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The warriors led by Shixin and his brothers were as powerful as the ones under Ao Bai's command. They had the same strong bodies, the same great strength, and they could cast the same dragon magic.

At the moment, the only difference between these two forces was the fact that eighty percent of all dragon warriors on the scene were on Shixin's side!

About sixty percent of the dragon warriors under Ao Bai's command had betrayed him. Added with the dragon force brought to here by the group of dragon elders, Ao Bai was badly outnumbered.

The enemies launched merciless offensives. Among all dragon warriors in half-dragon and half-human shape, even the shortest one was over fifteen meters tall. These strong dragon warriors lunged long spears and wielded giant blades and swords, generating resonant roars and raising a thunderstorm. Immediately, the war began.

The blades and swords clanked against the dragon scales and started puffs of fire sparkles; the sharp spears difficultly penetrated the dragon scales and muscles, squeezing out large streams of blood. Heavy hammers and cudgels bashed on the heads, cracking the horns loudly. The dragon warriors with dented heads vomited blood with their broken heads buried in their hands while rolling on the clouds in pain.

Shixin and his brothers laughed with shrill voices, which were not pleasant to hear. They rushed towards Ao Bai and encircled him, attacking him with all kinds of weapons. Ao Bai shielded himself with the longsword. As a series of explosive sounds were heard, Ao Bai's right arm was cut entirely off and his longsword screamed while being hit flying away by Shixin's meteor hammer.

His arm was cut and his weapon had flown out of his hand. Ao Bai tried to dodge, but the weapons of Shixin and his brothers landed on his body almost simultaneously.

Ao Bai dodged swiftly, yet his scales and skin were broken by three heavy weapons. More than ten bone-deep incised wounds were left on his body, spurting blood. Ao Bai's pale face turned even worse.

Things happened too fast, that it was only until Ao Bai was wounded that Ji Hao and Qiu Niu managed to react. A strong wave of Chaos power was released from the Pan Gu bell, wrapping Ao Bai up and dragging him back to Ji Hao. Qiu Niu took out tens of bottles of magic pills and poured every single pill into Ao Bai's mouth.

Seeing Ji Hao protecting Ao Bai, Shixin and his brothers laughed out loud, "This bell is strange. Pay no attention to him for now. First, let's kill these kids who decided to be loyal to the nine useless things!"

Standing aside, Shiling laughed harshly, "Those who comply with me thrive and those who resist me perish. It's the time for these weak young dragons to know what the true dragon-kind should be like. Hah, in the ancient times, we once slaughtered three-thousand clans in a row, without sparing a single life. That's our dragon-kind!"

He raised his head and spat to a long distance away, then sneered, "The ones who refused to follow us shall die!"

Following his voice, Shixin and his brothers shouted shrilly and marched into Ao Bai's army, leaving nine shreds of black afterimages behind. Wherever they reached, blood was rolling like ocean waves as countless dragon warriors who were loyal to Ao Bai were torn into pieces.

In front of these nine evil sons of the dragon ancestor, these hundreds of years old young dragon warriors were as fragile as a group of chicken, completely defenseless.

Evil spells could be heard from a distance away. Wu Bi showed up with that blood-red long blade, which was highly lethal to all dragons. Behind him, a group of Chi Wu Clan devils had been casting a spell and waving their arms. Dense clouds of dark mist spread from their bodies and slowly landed on the dragon warriors who chose to join Shixin and his brothers' force.

The weapons held in these dragon warriors' hands changed immediately, turning dark green and translucent while emitting a strange smell. All dragon warriors who sensed this smell felt limp and numb, no matter which side they were on.


Shouting thunderously, tens of thousands of dragon warriors on Shixin's side wielded their weapons. These enchanted weapons easily penetrated the enemies' scales, ripped apart their chests, and broke their strong bones, then came out from their backs.

A giant amount of blood surged out of their wounds. An evil power lingered in the wounds, because of which, these injured dragon warriors couldn't heal themselves, no matter how hard they try to boost up their spirit blood.

Chu Wu Clan's dragon-slaying magic again showed its terrifying effects. Ao Bai's dragon warriors were caught unprepared. Immediately, over ten-thousand of them were injured badly, while nearly a thousand were hit on the vital parts and died right on the spot.

Ao Bai looked at the dragon warriors who died tragically. His heart ached so badly that even his scales had stood straight up.

"Anyhow, they are our dragon boys...How could you just slaughter them? How can you bear to do this?" Ao Bai pointed at Shixin and his brothers and screamed.

Shixin's meteor hammers shone with a sharp cold light as he crushed the heads of about thirty dragon warriors in an instant. Amidst the splashing blood and brains, Shixin turned around, gave Ao Bai a twisted grin, and responded, "The dragon boys who wouldn't follow our orders better die! Hah, what we want is absolute obedience. They died the moment they refused to follow us."

While Shixin was laughing, Shiya tore off the heads of two dragon commanders and threw them violently to the Pan Gu bell. The Chaos power swirled and shredded the two dragon heads; the splashing blood dyed Ao Bai and Qiu Niu' faces red.

"Emperor Ji Hao!" Qiu Niu turned around and stared at Ji Hao in the eyes.

Qiu Niu never said another word, but Ji Hao gave a bitter smile. Earlier on, Ao Bai promised Ji Hao that the entire dragon-kind would be commanded by him for nine times, but it now appeared that Ao Bai and his brothers could barely keep their place as 'Great Ancestors', and desperately needed Ji Hao to save the remaining force of the dragon-kind.

What was this?

"How come these nine are the dragon-ancestor's sons too?" Asked Ji Hao through gritted teeth.

Ao Bai and Qiu Niu both shook their heads and sighed with weird expressions. "Emperor Ji Hao, right now, why do you still care about these side-issues?" Said Ao Bai.

Side-issues? Ji Hao was speechless, 'These are nine, very alive sons of your father, and they have seized your powers. Clearly, they're on the same side as Emperor Xun, and want to drag the entire Pan Gu world to hell!'

"Gold Crow warriors, follow my orders! Shield Emperor Ao Bai and retreat to the heaven!" Ji Hao didn't waste more time talking and punched on the Pan Gu bell. The bell ring shattered the scales of hundreds of dragon warriors who were now under Shixin's command. These poor warriors fell to the ground, with blood spurting out all over their bodies.

Along with Ji Hao's voice, all Gold Crow warriors in the sky released the flying swords which were made from Fuso tree's branches. The golden sword lights fell like a heavy rain and instantly covered the enormous dragon army.

Following a sonorous roar, Ao Bai's warriors turned away from their enemies and drew back to the heaven like a swarm of bees.

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