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In the chaotic Liang Zhu City…

Countless Yu Clan nobles had still been fighting each other for powers and benefits. Some Jia Clan warriors sneakily attacked each other, also for powers and benefits, shedding blood like water.

Every night, a great number of new corpses would appear in Liang Zhu City, and some people would just vanish suddenly. Thanks to the Secret Code of Law, no one was paying any attention to these corpses, because 'the uncaught crimes were never committed'. However, as corpses piled up higher and higher in the city, the surviving ones turned fiercer and fiercer when wrestling against each other.

By this point, ordinary Yu Clan nobles had already lost their courage to get close to Liang Zhu City. Only the ones who had both great individual strength and family powers had the guts to walk into the city. The brutal means of competitions had already weeded out the weak and the cowards from this game.

In a small mansion outside the city, groups of Jia Clan warriors were guarding every important corner, looking around coldly and vigilantly. The original owner of this mansion was already lying in a cold and moist hall.

Surrounding the mansion was an enormous military camp. In the camp, numberless humanoid creatures had been walking around. Their bodies were composed from precise metal components, and these heavy bodies of theirs covered the ground in holes.

In the middle of the mansion, inside a small, exquisite castle, a Yu Clan man sat in an alloy armchair. He had a faint metal luster on his skin. Between his eyebrows, his erect eye was twitching intensely. Streams of dim, colorful light flew out of his erect eye, slowly into his other two eyes.

Cold sweat had been dripping from his forehead. He trembled slightly while a strange energy wave spread from his erect eye. This energy was strong and dark; under its effect, the furniture and decorations in the room were shaking slightly, and a big half of them had already turned into metal from wood.

Tens of Yu Clan nobles carefully stood in the corners of the room, looking at this Yu Clan man's shining eyes. They were surprised and worried at the same time. Their defensive treasures glowed dimly while barely defending their owners against the energy wave spreading from the man's erect eye.

A young man clenched his fists, his eyes fixed on the misty colorful light in the Yu Clan man's erect eye. "Succeed, succeed, you must succeed...Father, as long as you succeed, I..."

Abruptly, this young man gave a muffled snort, then let out a mouthful of blood. The blood was warm and fluid when it spurted out of the young man's mouth, but when landing on the ground, it had already become a colorful piece of alloy. As the alloy piece tinkled against the ground, the Yu Clan man opened his eyes. A dagger-sharp frosty light flashed across his pair of eyes.

"Father!" The young man impatiently took a step forward.

The Yu Clan man knitted his brows and remained silent for long. With a bright light flowing in his erect eye, he suddenly pointed his finger at a shelf on a corner. 'Tinkle'! Following his move, a four-legged square cauldron on the shelf turned pure golden from jade.

"Did you succeed?" The young man hurriedly asked.

"Succeed?" The Yu Clan man touched his erect eye and frowned, then pondered for a while and slowly nodded. "From now on, I can call myself 'Yu Hu'. My power has changed. My blood, my marrow, every part of my body is now filled with the power of the great Dao of Pan Jin world."

"But...Is it truly because our bloodline is too lowly?" Yu Hu rubbed his brightly shining erect eye and sighed. "The transformation of my soul has failed. Is it because I'm in Pan Gu world? Or, is this truly like what they said, that if we lowly family people want to melt our erect eyes, we have to seek the help of..."

"Pan Yu blood?" The young man carefully looked at Yu Hu and said, "Father, only they have Pan Yu blood!"

Yu Hu stood up and walked to the window. He pushed the wooden window open and looked at the vast military camp outside the mansion, at those humanoid creatures which had complicated metal bodies.

Pan Jin world was a magical world. That world was ruled by the power of metal, and the local creatures in that world were these strong and powerful metal creatures. More attractively, that world was rich in all kinds of metal mineral resources, including some especially rare and precious pre-world materials which could forge pre-world spirit treasures.

Yu Hu's family occupied this highly valuable world. Without a doubt, his family would have a bright future.

Yu Hu was talented. Under his leadership, his family conquered Pan Jin world in merely ten-thousand years. Besides, he successfully touched the original Dao of Pan Jin world and gained some understanding of the original natural law of Pan Jin world.

His power now allowed him to turn everything into metal, and control all metal objects. His body had transformed; he understood the great Dao of Pan Jin world, which should bring him the title of 'Yu'.

However, his erect eye hadn't melted, and the most important soul transformation wasn't completed...

"Great three suns and nine moons, although my soul will become a part of you after I die, why don't I pursue an immortal life? With nothing but..." Raising his hand and touching his erect eye, Yu Hu snorted through gritted teeth and said coldly, "With Pan Yu blood, I can complete my soul transformation...But, but, you know their conditions."

If Yu Hu wanted to get one slight drop of Pan Yu blood from those high-grade large families which controlled it to sublime his soul, he would have to open the entire Pan Jin world to one of these large families. He would need to expose all information of Pan Jin world to this family. Then, Pan Jin world would be like any other colony world, becoming a target of this large family to be plundered and drained.

How much would this large family take from Pan Jin world?

Ninety-nine percent? Ninety-eight percent? Or, in the best case, if the people from this family was slightly less greedy than the others, they might take ninety-five percent of all profits gained from Pan Jin world each year. For one drop of Pan Yu blood, Yu Hu would need to sell the world which was conquered by his entire family with ten-thousand years of efforts!

"Perhaps, I should go ask Yu Meng...His conditions are acceptable." Yu Hu clicked his lips and said, "What do you think? In order to keep our profits from Pan Jin world, we do seem to need some allies."

As if to encourage himself, Yu Meng then murmured, "Before today, I dared not to ally with Yu Meng and his friends, because I was afraid that they might swallow me...But now, I've earned the power to talk equally with them. Why don't I do it?"

A quarter of an hour later, a carriage was driven out of the mansion, towards Yu Meng's camp.

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