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Ji Hao's clone concentrated his attention on Wu Bi, daring not to be even slightly careless. He transformed into a raging fire and trapped Wu Bi inside. The Pan Gu bell rang resoundingly and released streams of Chaos power that wrapped up the entire area with a radius of a hundred miles, like a cocoon. Wu Bi wielded the blade over and over again. The blood-red blade lights generated from this blade were highly lethal to dragons, but it couldn't do any harm to Ji Hao.

This intense battle lasted for quite a while. Following Qiu Niu and Ao Bai's direction, the enormous dragon army composed a sealing formation and surrounded Wu Bi from a distance. The dragon warriors dared not to come close to fight Wu Bi, but raised enormous waves, layer by layer. The roaring waves merged into a tremendous cage that locked Ji Hao and Wu Bi in.

A soft, traceless, cold power was quietly released from the water cage. Ji Hao wasn't affected by this great sealing formation at all, while unwittingly, Wu Bi's movements turned slower and slower. Gradually, Wu Bi's body was covered by a thin layer of ice, with thin electric currents sizzling on his body surface.

The tens of ancient dragons kings who were controlling the formation burst into a bright shout. Following their voices, tens of thousands of dragon warriors each released a bolt of lightning. The lightning bolts merged together and compressed to the thickness of a hair, then struck on Wu Bi's body.

These dragons hated Wu Bi so much, but were so afraid of the blood-red blade in his hands. For this thunder strike, they put forth all their powers, without showing any mercy. The hair-thin lightning bolt blasted, and countless strong electric currents swept across the sky. A wave of electric current struck on the Pan Gu bell and generated a series of muffled booms against the bell.

Ji Hao's clone wasn't powerful enough, that even under the protection of the bell, he drifted away under the great impact force like a falling leaf.

Wu Bi was caged in the great formation. He screamed when the lightning strike landed on his body, then a big half of his body directly vanished, leaving his head and half a neck, barely in shape. A series of electric currents struck on the blood-red blade and sent it swirling to a long distance away.

"Take it!" Carrying the badly injured Ao Bai, Qiu Liu couldn't do it himself. Therefore, he hurriedly gave a shout.

From the great dragon formation, a thousand-mile-long winged dragon responded with a strong roar. He shifted into his human shape and quickly flapped the enormous pair of wings on his back while flashing across the space. Within a blink of an eye, he darted to the blade and gripped it, leaving shreds of afterimages behind.

With great efforts, Ji Hao's clone steadied himself. He fixed his eyes on the winged dragon who had grasped the blade. Suddenly, he saw the hilt of the blood-red blade squirm weirdly. The moment the winged dragon gripped the hilt, countless sharp blood-red thorns pierced out.

The winged dragon's hands were thickly covered in small scales, yet the blood-red thorns easily penetrated those hands. The blade slightly quaked, then the winged dragon vented a shrill howl as an arm of his suddenly withered to look like the arms of a ten-thousand years old zombie.

A hoarse but high-pitched laughter was let out from Wubi's head, which was the only remaining part of his body. "All in the world can use this blade, but not dragons. Any dragon who touches it will die!"

Qiu Niu, Ao Bai, and countless dragon warriors growled with rage. The winged dragon whose hands were penetrated by the blood-red thorns screamed in pain. His voice was filled with endless sorrow and despair. It was hard to imagine what exact kind of pain made such a proud and wild winged dragon scream like this.

Laughing shrilly, Wu Bi's head transformed into a strand of black mist, gusting swiftly into the winged dragon's eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. With his hands stuck on the hilt of the blood-red blade, the winged dragon watched Wu Bi drill into his body without being able to fight back. Next, his tall and muscular body withered quickly.

In the span of a breath, an over thirty-thousand years old ancient winged dragon was turned into a cloud of dust, drifting away along the wind. Wu Bi absorbed a big half of the winged dragon's spirit blood. While laughing, he regrew his body, swung an arm backward, and gripped the blood-red blade.

"This blade is really good...Hehe, in front of this blade, you dragons are just like chickens." Wu Bi raised the heavy blade high with both arms while grinning to the surrounding pale-faced dragon warriors with his twisted face. "The dragon-kind? Hehe, you're nothing!"

Qiu Niu and Ao Bai had their faces turned blue in anger. Qiu Niu gave a wild roar while carrying the seriously injured Ao Bai, who wasn't able to move at the moment, and pounced suddenly. He directly created a three-hundred-meters wide hole in the space, and showed up right beside Ji Hao in the next moment.

"Be careful boys! Move!" Before Qiu Niu's voice faded, the tens of dragon commanders who stood around him burst into howls. They were sent swirling out, bodies covered in bone-deep wounds, with blood spurting out.

"Hehe, hehe, hehehe!"

Following this weird laughter, a faint black watery mist spread out, and from the mist, a, tens of meters tall figure emerged slowly. Holding the blood-red blade, Wu Bi moved swiftly to the figure. He frowned and looked at the figure, then shouted coldly, "Didn't we agree that you're going to seize the opportunity and launch a heavy strike to at least destroy half of the dragon force? Why are you showing your face already?"

Within the rolling dark mist, the strong figure responded with a strange voice, "I couldn't help but make a move when I saw them...Qiu Niu, Bi Xi...Hm, I want to bite your necks broken and drink your blood so badly. I want to open your chests and eat your hearts as desserts!"

Ji Hao's clone suddenly opened his erect eye and released a golden beam of light. The golden light fiercely struck on the dark watery mist.

Along with a sizzling noise, the dark mist was evaporated by the scorching golden light, then the golden light landed on the dark figure. The figure blocked the light with one hand, but the mist had faded and everyone clearly saw his face.

His body was covered in black scales; it was a dull, lifeless kind of black, like the dark desert covered by snow, completely lusterless and capable of making people's hearts heavy. He had a dragon head and a human body, along with tens of long dragon beards. The horns on his head were different from Qiu Niu and Ao Bai's horns. Qiu Niu and Ao Bai's horns looked like deer horns, while his horns were sharp and coniform.

In addition, sharp bones had stuck out of his shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees, and ankles. Generally, he, Ao Bai, and Qiu Niu, who were also in half-dragon, half-human shapes, looked similar. But, an especially evil and fierce power could be sensed from him. If dragons were auspicious creatures, this one must be a creature of thorough evil.

"Shixin...When did you sneak out?" Qiu Niu and Ao Bai shouted in rage.

"Eh...Aren't you even gonna call me 'big brother'? Qiu Niu, Bixi, I didn't beat you to death in the old days… What a shame!"

'Shixin'? 'Big Brother'? Ji Hao was stunned.

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