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In the pyramid, by the edge of the round meeting place, over a hundred Yu Clan nobles stood quietly.

Countless thumb-sized, transparent, crystalline scorpions crawled up the walls, releasing thin beams of red light from their eyes. The red lights wove into a giant web that sealed off the entire hall.

Yu Hu curiously touched one beam of red light. Along with a sizzling noise, the nail of his right forefinger was shattered, then a strong poison surged into his body through his broken fingernail like a flood. He frowned and turned his entire hand silver. The dark green poison lingered around his hand for a while and slowly faded away.

"Scary..." Yu Hu nodded to the surrounding few Yu Clan nobles, who turned to him also with curiosity, then carefully turned his hand back normal. The smooth white skin on his hand was already dried and withered, and countless thin cracks had appeared on his skin. Strands of lingering poisons spread from the cracks, suffusing the air with a pungent smell.

The pupils of all Yu Clan nobles surrounding Yu Hu shrank, as they were all shocked by the strong poison of these tiny crystalline scorpions. They admired Yu Hu's ability of momentarily metamorphing his body, and also felt relieved because of the power that Yu Meng displayed.

Obviously, in this Colony Alliance, everyone who was qualified to stand in this meeting place was powerful.

"Brothers, glad to see you all here." The dark-skinned Yu Meng put on a golden armor and showed up in the middle of this meeting place, holding a large staff. He slightly bowed to everyone, then continued mildly, "You may be representing yourselves or some groups...But, since we are all here, we do have shared interests and purposes!"


Hearing this, the eyes of all present Yu Clan nobles sparkled brightly while strong waves of energy spread from their bodies. These energies were from numerous colony worlds and contained the powers of the great Dao of these worlds. They clashed against each other and stirred up visible space ripples in the air.

Yu Hu trembled slightly as he sensed the tremendous pressure coming from all directions. He was surprised. He made the breakthrough earlier today and touched the original great Dao of Pan Jin world, while some of the Yu Clan nobles around him had stepped into this level for years, and were more powerful than him by even a hundred folds...

All in all, they were incredibly powerful. In front of these experienced 'Yu', Yu Hu was as immature as a newborn baby.

"Greater powers means greater interests!" Yu Hu's heart moved. He smilingly nodded, as he was satisfied by the power which had already been shown by these Colony Alliance representatives.

"We have great powers and vast territories, along with countless brave, loyal and reliable warriors. With all our armies gathered, we can cover the sky of hundreds of worlds, and the earth of thousands of worlds." Yu Meng's voice was bright and strangely magnetic.

"What made us gather in here on the sneak? Interests, nothing but interests!" Said Yu Meng with the deep voice, "We needed to defend our own interests, our reasonable, legal interests. Specifically, we need to take back what belonged to us from the hands of some rotten and greedy people."

In the medium sized setting place, over a hundred Yu Clan nobles gasped simultaneously.

"We're all Pan Yu's descendants, we have the same bloodline." Said Yu Meng strongly, "But, why can some people sit idle and enjoy the fruits of others' works? Why do we have to let them take the most our harvests, that we spent so many efforts on, and even risked our lives for?"

The other Yu Clan nobles nodded with shining eyes.

"They are holding too great a power, monopolizing too many resources..." While pointing his staff at every single 'Yu' on the scene whose erect eye hadn't been melted yet, Yu Meng continued, "What are they controlling and threatening us with? Eh?"

"When our ancestors or ourselves started the journeys of expedition with no one to depend on, they didn't offer us any help. But, when we finally conquered one, two, three new worlds, and built our thin wealth, why would we helplessly dedicate our profits and wealth to them on our own initiative?"

"Monopolization, they monopolized Pan Yu blood!" Yu Meng growled, "Pan Yu blood allows us, the low-grade family people with so-called 'lowly bloodlines', to melt our erect eyes, sublime our souls, and free ourselves from the limitation of lifespans."

"By holding Pan Yu blood in their hands, they will not worry that we might get out of their control...No one doesn't want an immortal life, but as a price of that, we must ignobly kneel before them and offer most of our families' possessions."

"That is not right!" Said Yu Meng coldly, "That is not right...Truly not right at all. Maybe, they should have a share, but not so much; maybe they should have some power, but not so great."

"We, as the current main force of the entire Yu Clan, should have more!" Said Yu Meng straightforwardly, "My brothers in Colony Alliance, we should protect our interests, and we should have greater powers and higher positions. At least, we should be equal to those bloody top-grade families, because that would be fair and reasonable!"

All Yu Clan nobles on the scene gave a shout, then applauded to agree with Yu Meng.

"Another example, we should have a share of the precious Pan Yu blood, and this share needs to be large enough." Yu Meng smilingly looked at those 'Yu', who still had their erect eyes while saying, "In general, the authority striation and the division of interests in the entire Yu Clan should be changed."

Yu Meng smiled and continued, "For this purpose, we have already made some preliminary moves...Last time, our foreign ally, Ji Hao… As you all know, he is a divine emperor of Pan Gu world, a 'Yu' of Pan Gu world. He launched a perfect, stunning surprise strike on our enemies. With our help, this action was taken with a howling success!"

"But, this slight success is not enough. Ji Hao's action is just one way to stall some of our enemies...If we want to end this war in a decisive victory in Pan Gu world, we need stronger allies, more violent methods, and more effective actions."

"Let us welcome our most honored guest, the envoy from the humankind...Human Eighteen!"

Yu Meng pointed his fire at a corner of the meeting place. Following his move, the other Yu Clan nobles saw an average-looking young man walking out of a small door in the darkness. He was wearing a long coarse robe, seeming to be capable and vigorous.

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