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A fire blazed out of the altar and wrapped Yu Meng's body. Thin beams of light shone from his pores and wove into countless complicated spell symbols in the fire.

Yu Meng heard countless people pray, and saw the deserts flashing across his eyes. He saw the hundred worlds that he and his families conquered, the mountains, deserts, and rivers in those worlds, and all the small things. He saw every grain of sand and every leaf, while he sensed the energy waves from the hundred worlds.

They were like a hundred living beings, breathing, moving, sleeping. But, an intense exchange of energy and materials was happening between their bodies and the Chaos.

Within every second, these worlds would absorb a giant amount of Chaos power, and send an immeasurable amount of useless impurities back into the Chaos. Along with their 'breaths', these worlds turned more and more alive, and their great Dao of nature grew stronger and clearer.

Yu Meng now realized that the worlds were like living beings, that they knew how to cultivate themselves, and could strengthen themselves through this magical way of cultivation, making themselves grow stronger. Even the weakest desert world had a chance to become a thriving great world like Pan Gu world, as long as its original Dao of nature remained existing and undamaged!

That would surely take an immeasurable long span of time, tens of quadrillions of years, even quintillions of years...

But, as long as the original Dao of this world remained unharmed, it would be able to absorb the Chaos power and infinitely grow stronger.

However, the high-grade large families from Pan Yu world had been sucking the lifeblood of all colony world conquerors. They forced them to squeeze the resources from the colony worlds, pull out the earth meridians, empty every mine, and even uproot every plant. They were draining every colony world.

Had they been doing it on purpose?

The fire of anger rose from Yu Meng's heart. He believed that those Pan Yu world nobles were doing this on purpose. They intended to kill the potential of all colony worlds, so that these worlds could never develop and the colony world nobles would never have the power to surpass the nobles from Pan Yu world!

An extremely thin, barely visible beam of light rose from the altar, and Yu Meng's body froze suddenly. His soul was wrapped in the light beam and dragged to the core area of the hundred desert worlds in a moment by the faith power from all living beings in the hundred worlds, at an indescribably high speed.

In the vast Chaos, among the disordered Chaos tides, Yu Meng sensed the tidal Chaos energy bursting around his body in fear and panic. He looked at the Chaos whirlpools and black holes which could crush him in no time.

An alloy altar floated blow his soul. This altar had a measureless power, which easily blocked the surrounding Chaos tide waves and energies, shielding his soul. Around him, a whole hundred desert worlds shone with magical lights. The faith power from numberless living beings in the worlds easily went through the Chaos and flew into his soul.

The Chaos was dangerous, that even a saint could fall there. However, the faith power from intelligent creatures, even the most fragile ones, could easily travel across the Chaos without taking any harm.

Light spots glistened inside Yu Meng's body. He heard his people pray, and sensed their devoutness and their passion. He felt their inexhaustible faith power, like never before. He felt the faith power being converted into some kind of scorching energy bit by bit, then accumulating in his soul like drops of lava.

Absorbing this lavlike faith power, his blurry soul turned clearer and heavier. Gradually, a yellow light shone from his body.

All of a sudden, sitting on top of the altar, Yu Meng's physical body shed warm tears. From the faith power given by his people from the hundred desert worlds, he clearly sensed the great Dao of those worlds!

These insignificant, weak and fragile, ant-like people lived in the hundred desert worlds, generation after generation. They belonged to these worlds, and every cell of them was nourished by the great Dao of these worlds. They were a part of the great Dao of their worlds, the most important part!

They were alive, and they were intelligent. As the smartest creatures in these desert worlds, they were irreplaceable to the circulation of the great Dao of their worlds. Therefore, the great Dao of these worlds was contained in their faith power. When their faith power flew ceaselessly into Yu Meng's soul, Yu Meng directly touched the original great Dao of these desert worlds!

The great Dao of nature, so mysterious and measureless! Yu Meng had cultivated himself severely for countless years, but merely managed to touch a corner of the original great Dao! However, as the faith power from his people flooded into his soul, his soul was carried up by the faith power and directly sent into the torrents of the great Dao of these worlds.

Deserts, hurricanes, scorching suns, dryness, thirst, death...

Desert worlds were cruel and scary, that life and death in these worlds were parted by a vague line. But, in the boundless deathly deserts, strong and indomitable lives had been growing. Giant cacti stood on the deserts, being surrounded by thorn trees; little birds built nests on these desert plants, while desert rats and tiny lizards chased each other under the plant roots...These creatures' power to live was hard to defeat.

Before, Yu Meng never noticed all this. As the Divine King who ruled a whole hundred worlds, how could he ever see these tiny things?

Such great lives were raised in death.

Life to death, death to life; the life never ended.

Suddenly, Yu Meng understood the true meaning of the great Dao of these desert worlds. He sensed an unprecedented great power growing in his soul.

His soul rose into the sky like a sun, being wrapped in a restless hurricane and endless sands. Strands of faith power had been flowing into his soul, providing him with energy. His soul began changing, from a blurry 'shadow' to a crystal statue.

The space quaked, as countless Chaos whirlpools and black holes were crushed by the dazzling light that shone out of Yu Meng's eyes.

The people in the hundred desert worlds abruptly sensed an overwhelming joy and happiness. They called Yu Meng's name in one voice and sang his praises as he finally stepped into an unspeakable, miraculous world.

With the help of some human beings from Pan Gu world, Yu Meng easily stepped into the level of saints.

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