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On the high stage built from golden sun crystal, Ji Hao's entire body was burning with essence sun fire. His body had become like a pure source of light, a pure fire. Abruptly, he raised his head and let out a long breath.

A golden fire swept across the entire palace. The space was moving, and everything was burning. This palace could withstand the divine sun fire, but just then, it quaked slightly, nearly melting due to Ji Hao's breath.

An extremely thin beam of sunlight descended from the sky and flew into Ji Hao's erect eye. Ji Hao narrowed his eyes. Through the sunlight which shone upon the entire Pan Gu Mother Land, he saw Ao Hao and the other dragons sinking in a trouble.

Not only Ao Hao and his brothers who were fighting in Xiong Shan's clan. Above the other clans who were under attack, large groups of dragons were injured seriously by the allied force of Emperor Xun and the non-humankind. Because of the mysterious dragon-slaying magic, even the most ordinary iron blades were gifted with a horrifying power, to even harm dragons. The dragon warriors sent out by Ao Bai were wounded severely. Blood had been gushing out of their bodies.

"Damn" The similar roars had been bursting from Ao Hao and the other dragon commanders. Sonorous dragon roars echoed through the sky, while strong dragon powers spread in the air, wave after wave. The injured dragon warriors quickly shifted back to their original dragon shapes.

Above Xiong Shan's clan, Ao Hao was howling. His body expanded rapidly. Within a blink of an eye, he became a hundred-miles-long dragon. He opened his mouth and let out a heavy breath. A giant, frosty stream of air condensed into differently sized dark ice crystals, swishing out of his mouth and wiping out a giant group of enemies before his face.

This time, Ao Hao didn't show any care. Over ten-thousand cavalrymen and their mounts were crushed by the ice crystals. Even the smallest ice crystal was as large as a water tank. Their bodies were broken and blood was frozen, fist-sized blood crystals falling from the sky. The warriors frozen by Ao Hao lost all their life-force in a moment, without being able to recover.

Ao Hao raised his giant claws. Lightning bolts had been sizzling on his miles wide claws, while dense dark clouds rolled over and wrapped his body up. The rumbling thunder could be heard from the dark clouds without an end, quaking the sky and the earth.

"Kill them all!" With bloodshot eyes, Ao Hao roared to all his dragon warriors.

The same order was given in thousands of battlefields. Following these orders, all dragon warriors clenched their teeth and expanded their bodies while enduring the piercing pain. Their scales grew thicker and thicker, larger and larger. Soon, numberless ten-miles-long giant dragons showed up in the sky.

Ao Hao swung his enormous claws down. A mile-wide sphere of thunderbolt exploded in the sky, instantly sweeping across the sky for a thousand miles in radius. In the dark clouds, thunderbolts dazzled and wove into a thick spider web that covered the entire sky.

Countless eagle-headed creatures, who were from another world and now fought for Emperor Xun, screamed with hoarse voices in pain. Under the disastrous dragon power, tens of millions of them were incinerated, falling from the sky like burning coals.

A gale rolled up the dark clouds. The hysterical dragon roars resounded through the whole world. Enormous dragons were flying across the sky, leaving afterimages like the most terrifying monsters living in the deep sea. The dragons were infuriated by the dragon-slaying magic. They put down all worries and burdens and started the craziest slaughter.

"Kill all these long worms!" Gong Sun Family commanders had lost their minds as well. The dragons started a slaughter without reflecting on the consequences. As a result, the most elite flying bear cavalries from Gong Sun Family and suffered great losses. The Gong Sun Family commanders were driven mad as well. They also gave the orders of killing, regardless of everything else.

Numberless flying bear cavalrymen straightened their weapons, which had turned transparent and were glowing dimly, emitting a dark, evil power. Waves and waves of cavalrymen marched to the enormous dragon warriors like tidewater.

The dragon warriors were roaring wildly. They breathed strongly, wielded their claws, and whipped the space with their muscular tails, stirring up waves of giant ripples from the space. Every single strike they made crushed numberless Jia Clan warriors and human warriors, shook the sky and the earth, and caused the thunderous noises that echoed over hundreds of miles.

The blood of human warriors, Jia Clan human warriors, and strange creatures from other worlds poured down from the sky like blood-red waterfalls. Along with the blood, countless body parts fell like garbage.

Dragons were tremendous. Yet, no matter how hard they tried, they couldn't stop human warriors from approaching them. The weapons enchanted by the dragon-slaying magic tore apart their thick scales and pierced into their bodies, taking away giant pieces of their skins and muscles with every strike and leaving huge wounds on their bodies.

Large streams of dragon blood fell from the sky like boiling lava, mixing with the blood of the other creatures while pouring on the ground. Dragon blood contained a vast energy, and its density was higher than the density of iron by a thousand folds. The dragon blood smashed on the ground like waterfalls, quaked the earth intensely, and flattened countless mountains.

Wu Bi and his people had been laughing madly and triumphantly amidst the dazzling lightning bolts. Original Devil altars were built up, swiftly converting the blood falling from the sky into a dark and strong original devil power, which was sent into the bodies of Chu Wu Clan people who waited aside.

This was a scheme, a slaughter, a cruel and brutal offering ceremony.

The blood and flesh of countless living beings had been offered to Original Devil. Original Devil converted the fresh blood, which contained an inexhaustible life-force, into the purest devil power, then sent it into Chu Wu Clan people' bodies to remold their souls and bodies, turning them from people into 'devils'.

The army Emperor Xun sent out was composed from the most elite flying bear cavalrymen from Gong Sun Family, and the most elite troops from the other large families and clans who followed his lead.

The dragons had now been crazily slaughtering these best human warriors. The death of these warriors took away the life-force of the humankind; by killing one of these warriors, the dragons could weaken the human-kind a little.

Even worse, since Original Devil had generated a primordial spirit clone, the devils sealed in the hearts of all dead human warriors had merged with his primordial clone. Original Devil had been growing stronger and stronger, and all pieces of him had been coming together.

Shrill dragon roars echoed through the entire world. The heads of tens of dragons were cut off. The hill-sized dragon heads fell from the sky while the tremendous dragon bodies smashed on the ground and caused rumbling noises, twitching intensely.

This was just a start, not the end.

Within an hour, thirty-thousand pure-blood dragons had fallen in thousands of battlefields. Sad dragon roars resounded across the clouds. This was the heaviest loss that the dragon-kind had ever suffered since the beginning of Pan Gu time.

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