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The one with a three-edged sword was Shigu, and the one with a blade was Shisui.

They were both in half-dragon, half-human shape, looking as ferocious as Shixin. Their dark, dull scales were covered thickly with thorns. Along with their movements, these scales clanked loudly against each other.

"Escape?" After sending a wave of blade light towards the Chaos power released from the Pan Gu bell, Shisui realized that the blade lights could not break the bell. Glancing at Ji Hao with his deeply sunken eyes, he curved up his mouth corners, dropped the blade, and stepped back. In the meanwhile, he was shaking his head while saying, "We walked out. Why did you use the word 'escape'? Do you want to get beaten?"

Qiu Niu clenched his teeth and looked at Shigu and Shisui, who stood by Shixin's sides. The broken bones in his chest area had been healing themselves, causing creaking noises. "Walk out? Where is the guard? A clone of Emperor Suiren is guarding the northernmost ocean eye. How did you 'walk' out?" He gave a cold smile and said.

Shigu tilted his head, then carelessly wielded his three-edged sword as he laughed proudly and twistedly, "How did we walk out? Of course, we grabbed Suiren's head and 'crack', snapped his neck. Then, we just walked out!"

While scornfully smiling, Shigu spat at Qiu Niu. His saliva absorbed the moisture in the air and turned into a stinky, heavy rain that splashed on the Chaos power streams released by the Pan Gu bell. The Chaos power streams swirled slowly, blocking the rain and the stench.

Shigu then chuckled while shaking his head, "Do you think that Suiren is incredibly powerful? He's nothing but a clone, not even the real him. Do you really believe that he can suppress us forever?"

Qiu Niu opened his mouth, prepared to say something. Ji Hao seized this opportunity and threw out the question, "Wait a minute, did you say that Emperor Suiren has been staying in the northernmost ocean eye? For guarding them? Then Emperor Xuanyuan, Emperor Shennong, and the other former human emperors, they never showed up in public because..."

Shixin giggled and threw a sideways glance at Ji Hao, then patted the meteor hammer wrapped around his waist while saying, "You human kids are so ignorant. You don't even know about these old stories...But, perhaps this is because your human beings have destroyed all related records on purpose, just like the dragon-kind did. They even wiped me and my nine brothers out of the history."

Sighing heavily, Shixin slowly nodded and continued, "You're right. Those former human emperors, who have become Supreme Magi and earned the right to share an endless life with natural stars, are nowhere to be found. But, the clones they left in Pan Gu world were guarding my brothers and me."

Shaking his head, Shixin carried on, "But of course, my eight brothers and I were separated, imprisoned in three ocean eyes. Our Amma is caged solitarily in a secret ocean eye. Your officious former emperors are also responsible for guarding those famous ancient beings in that secret ocean eye, who are..."

"Shixin, shut up! No matter how you escaped, we will put you back...You evil dragons are a disaster to all Pan Gu creatures. How can we allow you to run amok here?"

Qiu Niu abruptly vented a thunderous snarl.

Hearing Qiu Niu growl, Ao Bai stood up and loudly gave his orders. The dragon army had drawn back to a long distance away, but following his order, they gathered towards him again.

However, the faces of these dragon warriors were now filled with confusion. They looked at Qiu Niu, Ao Bai, Shixin, Shigu, and Shisui, without knowing what to do. Every dragon knew that the dragon ancestor had nine sons, but beyond all expectations, besides Qiu Niu, Ao Bai and their seven brothers, the dragon ancestor had another nine evil and ferocious sons.

Shixin and his brothers were also ancestor-level dragons, and they had a special weapon, which was highly destructive to the dragon-kind. Qiu Niu and Ao Bai clearly weren't able to defeat them...Quite some dragon warriors wondered if they should attack Shixin and his brothers or not. Even if they composed formations and launch a siege, what could they possibly do to Shixin and his brothers?

Ji Hao remained silent with a dark face. This sudden change that happened to the dragon-kind was way too astonishing, and he hadn't even recovered from the shock up till now.

It turned out that apart from Ao Bai and his eight brothers, the dragon ancestor had another nine sons, who were imprisoned in ocean eyes back in the ancient time. And 'Dragon Mother'...Obviously, Shixin and his brothers were supported by Dragon Mother. Otherwise, where did Wu Bi get that blood-red blade from?

Dragon Mother, thinking of this name, Ji Hao suffered a headache.

She was Qiu Niu and his brothers' mother, the dragon ancestor's spouse. Wherever she was from, she was at the level of the dragon ancestor. Even if she might be weaker than the dragon ancestor, she must be a saint-level powerful being. Added with the fact that she was now with Wu Bi and his people, and Wu Bi was now on Emperor Xun's side, who now had a group of mysterious priests around him…

Messy, so messy.

Ji Hao helplessly looked at the sky. It seemed that recently, all kinds of evil beings and monsters had been popping up in Pan Gu world. The top-level powerful beings from Pan Yu world now had their eyes on Pan Gu world. Ten of their saints had already intruded into Pan Gu world.

If all Pan Gu world creatures could unite in a concerted effort, Ji Hao would have the confidence in fighting against the non-humankind monsters. Nevertheless, a giant number of evil beings were currently against most of the Pan Gu world creatures. Emperor Xun, Wu Bi, Shixin and his brothers, and all kinds of mysterious people...Ji Hao felt so stressed. The heavy stress nearly collapsed this clone of his right on the spot.

The dragon army slowly approached, and so did the Zhu Rong army leading by Man Man and Zhu Rong, along with sharp caws coming from the sky. In a dense formation, Ji Hao's Gold Crow warriors spread their enormous wings and covered a small half of the sky, while circling Shixin and his brothers up.

Ao Bai slowly raised his right hand and clenched his fist. "In the old days, father didn't kill you. You should have cherished your lives and stayed in the ocean eyes to cultivate your original natures to never show up in the world again. You shall just go back!" He said.

Shixin, Shigu, and Shisui laughed out loud together. "In fact, we prefer to put you weak and useless things into the ocean let you taste the life in there." Said Shisui in a grim tone.

"As our brothers, you were actually weak enough to die in a collapse of physical bodies. And, you needed to regrow your bodies with natural treasures...So shameful. It's better to let us defend the reputation of the dragon ancestor's nine sons!" Shisui continued.

Shigu and Shisui slowly raised their weapons. Behind them, another few tall and strong figures emerged silently.

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