands and scorpions were gone. The black soil appeared under Yu Hu and the other colony world nobles' feet. Countless thorny plants grew rapidly out of the soil; small rodents showed up under these plants, and birds built nests on them as rain fell from the sky.

The cooling, refreshing rain dropped on the few colony world nobles who had lost control of their minds, quickly healing their cracked skin, nourishing them, and restoring their life-force, allowing them to tremblingly stand back up.

A broad oasis emerged around them. In front of them was a vast lake.

The lake's surface was glistening, with watery mist rising in clouds. From the waving water, tens of half-humanoid, half-rattlesnake-like creatures slowly crawled out with mysterious smiles. They had breathtakingly beautiful upper bodies and faces and colorful snake tails.

Their long hair hung loosely on their backs, and their beautiful faces were decorated by spell symbols, formed from small turquoise pieces. They carried golden trays as they swayed their slim bodies and slowly came to Yu Hu and the other colony world nobles, serving the shining treasures on the trays to them with reverence.

Yu Hu lowered his head dumbly. The object placed on the golden tray before his face was a snake-shaped dagger. The foot-long dagger was especially exquisite, and a frosty mist spread out from it, making him feel cold.

The dagger was a pre-world spirit treasure, a top-grade one. It had the power to tear apart space, and contained a magical, strong venom. Yu Hu recognized this treasure at the first glance. He was truly curious about if all this was real or just illusions.

He gripped the dagger hilt. Before he said a word, the oasis, all the snake girls, plants, and animals were gone. He was still standing under the altar, and the people around him now each had a pre-world treasure in their hands.

Shreds of shadows of sands flashed across Yu Meng's eyes as he walked down the altar step by step, eyes shining brightly. All the other colony world nobles who saw those eyes subconsciously lowered their heads.

"I… did it!" In shock, Yu Meng said slowly, "Powerful, very powerful. This is a fascinating world...Without standing here yourself, you will never understand how beautiful it is."

"Ah, my 'saint's soul' conveniently brought back these treasures when it returned from the Chaos. I didn't know that so many treasures existed in the Chaos...This is… amazing. Brothers, take these small things as souvenirs from me!"

The hearts of Yu Hu and the other colony world nobles thumped. They stared at Yu Meng, their eyes dazzling.

Did Yu Meng succeed?

Within this short span of time, did he actually step into the level of saints?

That couldn't be wrong. He sank a hundred colony world nobles into unbelievable illusions so easily; he could end their lives with one single thought. He was so powerful… He must have become a saint already!

All the other colony world nobles cast passionate gazes on Human Eighteen. At this very moment, their blood boiled. In order to become saints, they were willing to pay any price.

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