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He was average-looking, averagely tall with average skin. His eight teeth exposed from his grin were of average shape and color. Those teeth were not snow-white and shining, but were slightly yellow, like the teeth of ordinary human beings.

Human Eighteen, even this name was...

"This name is dishonest!" Yu Hu waved his hand and murmured.

Yu Hu's voice was quite low and unclear, that even the few Yu Clan nobles around him didn't hear him. However, this average-looking Human Eighteen sharply sensed his voice and the dissatisfaction contained in it.

"Human, ranked eighteen, so my name is Human Eighteen." He smiled warmly as he nodded to Yu Hu while seriously explaining his name, "I am an orphan. When I was little, my parents were killed by a slave-hunting troop from Dishi Family. Among all my adopted brothers, I am ranked eighteen."

Hearing him, the Yu Clan nobles on the scene showed strange expressions. 'A slave hunting troop from Dishi Family', what a fabulous story! This human envoy that Yu Meng introduced to everyone in earnest turned out to be an orphan, because his parents were killed by some slave hunters from Dishi Family.

"Unreliable!" Mumbled a middle-aged Yu Clan man beside Yu Hu.

"Without a doubt, I am full of enmity towards you." Once again, Human Eighteen sharply grasped this Yu Clan man's voice. He turned around and seriously looked at this Yu Clan man while saying calmly, "But, the hatred in my heart will not affect our cooperation. I know what I should do and what I shouldn't."

Even with a mildness, Human Eighteen continued honestly, "After I have finished my job, I will try my best to kill all Dishi Family people to my parents. But before that, in order to fulfill the mission given by my adoptive father, I will fight side by side with you, and if I have to, I will give up my life to defend you."

Frankly and with simple language, Human Eighteen explained his family background, his life story, and the attitudes of himself and the people behind him to the non-humankind. But, his honesty made the hearts of all present Yu Clan nobles heavy.

He was an elite, without a question. He was able to directly face his family background and his hatred without being blinded by it, which was engraved in his mind. He was dispassionate and composed...

'Hopefully, not too many people like this exist in Pan Gu world.' Some present Yu Clan nobles said in their hearts.

"Where is this kid from?" Fiddling with a purely dark crystal ball, which was emitting strong energy waves, a Yu Clan young man pointed at Human Eighteen and asked while gazing at Yu Meng.

"I don't know who he is working for either." Yu Meng honestly spread his hands and gave a reply, "But, I can clearly tell you this… My brothers, he and the people behind him seem to possess a power that is beyond our imagination...When we invaded Pan Gu world, they found us the first time around. They know about our deal with Ji Hao, and what we did in Liang Zhu City."

With a mysterious smile, Yu Meng coughed slightly.

Taking in a deep breath, Yu Meng looked around at the others and continued seriously, "Everything is top secret. I hope the things that I'm going to say..."

"Will remain secret forever without leaking one word?" All present Yu Clan noble immediately understood the hidden meaning in Yu Meng's unfinished sentence. One by one, they each took an oath that was strong enough to earn Yu Meng's trust.

"I chose to trust them and work with them because..." Glancing at Human Eighteen, Yu Meng said, "…on an ancient altar in the third desert world conquered by my White Flower Skylark Family, we found some marks left by their people."

Hearing this, the present Yu Clan nobles burst into an exclamation while staring at Human Eighteen, as if he were a walking ghost.

Among all colony families, White Flower Skylark Family was famous. The worlds conquered by this family weren't large, and were mostly poor, but this family had indeed conquered a whole hundred worlds!

A whole hundred worlds! For this reason, White Flower Skylark Family and Yu Meng became highly influential among all colony world nobles. But just then, Yu Meng mentioned that the marks left by Human Eighteen's people were found on an altar in the third world his family conquered...Apparently, Human Eighteen earthed Yu Meng's trust with those marks and made Yu Meng bring him into this meeting place!

"But, according to the information provided by Yemo Family, Pan Gu world people never traveled to other worlds!" Yu Hu screamed, "We are staying in this world, taking beatings and suffering invasions from Yemo Family and the other eight small families!"

Human Eighteen smilingly looked at Yu Hu and responded, "Maybe that's true, but is that important? I came here to sign a covenant with you for our cooperation, and also to solve the biggest hidden worry in your hearts, dear noble masters."

"Biggest hidden worry?" The present Yu Clan nobles laughed. They didn't believe in any word Yu Meng and Human Eighteen said. Instead, they still chose to believe that the humankind in Pan Gu world was just an undeveloped primitive species, and human beings were uncultured, weak, and stupid, waiting to be conquered.

As proud Yu Clan nobles, they refused to believe that Human Eighteen could solve any of their hidden worries.

Besides, what hidden worry did they have? They were powerful world conquerors, colony worlds with the title of 'Yu', and were definitely capable of overturning those greedy top-grade families.

"You may be powerful enough to overturn, even destroy the top-grade families in Pan Yu world." Said Human Eighteen calmly, "But dear masters, please remember one thing… Are you sure that the 'saints', who are also the controllers of the great Dao of your world, will support you?"

The meeting place fell into a deathly silence.

Human Eighteen showed no expression change, but continued with the mild and infectious smile.

"My adoptive father wants me to tell you that we can provide you with the 'secret praying magic' which can allow you to grow powerful enough to rival your saints within a short period of time." Said Human Eighteen smilingly, "Of course, the results will vary from individual to individual. But, if the power can't be great enough, you can fix it with numbers...That won't be an unsolvable issue."

The atmosphere in the meeting place turned especially weird, as all present Yu Clan nobles had their eyes fixed on Human Eighteen. Their throats were dry and their burning gazes seemed to even incinerate Human Eighteen.

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