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"Big brother? Do you deserve it?" Ao Bai's eyes turned glowing red as he stared at Shixin and roared, "You're a creature of slaughter, a monster who eats hearts. Are you even a member of our dragonkind?"

Shixin widely opened his eyes, licked his lips, and laughed, "Eh, eh? Am I not a member of the dragon kind? Don't you forget that I share the exact same bloodline with you little scums...The dragon ancestor is my father, Dragon Mother is my mother..."

"Shut up!" Qiu Niu interrupted Shixin as he handed Ao Bai to a dragon warrior behind him, then pointed his finger at Shixin and growled, "You were imprisoned in the eye of North Sea, sealed by the dragon ancestor himself, guarded by the dragon-kind, the-phoenix-kind, and the humankind all year round in turns. How did you break out?"

Ji Hao raised his eyebrows again.

A magic seal cast by the dragon ancestor himself? Guarded by the dragon-kind, the-phoenix-kind and the humankind all year round? So strictly guarded...Not to mention the others, the dragon ancestor's seal was unbreakable to most of living beings in this world, wasn't it? After all, the dragon ancestor was one of the most powerful beings back in the ancient time, and was able to rival 'saints' with pure physical strength!

"Escape?" Shixin chuckled as he lifted his chin and scornfully shook his head, then responded, "Why would I escape? As your big brother, I walked out!"

While laughing, Shixin pulled out a meteor hammer. The dark chain of the meteor Hamer was composed from triangular hoops, and the water-tank-sized hammerheads were covered in sharp thorns. As he slightly shook the chain, the hammerheads flew up and created a dark light screen around his body.

Shreds of shadows of the meteor hammer could be seen around Shixin's body, as he walked to Qiu Niu and Ao Bai step by step while, saying, "Qiu Niu, Bixi...Pah, what are these stupid names? Listen to your big brother. Behave yourselves and bring these little kids of yours back to the heaven, then don't ever come out...hehe, so that you can live!"

A frosty light shone from Shixin's purely black eyes while the sharp bones stuck out of his bone joints silently grew longer. "If you insist on being a part of this..." Clicking his tongue, Shixin continued, "As your big brother, I have no choice but to discipline you. It will be your turn to enjoy the lives in the ocean eyes and underground caves that we were locked in!"

Qiu Niu snorted coldly. Ji Hao could tell that Qiu Niu didn't want to listen to Shixin nor negotiate with him.

A cyan-colored raging dragon fire burned on Qiu Niu's right hand. As he raised his arms and clenched his fingers, a green thunderbolt descended from the sky. He tore apart the space bare-handedly and pulled out a, tens of meters long giant blade, which was embossed with a coiling dragon. Gripping the blade with both hands, he wielded it against the fierce wind and sent hundreds of beams of blade lights to Shixin.

"Fight me? Did you forget how I beat you in the old days?" Shixin laughed and shook his wrists. Following his moves, the meteor hammer brought up thousands of shreds of scorching hot dazzling light, clashing against Qiu Niu's blade light.

A series of deafening bangs gave Ji Hao's clone a sharp earache. He shook his head, but felt that his whole body was numbed because of the strong impact waves. His eyes were dazzled, that he couldn't see people clearly. The dragon warriors in the surroundings suffered even worse. Many of them burst into shrieks as blood spurted out of their ears. Their eardrums were torn, and even their brains were injured by the loud noise.

Ji Hao shouted at the dragon army. The dragon army hesitated briefly, then quickly drew back towards the heaven under Ji Hao's order.

Blade lights and frosty glows flashed across the sky, hitting against each other and shredding each other. Qiu Niu and Shi Xin were both violent fighters. They floated in the midair, body remaining perfectly motionless while their arms swished like windmills, tearing the space into pieces.

Gradually, Ji Hao found something wrong.

Qiu Niu's blade wasn't as powerful as Shixin's meteor hammer, and he moved slower. In the air, more and more blade lights faded, while the frosty light created by the meteor hammer was getting closer and closer to Qiu Niu's body.

Qiu Niu also realized that he had fallen in a disadvantage. Through gritted teeth, he sneered, "You've been imprisoned for so many years, yet you never stopped cultivating yourselves, did you?"

Shixin gave an evil dark look. With his eyes fixed on Qiu Niu, he responded coldly, "I'm your big brother. Even though I was 'framed' years ago, how can you possibly be stronger than me?"

Ji Hao let out a long breath. Qiu Niu said that Shixin was 'imprisoned', while Shixin claimed that he was 'framed'! Clearly, some interesting stories had happened between these two 'brothers', or between all the dragon ancestor's sons!

They were all the dragon ancestor's sons, yet Qiu Niu and his eight brothers were known by the world, while Shixin's name was barely heard. Why did the dragon ancestor seal him? Why didn't people even know his name?

Suddenly, a roaring hurricane could be heard. Cyan-colored gusts of wind blew towards Qiu Niu from all directions. As fierce gusts of wind began blowing out of Qiu Niu's blade, as his moving speed and strength both soared!

Qiu Niu clearly wasn't able to defeat Shixin with pure physical strength. After all, he wasn't Bixi. Bixi was famous for a tremendous physical strength, but he was not. Realizing that he had already fallen in disadvantage, Qiu Niu immediately put his special ability in use. The dagger-sharp cyan-colored winds wrapped his blade as he silently lunged it forward. A blade light penetrated the space and broke the shreds of shadows of the meteor hammer, reaching straight to Shixin's face.

"You can't win, so you began playing tricks again, didn't you?" Shixin mocked him. A strange triangular shield, which was thickly covered in dragon scales, appeared before his face. The blade light struck on the shield and blasted into small, sharp gusts of wind that dissipated in the air. However, the shield remained unmoved. Thousands of beams of bade lights descended, but not even a tiny mark was left on the shield.

Shixin chuckled and stopped fighting, wrapping the meteor hammer around his waist and letting Qiu Niu launch a crazy series of strikes. The three-feet-wide small shield before him blocked all the attacks.

The more attacks Qiu Niu launched, the deeper he was shocked. He stared at the small shield and shouted to ask, "What is this...?"

Before he finished, two dark figures darted out of the air. One of them whipped on Qiu Niu's chest with a three-edged sword and made him vomit blood and stagger back.

Another one pulled out a black long blade and ferociously hacked on Qiu Niu for over a hundred times at lightning speed.

Ji Hao reacted timely. The Pan Gu bell released a stream of Chaos power to shield Qiu Niu. The Chaos power blocked the waves of dark blade light.

Ao Bai widened his eyes and burst into snarls with both wrath and panic, "Shigu, Shisui, you...escaped too?"

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