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On the way back to the heaven, Ao Bai was shivering and moaning like an ordinary human being who was under the weather. Cold sweat had been oozing out of his pale-blue skin. No blood was shedding from the giant wound which nearly split his body into two — He had bled dry!

As Bixi, one of the dragon ancestor's nine sons, he had a thriving life-force, but as his blood was drained out, his great life-force failed to generate even a single drop of new blood for his body!

Through the wound on Ao Bai's back, Ji Hao's clone clearly saw his internal organs. The edges of the wound were pale, like the eyes of a dead fish. Ji Hao gently pressed a finger on the skin near the wound and found it was cold and soft like a corpse which had been soaked in a ditch for half a month.

"What the hell did Wu Bi use?" Asked Ji Hao in shock, "Even the dragon-slaying a mixture of spells and magic poisons. But the blade..."

"It's not a good thing anyway, damn it...Tell them to retreat!" Ao Bai opened his eyes with difficulty and murmured through gritted teeth.

Ao Bai and Ji Hao flew way too fast, that they had already fought a battle in Pu Ban City while the dragon army which followed Ao Bai out of the heaven was barely arriving. At the moment, Ji Hao was dragging Ao Bai back to the heaven, but they bumped straight into those dragon warriors.

"Retreat! Retreat! You bloody boys, you can't be a part of this!" Seeing his warriors, Ao Bai hurriedly screamed.

Ji Hao raised his eyebrows. Ao Bai's words were interesting.

What did he mean by 'you can't be a part of this'? Interesting, truly interesting. Judging by these words, Ao Bai seemed to know something.

Ji Hao turned back and saw the evil and twisted grin on Wu Bi's face. Wu Bi wielded the long blood-red blade and left shreds of afterimages behind while chasing up amidst clouds of dark mist. After flashing across the space for a few times like a ghost at lightning speed, he caught up with Ji Hao and swung the long blade fiercely down, generating a dazzling beam of blood-red light.

The Pan Gu bell slightly rippled the space. The long blood-red blade, which injured Ao Bai severely just then, collided intensely against the Chaos power released from the Pan Gu bell.

Ji Hao narrowed his eyes. He didn't feel any pressure from the blood-red light, which was generated by this long blade!

This blade strike launched by Wu Bi was no stronger than a full-strike from any average Divine Magus. But earlier, how did he manage to hurt Ao Bai so easily?

"Piss off!" Ji Hao growled sonorously while letting a golden streak of fire out of his mouth. With the vast power contained in the branch of Fuso tree, the golden flame Ji Hao released momentarily covered the area thousands of miles in radius. The afterimages created by Wubi were swirled into the fire and disappeared without a trace.

An even stronger golden fire covered Wu Bi's body, burning large blisters out of his skin and raising puffs of dark smoke.

"Ji Hao kid, one day, I'll teach you a lesson!" Wu Bi suffered a pain, yet he wasn't angry. Baring his teeth and laughing, he turned in the air and drew a giant arc in the sky while flashing across Ao Bi and Ji Hao, breaking into the dragon army.

Over a thousand heavily armored flood dragons burst into thunderous growls. They moved into formations and marched towards Wu Bi, their golden long spears venting countless thunderbolts. The thunderbolts merged into a hundreds of meters wide thunder dragon and struck violently on Wu Bi.

Wu Bi's body exploded into a cloud of dark mist and shreds of shadow, drilling into the flood dragon formation. The thunder dragon blasted, but failed to touch Wu Bi's body. The next moment, Wu Bi swung the blood-red blade and generated a streak of blood-red light that sliced the sky open. The bodies of over a thousand powerful, strong flood dragons, who cultivated themselves severely for at least ten-thousand years, were cut open as easily as cutting a piece of tofu. Over a thousand dragon heads were sent up into the sky.

"Damn it, damn it, damn it, retreat, retreat!" Howled Ao Bai. Next, he suddenly turned around and yelled at Ji Hao, "Ji Hao, stop Wu Bi and save my dragon boys. I and my brothers will owe you one...You may command us, and the entire dragon-kind will follow your command for nine times!"

"Nine times?" Ji Hao stared at Ao Bai in shock. He was startled by Ao Bai's words. "You and your brothers? Nine? Have the dragon ancestor's nine sons all..." Asked Ji Hao.

Ao Bai glanced at him coldly and hollered to respond, "For countless years, we have been searching through the entire Pan Gu world. If we use all the treasures in our collection, which can regenerate physical bodies. Is it...a hard thing to bring my brothers and me back to the mortal world?"

"You have such a big plan...Alright, you each owe me one, and the entire dragon-kind will follow my command for nine times!" Ji Hao looked at Ao Bai, his teeth bared. His heart was even thumping because of what Ao Bai offered. What on earth was that blood-red blade? Was it worthy of this huge price that Ao Bai just promised?

If the dragon-kind weren't facing a great calamity...

Ji Hao quivered. Could that blood-red long blade in Wu Bi's hand destroy the entire dragon-kind? How could this be possible? Where was that blade from? Ao Bai seemed to know, but he was almost dying at the moment, and clearly, he wouldn't tell Ji Hao the truth.

Suddenly, a terrifyingly great, prehistorical, and brutish dragon power descended from the sky. Following the dragon power, a thirty-meters-tall, muscular dragon man with a dragon head and a human body trod on a cloud, landed by Ji Hao's side. This dragon man seriously nodded to Ji Hao and said, "Emperor Ji Hao, please...just leave Eight to me." His body was covered in blue scales.

Ji Hao looked at this blue-scaled strong dragon man, then glanced at Ao Bai, who seemed to be relieved from a heavy load. Afterward, he threw Ao Bai to this dragon man and said, "May I ask your name?"

"I'm Qiu Niu!" The dragon man took Ao Bai over and put a human-head-sized 'pill' into his mouth while responding seriously, "That evil thing is left in your hands...Or, as long as you take the blade, I will crush these little Chu Wu Clan scums' bones piece by piece!"

Qiu Niu and Ao Bai were both afraid of the blood-red long blade!

Ji Hao raised his head and saw Wu Bi storming into the dragon army with an evil laughter. As he wielded the blade again, more than ten dragon heads were sent into the sky. This time, the ones killed by him weren't mix-blood flood dragon, but pure-blood dragons. Watching this, the few ancient dragon kings who had been leading the army gave vent to a torrent of abuse, with all kinds of weird bad languages.

"What's the blade's name?" Ji Hao exploded his body into dazzling fire sparks that covered the sky and rushed straight to Wu Bi. Meanwhile, he loudly asked Qiu Niu about this blade.

Qiu Niu hesitated for long. By the time Ji Hao rushed up to Wu Bi, transforming into a raging fire and trapping him, Qiu Niu responded with a very low voice, as if murmuring to himself, "If I'm right, it may have something to do with... 'Dragon Mother'...But, she is well sealed...How come, how come..."

'Dragon Mother'?

Ji Hao paused briefly. As he paused, the fire ocean halted as well, and this nearly gave Wu Bi a chance to launch another strike.

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