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Liang Zhu City…

When the great war happened in Pu Ban City, Liang Zhu City wasn't peaceful either.

Yu Huo's clone and the other Yu Clan nobles had still been scrambling for power and wealth. They seemed to forget themselves in the happiness brought by all kinds of intrigues. For nothing else but the pleasant sensation, they brewed and implemented countless schemes and evil plans.

Every day, countless meetings, secret gatherings, and banquets would take place in this city. Each day, numberless people would walk in and out of those mansions to cast the evilest curse with the most beautiful languages, and to poison the others with the prettiest hands.

Everyone was valuable, but couldn't be trusted. Every day, uncountable Yu Clan nobles would vanish, and their corpses would immediately be burned into nothingness by powerful spells. Every day, some commanders would disappear silently, and their powers would instantly be taken over by other people.

The flowers were blooming, delicate and charming, but hiding under the flowers, were countless poisonous snakes.

The fire was burning, and the fuel was the Yu Clan nobles' bones.

In the most graceful way, the Yu Clan nobles gathered in Liang Zhu City had been staging the evilest power struggle based on the Secret Code of Law. They indulged in this tempting game. While insanely destroying the others, they had also been killing themselves.

When all this was happening, Yu Huo's clone and Master Spirit-slaughter were laughing wildly. Yu Huo's clone ecstatically harvested a giant number of souls while Master Spirit-slaughter was nearly drunk in this countless times of betrayal and slaughter...The strong negative emotions made his power soar to an unimaginable level.

Outside Liang Zhu City, in the westernmost territory of the non-humankind, an alloy altar stood in floating sands.

The mottled alloy altar was apparently old, covered in the signs of aging. Every mark on the altar had been emitting soul-shaking energy waves. The altar was surrounded by faint lights and shadows, within which, the faces of countless lives flashed, and their roars could be faintly heard.

A tremendous, positive power had been releasing from the altar. The roars of human beings from the lights and shadows were filled with a strong and bright energy. All the voices merged into one, and one's blood would boil on hearing this voice, as if an inexhaustible power would be given to anyone who heard it, to allow this person to change the whole world.

"What a powerful treasure!"

Yu Meng greedily looked at this altar. He didn't know where it was from, but it was a top-grade treasure without question. Sensing the overflowing faith power inside the altar, Yu Huo just couldn't stop swallowing saliva.

Human Eighteen smilingly stood before the altar. Pointing at it, he nodded to Yu Meng and said, "Master Yu Meng, please! Praying and Sanctification secret magic, it will make you a 'saint'...As long as the Colony Alliance has its own 'saint', will you ever be afraid of those greedy nobles from Pan Yu world again?"

Same as Yu Meng, about a hundred representatives of the Colony Alliance greedily but vigilantly looked at the altar.

Remaining silent for quite a while, Yu Meng seriously asked Human Eighteen a question, "Are you sure it's safe? Will this be a trap? Of course, I'm not doubting your honesty...But, this is Pan Gu world. How can you turn our people into 'saints' in here? This place is too far away from our world!"

"The Chaos is vast. Not even a 'saint' can guarantee to safely travel across the Chaos. Only the purest faith power can go through the Chaos without taking a loss, and generate endless miracles."

Also seriously, Human Eighteen looked at Yu Meng and said, "Master Yu Meng, please believe the wisdom crystallization created by countless wise beings from a species with an infinite wisdom...This altar isn't stunning, but it contains..."

"What?" Yu Meng and some Colony Alliance curiously looked at Human Eighteen.

"The fate of my kind!" Human Eighteen passionately looked at the altar and said, "This altar can decide the fate of our kind. If I didn't want to earn your trust, we would never use it now. How could we?"

Seeing the passion inside Human Eighteen's eyes, Yu Meng believed eighty percent of his words.

Remaining silent for a while, Yu Meng smiled to the other representatives, who stood behind him. "Since we need someone to try it first, just let me! It's dangerous...But for our sacred alliance, these dangers are nothing." He said.

Yu Meng walked to the three-hundred-meters-tall altar with large steps.

The eye corners of Yu Hu and the other representatives twitched as they growled in their heads, 'Dangerous? If you're so afraid of dangers, why don't you piss off and let us do it?'

It was such a struggle. These representatives didn't want to risk their lives, yet they were so jealous of Yu Meng!

If this didn't work, they would be sad. But, if this did work, this, this, this...This would make them even sadder by a hundred, even ten-thousand folds!

These representatives gazed at Yu Meng with complicated expressions on their faces. Yu Meng gritted his teeth and carefully walked up to the altar's top. Under Human Eighteen's direction, he sat on the altar with his legs crossed, then sent all his spirit power into the altar.

The altar quaked slightly. Yu Meng suddenly felt that he was connected with the entire Pan Gu world.

Such a powerful world! Yu Meng suddenly sensed the vast, prehistorical, and tremendous power of this world. He immediately sank into the power and nearly forgot anything else...He felt like a thumb-sized mouse which was thrown to an ocean-sized eye of a Chaos dragon god...

He was frightened, and he regretted…Why did they come to Pan Gu world? This was such a dreadful, complicated, and mysterious world! But, this feeling lasted for merely a moment. Afterward, all his memories about Pan Yu world were momentarily erased from his mind. Guided by a magical energy, his spirit power immediately connected with the hundred desert worlds that he and his family conquered!

Countless dark pyramids stood on the deserts, numberless living beings kowtowing to the pyramids.

All of a sudden, yellow fire rose from the top of each pyramid, and a strong will power spread in these desert worlds. All living beings in these worlds sensed the will power and understood what it wanted them to do.

They kneeled on the ground with reverence and began focusing their spirits, calling Yu Meng's name and picturing his face in their minds.

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