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A tremendous power surged inside Ji Hao's body, while fist-sized golden flames hovered slowly around him. He walked out of the divine palace with giant steps, the Pan Gu sword held in his hands and the Pan Gu bell floating above his head. Mr. Crow was standing on his shoulder, and the pair of fire dragons were wrapped around his waist.

He transformed into a streak of fire and flashed out of the heaven in an instant, arriving at the chaotic battleground.

After killing Ji Hao's clone and forcing the real Ji Hao to retrieve the Pan Gu bell, the few priests laughed out loud towards the sky. Shixin and his brothers roughly cured the dragon warriors who were wounded by the pure sun sword formation, then regathered the army and marched towards the army on Ji Hao's side, which was composed of Gold Crow warriors and Zhu Rong warriors.

Dragons were fierce and combative. Suppressed by Ao Bai, Qiu Niu, and their brothers, the dragon-kind had been getting along with the humankind with difficulty. But, under the leadership of Shixin and his brothers, and triggered by some strange kind of bloodline power, the fierceness existing in the souls of all dragons were activated.

Earlier on, these dragon warriors fell at a disadvantage under the sword formation of the Gold Crow warriors, which totally enraged them. They barked and pounced like mad dogs, swearing that they would tear these burning feathered animals into pieces and win this war.

The Gold Crow warriors and Zhu Rong warriors moved into a divine battle formation. Sword light and raging fires descended together, fighting against the wild offensives launching by the dragon army with a combined power. A few dragon warriors who relied too much on their individual strength launched a series of reckless attacks, but ended up being injured seriously. After that, the faces of Shixin and his brothers began darkening. They whistled to the few priests, then prepared to join the battle themselves.

The few priests smiled and glanced at Wu Bi and his people, who had been building an altar in the distance. Then, they locked their fingers together and cast a spell. Waves of power immediately spread out in the air.

After a few breaths, over a hundred beams of light rose from Pu Ban City. Within the light, about a hundred weirdly dressed priests trod on glowing clouds and arrived at the battleground. They were wearing the same faint smile, as if they cared about nothing in the world.

"Brothers, this divine force is stubborn. They are attempting to go against the trend. Today, let us teach them..." While smiling, the long-bearded priest who threw out three spirit talismans earlier and even managed to temporarily disconnect Ji Hao and the Pan Gu bell, gave a speech.

But before he finished, Ji Hao had already descended from the sky in the form of a raging fire. Hearing this priest urging his people to attack the divine force, Ji Hao snorted and pointed his finger at the priest. Following his move, the Pan Gu bell transformed into a dark beam of sword light and shone out.


A blue lotus quietly emerged above the priest's head. The basin-sized blue lotus emitted a bright blue light and shielded the priest's entire body. But, the Pan Gu sword descended swiftly and cut the lotus, also cutting the priest into two and even crushing his soul.


As Ji Hao waved his hand, the Pan Gu sword flew back. Ji Hao gripped the sword hilt and coldly looked at the group of dumbfounded priests, then shouted, "Come on, come on everyone... Tell me your name! Whose disciples are you? Priest Mu and Priest Hua had just made an agreement with me, so I doubt their disciples have the guts to do a thing like this during such times."

Ji Hao snorted coldly. Following his voice, seventy-two hair fell off his head and flew up. Tremendous natural powers gathered and turned his long hairs into his clones. The seventy-two clones darted out in all directions, leaving shreds of afterimages behind. They immediately composed a great formation that trapped Shixin and his brothers.

Watching Ji Hao kill their brother with one sword move, the hundred priests burst into cries.

A priest who had grey hair and beard, as well as a pair of silver, sparkling eyes, roared and rushed out of the crowd. Pointing at Ji Hao with an exquisitely carved jade slip, he yelled harshly, "Ji Hao kid, how dare you murder our brother? You shall be punished by the world for your brutal behavior!"

Ji Hao gave vent to a torrent of laughter, then he pointed at that priest and said, "Punished by the world? So hilarious! I am a divine emperor. I speak for the world. Everything I do represents Pan Gu world. You disrespected me, so I killed you. THAT is the world's punishment."

Ji Hao suddenly sensed a cheerful feeling. Enforcing the law on behalf of the world, this felt awesome!

The face of the group of priests turned blue in anger, especially the bearded one. He accused Ji Hao 'habitually' and 'instinctively'. Back in the ancient time, his brothers and sisters often threatened their enemies with the terms like 'the world's punishment' or 'divine retribution', and that kind of threat could always scare away all the enemies. In the end, no one dared to offend them!

However, he seemed to forget, or simply ignored the fact that the one standing in front of him at this moment was Ji Hao, a divine emperor, a true representative of the great Dao of nature. Not to mention the fact that Ji Hao didn't know their story yet, and their so-called 'divine retribution' was just a joke to Ji Hao, a big joke! Hearing Ji Hao's words, all these priests were filled up with pent-up anger, but they didn't know how to vent it.

Strong waves of soul power were beating intensely as these priests were communicating with each other through a secret magic. Abruptly, the grey-bearded priest pointed at the skyline and laughed out loud, "Ji Hao, enough of those useless words. Did you say that you represent the world? Hehe, not without out support! Look over there!"

Ji Hao turned to where the priest pointed. Near Chong Mountain, the first batch of warriors who marched to You Chong Clan under Emperor Xun's order were arriving. Those warriors were from a few large clans near You Chong clan. These clans used to have territorial disputes with You Chong Clan, but before this time, they never dared to do anything to You Chong Clan because of Si Xi and Si Wen Ming,

By now, Si Xi was gone without leaving a trace, and Si Wen Ming had disappeared for a long while. Pushed by Emperor Xun, these powerful large clans put all their military forces in use and formed a formidable army, marching straight to the central area of Chong Mountain.

On their way, they slaughtered all the lives in about ten villages of You Chong Clan, without sparing even one chicken.

Ji Hao's face turned darker and darker. Other than the allied force from these large clans, more large troops deployed by Emperor Xun had been moving on the ground towards You Chong Clan. The furthermost troops still needed half a year to arrive at You Chong Clan, but the nearest one would arrive in just a few days.

Once encircled by the enemies, You Chong Clan would not survive!

Ji Hao knitted his brows, thinking about how to safely evacuate You Chong Clan. Along with a thunderous noise, a giant cauldron went through the clouds and crushed the surrounding natural power flows while slowly swirling down from the sky.


A million-miles-tall cauldron stood firmly on Chong Mountain, glowing with a misty green light.

Ji Hao applauded and laughed brightly, "No need to worry about You Chong Clan now...Now you… Have you decided your way to die?"

The Pan Gu sword screamed, as the sword tip was pointed at the group of priests, Shixin, and his brothers.

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