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Shixin, Shigu, Shisui, Shihun, Shixie, Shiling, Shie, Shiye, Shican!

Nine dragon men stood side by side, laughing viciously. Their bodies were purely black, scales covered in thorns, and sharp bones sticking out from every bone joint. Each of them had six to twelve sharp horns on the head, and a strong, dark power could be sensed from their bodies.

Qiu Niu and Ao Bai called out their names one by one. After calling out each name, Ao Bai and Qiu Niu' faces would pale a little more.

According to Qiu Niu and Ao Bai, Shixin and his eight brothers were imprisoned in three ocean eyes, guarded by the powerful ones from the dragon-kind, phoenix-kind, and humankind. Among these guards, the ones from the humankind were mighty beings like Emperor Suiren.

But at this very moment, they showed up in here together. Their laughter sounded like the ghosts whispering, giving the others a sharp earache. An evil dragon power had been spreading from their bodies, softening the legs of countless surrounding dragon warriors, making them quiver and disabling them from standing straight.

The flood dragons and water-kind warriors suffered even worse. The flood dragons had mostly lowered their heads, without daring to look directly at Shixin and his brothers. The water-kind warriors, including the mountain-sized dragon wales, dark turtles, and the ordinary shrimp warriors, had all fallen down from the watery clouds. Their bodies were twitching, not under their control anymore.

Dragons were the noblest beings among all water-kind creatures. Shixin and his brothers possessed the purest dragon bloodline, which was descended from the dragon ancestor. They were top-grade members of the dragon-kind; their pure and strong bloodline gave these water-kind warriors a natural pressure.

"Qiu Niu, Bixi, my brothers, where are your other seven brothers?" Carrying a pair of steel whips, Shi Hun, who showed up just now, bared his teeth and grinned to Qiu Niu and Ao Bai while saying, "Call them out, shall we? It's been many years, I really missed them...I really want to break your bones and throw you into the dark and cold ocean eyes."

"We'll be leading the dragon kind from now on." Said Shixie slowly. A Strange shaped giant blade was carried on his shoulder. "You should stay in the ocean eyes to live a peaceful life. We're brothers after all. In those days, you didn't kill us, so, we surely won't kill you either. As long as you obey and go stay in the ocean eyes, I promise that you won't be worrying about food or clothing!"

"At least, you can have as many fishes and kelps as you like." Shiling laughed. He was wearing a heavy pair of knuckles, eyes sparkling with a dark evil light. "Let me tell you this, I found these kelps in the deepest area of my ocean eye, growing on the tens of thousands of meters high pile of dragon whale dung. Those kelps taste excellent, like veal. Those are vegetables, but can satisfy your craving for delicious food. You will like that kind of kelp."

Shihun, Shixie and Shiling carried this conversation, and their voices contained a bone-deep hatred. But apart from the hatred, they were full of delight. Apparently, they couldn't wait to put all the miseries they had been through on Qiu Niu, Ao Bai and his brothers.

Qiu Niu slowly raised his blade. After exchanging a glance with Ao Bai, he said seriously, "Shixin, Shigu, Shisui...You are extremely violent and wicked. You have committed all kinds of crimes, slaughtered countless lives, and used to run amok in the world. For all Pan Gu world lives, for the dragon-kind, our father imprisoned you in the ocean eyes, because he wanted you to cultivate and thoroughly reform yourselves."

Breathing deeply, Qiu Niu continued, "But, you remained impenitent, and now escaped...Today, whatever you are planning on, as long as we are alive, you will not get what you want."

"Dragon boys, follow my order!" Ao Bai pulled out his sword and gave a sonorous growl.

Countless dragon warriors gave vent to a thunderous roar in one voice. They released their powers and pushed the watery clouds behind them to a long distance away. On the watery clouds, the water-kind warriors, who were badly affected by the dragon power of Shixin and his brothers, disabled from moving, were sent far away.

This was a war between the dragon ancestor's sons; this war belonged to pure-blood dragons. Those mix-blood dragons, flood-dragons, and other water-kind warriors had no place in this war, because a war of the dragon-kind should be fought by dragons.

Ji Hao took a step forward. Looking at Shixin and his brothers smilingly, he said, "My friends, you don't look familiar to me. You don't look like good people, and you're with the bad ones among human beings. As a divine emperor, I have no choice but take an action to defend the natural law of Pan Gu world."

While Ji Hao was talking, numberless dragon warriors had already composed the most powerful battle formation of the dragon-kind in the air. Most of these dragon warriors remained in the half-human, half-dragon shape, but in the core area of the formation, a whole ten-thousand pure-blood dragons shifted back into their original dragon shapes. They silently released their dragon powers while brandishing their sharp teeth and caws.

Shixin and his brothers smiled, as Shigu abruptly raised a hand. From his fingertips, a dark thunderbolt rose into the sky.

The dark thunderbolts flashed straight into the air and exploded in the sky, thousands of miles away from the ground into waves of thin electric currents that spread towards all directions. The electric currents exploded again into giant clouds of dark fire. The dark fire sparkled all over the sky, and could be seen from even a billion miles away.

Great sounds of rolling waves could be heard from everywhere. Following the wave sounds, enormous water-kind armies approached from the east, south, north and west, treading on surging waves. These water-kind warriors' shells and eyes were all covered in a faint dark mist, that made them look fiercer and more ferocious than the water-kind army from the heaven under Ao Bai's command.

Hundreds of dragon-kind elders with silver hairs and beards stood on the wavetops in human shapes. They controlled the giant waves and flew over, standing silently behind Shixin and his brothers in a straight line.

Their attitudes were shown clearly. These dragon elders followed Shixin and his brothers, siding against Ao Bai and Qiu Niu.

A tremor went through Ao Bai and Qiu Niu' bodies. Ao Bai glanced at the formidable water-kind armies coming from all directions, then looked at the group of dragon elders behind Shixin and his brothers, and shouted, "What are you doing? Are you rebelling?"

Shixin and his brothers wouldn't stop laughing. A dragon elder walked out with large steps. He ignored Ao Bai's questions, but threw an imperial glance at the surrounding dragon warriors, then abruptly began talking. "Where are my boys? The true leaders of the dragon-kind are here. Aren't you going to pay your homage to them with me?"

The expressions on Qiu Niu and Ao Bai's faces changed instantly. They stared at this dragon elder, their faces paled.

The surrounding dragon army suddenly fell into a deathly quietness. A short while later, tens of dragon warriors vigilantly moved out of the formation, covering each other. After walking out of the battle formation, they swiftly darted to this dragon elder, kneeled on the cloud, and kowtowed to him.

The other dragon elders started to gather followers too. They pointed their fingers at the dragon army and growled with bright voices. Following their voices, large groups of dragon warriors walked out of the battle formation and kneeled before them.

Within a blink of an eye, sixty-percent of the dragon warriors, who were from the heaven and under Ao Bai's command, had left!

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