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Watching Ao Bai furiously storm out of the heaven, Ji Hao's clone hesitated shortly, then transformed into a beam of light and flew to the Fuso tree which stood in the backyard of his palace.

Floating before the tree, he sent over a strand of spirit power. A few giant branches of the tree swayed slightly, then a 'tiny twig', which was too small to be mentioned to the tree, fell off. The hundred-meter-thick 'twig' was dazzling with a fiery light. It flew to Ji Hao and exploded into a cloud of fire sparks, surrounding Ji Hao's clone.

A raging fire rose into the sky. With the help of this 'twig', Ji Hao's clone grew a physical body. In comparison with the 'weak and fragile' one before, this new clone, which was generated from a strand of Ji Hao's spirit power, was stronger by ten-million folds.

He smiled, cupped his hands, and bowed to Fuso tree, then transformed into a golden light and flew out.

" should be careful." Not long after Ji Hao left the palace, Fuso tree's deep voice suddenly resounded in his ears. "I saw what happened just now. That priest used a treasure to attack you, I...felt like I have seen it in the old days, haven't I? But, I forgot about it."

Ji Hao was surprised. Subconsciously, he turned back and glanced at Fuso tree. What left an impression on Fuso tree and made it remind Ji Hao especially must be something or someone out of the ordinary. And, Ji Hao somehow felt that Fuso tree...didn't truly forget about that 'treasure'. What or who managed to even scare this powerful tree, which was older than the world?

Hearing Fuso tree, the real Ji Hao who stayed in his palace, dealing with the blood-red soul power in his spiritual space, raised a hand. The Pan Gu bell buzzed deeply and transformed into a bright beam of light, then flew out of the palace and merged into his clone.

The clone nodded and activated the bell to shield his whole body, then flashed across the air and disappeared without a trace. Following behind Ji Hao, Man Man ignored Shaosi's warning and carried her pair of giant hammers as she rushed out of the gate of the heaven with hundreds of Zhu Rong warriors and a large group of Gold Crow warriors, who had been breathing out fire sparkles.

As one of the dragon ancestor's nine sons, Ao Bai was measurelessly powerful indeed. Not long after Ji Hao's clone left the heaven, Ao Bai had already arrived at Pu Ban City. Treading on dense dark clouds, he floated above the city. As a dragon roar echoed through the sky, Ao Bai pointed his finger downwards. Following his moves, giant waves were raised from the tens of great rivers near Pu Ban City. Thousands of water streams surged straight into the sky, twisting and interweaving, instantly transforming into thousands of water dragons, descending from the sky.

"Gong Sun Xun, how dare you kill so many of our dragon boys?" Ao Bai blamed Emperor Xun for the death of all dragon warriors. He roared thunderously while pressing down both hands. The thousands of enormous water dragons vented rumbling roars, diving down towards Emperor Xun's palace, as if the divine river were falling from the sky.

Ao Bai was Bixi, the most strengthful one among the dragon ancestor's nine sons. He wasn't good at water magic; on the contrary, he was a 'rough' magic user. However, all his magic had one shared feature, overwhelming might.

This 'water dragon strike' was merely an average water magic, but cast by Ao Bai, it became stunning and formidable. From a great distance away, the thousands of water dragons started a strong gale that managed to shake the defensive formation of Emperor Xun's palace. Above the palace, layers of magic shields glowed, but following the muffled sounds of waves, these magic shields shattered layer by layer into streams of light spots that dissipated in the air.

Emperor Xun's palace was built on a three-hundred-meters-tall white jade stage. As the water dragons approached, the defensive formations based on the stage fell apart, and the white jade stage began cracking. Jade pieces darted everywhere, hitting the palace's walls and sending up dazzling fire sparkles while generating deafening noises.

In his pheasant feather skirt, Emperor Xun stood on a terrace of his palace as he watched Ao Bai descending from the sky while laughing with a weird, hissing voice, having his teeth bared. He showed no sign of fear. On the contrary, he acted quite provocatively.

With pride and carelessness, Emperor Xun fiercely pointed at Ao Bai with his golden spear while saying, "Bixi? I heard that you're one of the dragon ancestor's nine sons. You're a dead old monster. How come you get to become a divine emperor? Hehe, I heard that you look just like an old large turtle. Today, I'll take your turtle shell and make it into a bed!"

Ao Bai halted in surprise. How did Emperor Xun know that he was Bixi, one of the dragon ancestor's nine sons? How did Emperor Xun know that he died long ago, but had regrown a physical body with a secret natural treasure?

But soon, Ao Bai was utterly enraged by what Emperor Xun said. Taking his turtle shell?

Was Bixi a turtle?

Indeed, his real shape looked slightly like a turtle, but his shell was thickly covered in dragon scales, while turtles had none! No, no, this wasn't the point. How dare Emperor Xun call him 'an old large turtle'? How dare Emperor Xun claim to make his shell into a bed?

"You should die!" Ao Bai burst into raging roars. He sent tremendous waves of mountain-heaven power into the thousands of water dragons and made them heavier and heavier, clearer and clearer. The water dragons were about to bump into Emperor Xun's palace.

"You're just a small dragon, but you're so feisty!" Said an unhurried voice from behind Emperor Xun. Following the voice, an old priest with white hair and beard walked out. He slowly swaggered out and stretched his left fingers. Above each fingertip, a tiny hazy mountain could be seen. The five differently colored mountains suddenly released torrents of colorful lights, rising against the water dragons, which were diving down from the sky.

A thunderous boom was caused when the colorful lights bumped into the thousands of water dragons.

A tremor went through Ao Bai's body as he stared at the water dragons, which had already disintegrated into a heavy rain.

The five colorful mountains upon the priests' fingertips may be a set of treasure or a special ability. The colorful lights released from the five mountains were unstoppably powerful, that with one strike, Ao Bai's water dragons were crushed thoroughly.

The water dragon strike cast by Ao Bai wasn't a high-grade, mysterious magic, but with his tremendous strength, the water dragons he created were strong indeed. The thousands of water dragons could flatten a towering mountain in a moment.

Nevertheless, this strike was neutralized by the old priest so easily. Clearly, this old priest should not be underestimated.

"Emperor Xun, is this where your confidence comes from? Is this who you're relying on? With this white-haired kid by your side, you now dare to go against the dragon-kind, don't you?" Ao Bai drove his clouds down and floated above the palace as he stared at Emperor Xun and said, "Even your great ancestor Emperor Xuanyuan dared not to turn hostile against our dragon-kind. But with this white-haired kid, do you really dare to do the things that even your ancestors didn't have the courage to do?"

Emperor Xun chuckled as he scornfully glanced at Ao Bai.

"Emperor Ao Bai, we shall not offend each other. You may simply return to the heaven to be a divine emperor. As for the things happening in the mortal world, you better not step in. Otherwise, you won't have a chance to regret when your soul dies." The priest gave a faint smile and said.

Hearing the priest, Ao Bai's face immediately darkened with wrath.

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