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Yu Meng had numberless warriors under his command. After all, he was the powerful ruler of a whole hundred worlds.

In the darkness, countless wolf-headed, dog-headed, leopard-headed, and dark-skinned humanoid warriors were silently on patrol, holding all kinds of heavy weapons. In the air, eagle-headed warriors spread their wings and floated in the sky, keeping a watch on everything in the world with their sharp eyes. These winged warriors were Su's families.

Yu Hu got off the carriage and subconsciously rubbed the emblem of his White-crown Bird Family, which was wearing on his left chest. Meanwhile, he cast a quick glance at those muscular warriors in the darkness with admiration while sensing their strong powers.

White-crown bird was a type of small carnivorous bird in Pan Yu world that fed on sparrows and field mice. Compared to Yu Meng's White Flower Skylark Family, White-crown Bird Family was much stronger. But, fates were uncertain.

White-crown Bird Family only found a metal world, which was predominated by the creatures with metal bodies, while White Flower Skylark Family found a group of worlds which was composed of over a hundred differently scaled worlds, and managed to conquer a whole hundred worlds.

"Lucky guy...I wish he and his family can always remain lucky, and he will bring the luck to us..." Yu Hu snorted while saying, "Ado River Family people now have their eyes on him. Yu Meng and his families are about to give up, aren't they? Those blood-sucking families should really die." Rubbing his erect eye, Yu Hu murmured with a low voice, "I just want to complete my soul transformation so I can free myself from the limitation of lifespan."

Taking in a deep breath, Yu Hu walked to the gate of the camp. Two eagle-headed warriors in golden armors walked out from both sides of the gate. A weird spell symbol was inlaid on their chest armors with turquoises.

"White-crown Bird Family? Are you Master Luo Hu? Please come in. Our highest Divine King has been expecting you for long." They said slowly with a strange accent while looking at Yu Hu with deeply sunken eyes.

Yu Hu coughed slightly, then proudly and gracefully looked at the two eagle-headed warriors.

Su walked out of the darkness. Bowing deeply to Yu Hu, he said, "Dear Master Yu Hu, please forgive their stupidity and ignorance...As such a noble being, your heart must be as broad as the sky...Please come in. Our Divine King has been expecting you." A few black feathers moved slightly behind Su's neck.

Yu Hu smiled in satisfaction. Touching his brightly shining erect eye, he grinned proudly, then laughed, "Are you Su? Although your people look all the same, you're different from the others. I remember you, the most capable, strongest envoy under Yu Meng's command...I am so jealous of him for having great helpers like you."

Curving his lip corners slightly downwards, Yu Hu snorted in dissatisfaction and continued, "Not like my Pan Jin world. Those metal creatures have nothing but springs and gears in their brains. I don't understand, how did that world create those weird creatures."

"But, they are very powerful, aren't they? I remember this, a hundred years ago in my Master's arena, a warrior from Pan Jin world defeated fifty same-level werewolves." Su smiled while his eyes sparkled as he responded flatteringly.

Yu Hu chuckled. With pride, he glanced at the wolf-headed warriors in the darkness, then followed Su into Yu Meng's camp. A few Yu Clan young men walked closely behind him, curiously looking at the exotic buildings in this camp.

In just a few days, a large number of black pyramids appeared in Yu Meng's camp. These pyramids were connected with the earth meridians near Liang Zhu City, and had been absorbing powers from them. A green fire was burning ragingly on top of each pyramid; from time to time, dim green spell symbols would sparkle on these pyramids, and waves of weird power would sweep across the sky.

They walked for a long while, even going through three small teleporting formations. Finally, Yu Hu and his people came to the central area of Yu Meng's camp. This was a one-thousand and five-hundred meters tall stair-stepped pyramid, composed of nine-stories. Countless meters-tall scorpion warriors were standing on the pyramid, looking down at Yu Meng and his people. The body of these scorpion warriors were covered in dark crystal shells.

The upper half of these scorpion warriors was tall and muscular, in humanoid shapes, while the lower half of them was that of a scary-looking scorpion. Their long and sharp tails swaged quickly behind their bodies, and the water-tank-sized stings on their tails emitted a strong smell.

"A whole hundred worlds… So enviable. So many species, strong warriors..." While looking at these scorpion warriors who seemed to be especially strong, Yu Hu sighed sincerely.

"Everything has its own advantages." Yu Meng stood in the long and dark path behind the entrance of the black pyramid, then laughed with a deep voice, "At least, their venom can't do any harm to Pan Jin world warriors. Luo...No, Master Yu Hu, I am thrilled by your arrival. You are such an important part of our plan. Your warriors are so terrifyingly powerful, and we just can't forget about it."

"You!" Yu Hu walked into the pyramid in large steps and fervidly hugged Yu Meng. They also greeted each other with a cheek kiss.

For Yu Clan people, chummy greeting ways like cheek kissing could only be used under special circumstances. When the two parties of the meeting were about to share great interests, cheek kissing would be necessary. The velocity of blood flows would affect the body temperatures on the cheek areas, and experienced Yu Clan nobles were able to figure out each others' attitudes through cheek kisses.

In this very moment, the facial temperatures of both Yu Meng and Yu Hu remained accurately on a certain degree. They loosened their hands and closely looked each other in the eyes, then grinned in satisfaction together. A cold beam of light flashed across Yu Meng's eyes as he swiftly glimpsed at Yu Hu's erect eye, which was filled with a frosty metal light. Next, he slightly nodded.

"You're in a big trouble, aren't you? So, you need our help, and we need your power." Yu Meng amicably held Yu Hu's hand and brought him into the pyramid.

Su and the other few eagle-headed warriors stopped Yu Hu's people and took them somewhere else.

In a secret hall underground at a great depth which was covered in layers of magic seals, over a hundred Yu Clan nobles stood by a round-shaped meeting place, staying quiet, cold, and serious. Among them, ninety percent had melted their erect eyes, while ten percent were just like Yu Hu, having their erect eyes glowing with dazzling and weird lights.

"Luo...No, Yu Hu, welcome to our Colony Alliance!" A Yu Clan man walked out of the crowd with large steps and hugged Yu Hu tightly. He was clearly a believer of the Red Sun, a master of close combat, violence, and slaughter, as he was much taller and stronger than the others. "You arrived just in time...We're preparing for a truly important meeting."

"Lanye River Family...Yu Bo...You..." Yu Hu looked at him with surprise, saying.

Yu Meng and Yu Bo laughed out loud together. Their Colony Alliance wasn't as simple as it sounded.

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