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Ji Hao looked at the few priests and burst into laughter.

Send him to hell? Even though this clone of his was merely generated from a branch of Fuso tree and was quite not strong, he was protected by the Pan Gu bell. These priests had a few nice spirit treasures and some powerful magic, but how could they possibly kill this clone of Ji Hao?

"Can I say that you're overconfident?" Ji Hao smiled and pointed at the giant umbrella behind these priests. "Or, did this umbrella give you the confidence?"

The Pan Gu bell rang, and strands of Chaos power quietly flew out of the air, wrapping around the flying swords which belonged to the Gold Crow warriors. The Chaos power was the best solvent in the world. It perfectly merged the essence sun fire and the star powers, generating a power of destruction that was great enough to destroy everything in the world, turning the golden flying swords purely black.

Countless Gold Crow warriors cawed in the sky as they sensed the magical change happening to their flying swords.

Wisps of dark sword lights fell from the sky, looking like the stamens of blooming poppies, along with the power of destruction. The blue umbrella was already overwhelmed by the sword formation and had been shaking. At this point, the vast destruction power given by the Pan Gu bell descended, immediately wiping out the blue mist which covered the sky.

The black flying swords fell like a heavy rain and generated a series of 'popping' noises against the blue umbrella, leaving countless holes on it.

Among the few priests who stood in front of Ji Hao and threatened to kill him, a white-bearded one suddenly vomited blood. The ocean like power which could be sensed from his body was weakened instantly, seeming like a thin stream of water now.

Ji Hao conveniently pointed his finger at the sky. Following his move, the blinding starlight merged again into an extremely thin, colorful beam, fiercely striking on a bright blue spot in the middle of the umbrella. He controlled the starlight with the sky-opening move and discovered the weakest spot of the umbrella, accurately hitting its spirit.

Along with a clear cracking noise, the giant blue umbrella exploded into waves of blue light spots, fading in the sky. The white-bearded priest trembled and again vomited blood, then uncontrollably fell to the ground. Fortunately, the priest stood by his side grabbed his shoulder and carried him up.

"Ji Hao kid!" The few priests pointed their fingers at Ji Hao and shouted with wrath. They even forgot to add the word 'emperor', just growling angrily. The leader of this group of priests abruptly pulled out three glowing spirit talismans and threw them at Ji Hao.

Those were three fist-sized talismans made from unknown materials. When the priest took them out, they were still glowing, but on leaving the priest's hand, they turned dim and lustreless like three pieces of old leather, swishing towards Ji Hao.

Ji Hao frowned and pointed at the Pan Gu bell. Strong streams of Chaos power poured down and wove into a giant sphere around him. The Chaos power streams rolled and interwove, forming complicated cyclones around his body. Next, an astonishing thing happened. The three lusterless talisman easily went through the Chaos power streams released from the Pan Gu bell and landed heavily on the bell.

A bell ring echoed through the sky, squeezing the blood out of the ears of all surrounding dragon warriors, Gold Crow warriors, and Zhu Rong warriors. Numberless warriors covered their ears with their hands and fell on the clouds, screaming and twitching in pain.

The hearts of Ji Hao and his clone both missed a beat, as an indescribable sense of crisis attacked quietly. At this moment, the tight spirit connection between Ji Hao, his clone, and the Pan Gu bell was weakened, and they could barely feel the bell.

The Chaos power streams released from the bell were disordered. The perfect, all-round defense system created by the bell collapsed quietly, showing tens of extremely thin cracks that ordinary people could never notice.

"Wuzhen god-splicing thorn!" The priest who threw out the three spirit talismans grinned. A thin beam of black light shone out from his sleeve instantly and went through the space windingly, reaching Ji Hao's clone through the thin cracks on the Chaos power shield.

Ji Hao's clone didn't manage to make any reaction when the dark light penetrated his forehead. A bone-piercing, terrifying cold power exploded inside his body. This clone was disintegrated, and a trace of Ji Hao's spirit was directly wiped out.

In the divine palace in Heaven, Ji Hao felt a piercing pain from his soul. He immediately opened his eyes and reached a hand downward, clenching his fingers.

From the higher sky, dense dark clouds rolled over and condensed into a giant hand, gripping the Pan Gu bell. Following Ji Hao's rage, countless natural stars circled in the sky. As streams of colorful starlight wrapped around the giant hand, a strange, rumbling buzzing noise could be heard, then the three spirit talismans stuck on the bell were sent way by a tremendous force. Ringing sonorously, the bell rose straight into the sky and disappeared into the heaven within a blink of an eye, leaving a strand of Chaos light behind.

In the divine palace, the bell floated above Ji Hao's head and shone streams of Chaos light upon his body. Sensing the lingering fear and panic that he had since he nearly lost the connection with the Pan Gu bell just now, Ji Hao couldn't help but murmur to himself, "Who is it? Who is it? Who can cut off of the connection between me and the Pan Gu bell? This is...This bell is made from Saint Pan Gu's spine. Who has the power to do that?"

In his spiritual space, a dazzling pure blue light erupted from the mysterious man's pair of eyes. He showed up suddenly, muscles swelling. Slowly, he stood up and raised his arms. At the next moment, the soul shreds which were sent into Ji Hao's spiritual space by Master Spirit-slaughter, and had almost merged into one giant piece, were shattered, directly into the purest soul grains, being absorbed by Ji Hao's embryo of Dao.

Ji Hao instantly felt a sense of relief. These days, he was suppressed by these soul shreds and could barely move, but just then, his embryo of Dao suddenly grew larger and stronger, and his vast spirit power condensed into clear, glistening golden threads. It flew out of his body and cut the space into pieces.

Ji Hao now had the power to directly rip the space apart with his materialized spirit power. With the mysterious man's help, Hao's embryo of Dao had achieved a scary improvement.

"Old man, is there anything wrong? I know you...You never say a word unless the situation is crucial. What...bad thing has happened?" Ji Hao concentrated his spirit and looked at the mysterious man's clear face in his spiritual space, then asked loudly.

The mysterious man remained silent for long. Gradually, his body blurred into a hazy shadow again.

"Be careful about the three 'Peng'...And, go to this place...You will find a calabash full of good stuff in there. You eat it, and it will give you a huge amount of saint power!"

The mysterious man disappeared after leaving a few words and a sparkling interstellar map in Ji Hao's spiritual space.

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