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Ao Bai dumbly looked at the dispersing dragon army. Suddenly, the corners of his blood-red eye ruptured and squeezed out two streams of steaming hot blood. In the next moment, Ao Bai burst into a heartrending howl and lunged at the group of elders, pointing at them while roaring out hysterically.

"How could you? How dare you? How can you...?"

A dragon elder abruptly stepped up, also pointed his finger at Ao Bai, and shouted harshly, "Why can't we? Why don't we dare? Why? We dragons have the noblest bloodline among all Pan Gu's descendants. We are the strongest among Pan Gu's descendants. We ruled the oceans, we're the dominators of the water world. We should stand high above the masses. We should stand upon the phoenix-kind and the humankind!"

"But what about you? You're weak, cowardly, incapable. You are so conservative; you have been restraining no one but us. You let dragons follow human beings; you made the brave dragon boys fight for the humankind, bleed and die for human beings!"

"Humans, weak, impuissant humans… In the ancient times, the entire humankind sought protections from animals, from those low-level creatures. They are talentless and fragile. They have no claws and scales; they can only be food...At the very most, they can serve us as slaves. How can they ever be qualified to have an equal footing with us? How dare they command dragons, making our dragon boys bleed and die for their people and territories?"

"Now, Ancestor Shixin and his brothers have returned. Under their leadership, we will truly stand above the whole world, above all Pan Gu world creatures. They will make our dragon-kind the true ruler of the Pan Gu world! This is the common aspiration of all dragons, and the highest interest of the dragon-kind!"

"For this, we are willing to give everything, we can sacrifice everything...Even including you. You are known as the nine sons of the dragon ancestor, but in fact, you're just nine weak and impotent...Great ancestors!"

This dragon elder ended his speech by drawling the words 'great ancestors' with an extremely exaggerate tone and oily voice. Hearing this, the dragon warriors who kneeled around them laughed out loud. These dragon warriors who resolutely chose to follow their elders and abandon Qiu Niu and Ao Bai vented their discomposure and fear with hysterical laughter, and expressed their anger to the dragon ancestor's nine sons with dramatic body languages!

As this elder said, the dragon-kind was thriving, powerful, and strong. In the whole world, only the phoenix-kind might have a chance to compete against them. What was the humankind? What were all the other Pan Gu world creatures?

Human beings only deserved to be the slaves of the dragon-kind, the food of the other creatures. Some generous dragon masters were willing to keep human beings, allowing them to serve the dragon-kind, and that was already an extra mercy.

However, because of Qiu Niu, Ao Bai, and their brothers, things were different. They had died, becoming strands of spirits, yet they interfered with the decision-making of the dragon emperor and dragon kings over and over again. Over and over again, they made the dragon-kind help human beings. At last, the entire dragon-kind became an appendage of the humankind, and had to send out their boys to fight and bleed for human beings.

Even though the number of dragon warriors they sent out during each great war that happened between the humankind and the non-humankind was as little as a drop in the bucket, the proud dragons still nursed a grudge. They didn't want to see their people shower blood for the orders given by human beings; they didn't want to see their people fight under the commands of human beings!

Even this time, Ao Bai became a divine emperor and sat as equals at the same table with Ji Hao, which discomforted a lot of dragon warriors. They even felt humiliated!

These dragon warriors laughed out wildly. With all their strength, they let out the brightest laughter. Some of them even spat at Ao Bai and Qiu Niu to express their dissatisfaction.

Ao Bai's face turned blue in anger. He never dreamed that these dragon elders had these thoughts and ideas.

All these years, he and his brothers stayed in the forbidden zone of the dragon-kind's territory, cultivating themselves as spirits. Even though they were able to participate in some decision-making, they merely affected the current dragon emperor, and could only give orders to the other dragons through the dragon emperor! Therefore, they had no idea that so many dragon elders and members of the dragon-kind were disgruntled, even to the extent that once Shixin and his evil brothers, who were imprisoned by the dragon ancestor, escaped, these elders and dragons decided to follow them. They decided to follow these evil dragons who would certainly turn the world into chaos!

"You shall die!" Roared Ao Bai. He wielded his long sword and lunged to the dragon elder who stood in front of him.

Sword power strands swished, while sword lights flashed. Beams of sword lights sliced through the space along with lightning bolts, pouring down like a waterfall and striking at the pale-faced dragon elder. These dragon elders were much, much younger than Ao Bai and Qiu Niu, and were far less powerful. With one random sword move, Ao Bai could shatter their bodies.

Shixin rushed up while laughing loud to defend the dragon elder against Ao Bai's sword lights with his bare hands.

Heavy fists fell as swiftly as shooting stars, bringing up frosty dark lights which bumped violently against Ao Bai's sword light. Along with a long series of tinkles, fire sparks rose from Shixin's fists, following by waves of sizzling electric currents. Not even a slight mark was left on the small scales on his hands while Ao Bai's sword light was shattered.

Bursting into a thunderous roar, Shixin rushed to Ao Bai and punched on his chest.

Within a moment, Shi Xin launched thousands of punches towards Ao Bai. Ao Bai raised his arms to defend himself while dodging. He managed to take sixty-percent of the punches with his arms and dodged thirty percent, yet hundreds landed right on his chest. He snarled in pain while the blood sprayed out of his mouth, ears, eyes, and nose. Uncontrollably, he flew back along with a fierce gust of wind.

"Boys! Follow me, kill!" Shigu laughed and waved his arms forward. High up in the sky, dark thunderclouds rolled over, then waves of black lightning bolts stormed down and struck into the dragon army on Ao Bai's side.

Countless flood-dragons and mix-blood dragons had their scales crushed and bodies broken. Blood poured down like waterfalls. Some of these flood-dragons and mix-blood dragons were torn apart by the lightning bolts, and not even their souls survived.

The dragon warriors who were kneeling around the group of elders gave a sonorous roar in one voice. They stood up one after another, wielded their weapons, and marched out with Shigu.

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