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"Damn it, damn it, damn it!"

In the Central Hall in Heaven, Ao Bai received the casualty report the first time around. He was startled by the number, that he even sat straight on the ground. Afterward, he leaped back up and gave vent to a torrent of shouts in rage and panic.

Within one hour, tens of thousands of pure-blood dragons had fallen, and this number had been increasing. Ever since Saint Pan Gu created this world, since the dragon-kind, phoenix-kind and the humankind appeared in this world as his descendants, this was the heaviest casualty that the dragon-kind had ever suffered.

Dragons inherited Saint Pan Gu's unbreakable body, and the humankind inherited Saint Pan Gu's fertility. For this reason, the humankind had been developing thrivingly, but reproduction had always been an extremely difficult thing to the dragon-kind. A healthy young human couple could have a baby in one year, but a dragon couple may need to wait for a thousand years to have a baby if they weren't lucky. Normally, a healthy young dragon couple could bear a baby in a hundred years.

Consequently, the dragon-kind had a small population. The total number of dragons was less than one in a thousand as large as the total number of human beings. Within a mere hour, tens of thousands of pure-blood dragons died. This unbearable loss made Ao Bai's brain blank. Besides shouting and cursing, he couldn't do anything.

Qing Qiang looked at Ao Bai with pity. The phoenix-kind also descended from Saint Pan Gu, and had a poor fertility. Losing tens of thousands of pure-blood members, Qing Qiang clearly knew how badly this news would shake the society the dragon-kind when it was delivered.

The dragon elders would peel Ao Bai for this severe loss, despite the fact that he was Bixi, a true ancestor who lived since the prehistorical time, and one of the dragon ancestor's nine sons, as well as the fact that the dragon-kind had paid a sky-high price to regenerate his body.

Whether he was a divine emperor, an ancestor or not...Proud dragons never cared. This time, Ao Bai would suffer!

"Send reinforcements now!" Donggong's Haotian mirror floated in the hall, showing them what had actually been happening in every battlefield. Because of this magical mirror, Ao Bai found out that the Original-Devil-kind people had cast the dragon-slaying magic. Wu Bi noticed nothing.

With a bone-deep hatred, Ao Bai stared at Wu Bi and the other Original-Devil-kind people through the mirror, then yelled at Shaosi, Zhu Rong, Qing Qiang and Donggong with a dry voice, "Send reinforcements now and kill all Chu Wu Clan people...I owe you one...Qing, what do you say?"

Qing Qiang knitted her brows. She was hesitating, daring not to give the order.

Since the ancient time, Chi Wu Clan people had been weird and crazy. Among all human beings, they were the weirdest, the most twisted ones. For studying all kinds of evil magics, they even attempted to assassinate human emperors...Now, they had cast a dragon-slaying magic. Did they have a phoenix-slaying magic as well? Who would know?

Qing Qiang had been pretty close with Ao Bai since the prehistorical time, and presently, they were both divine emperors, who should be natural allies, with their powers combined. However, Qing Qiang clearly understood that she couldn't afford to lose tens of thousands of pure-blood phoenixes!

Donggong directly spread his hands, saying no word.

He had less than one-thousand men under his command. Those male cultivators had been following his lead since the beginning of the world. They were all well-cultivated and powerful, with mysterious, great abilities. But, they were merely hundreds. What could they possibly do?

The battles were being fought in thousands of battlefields. Donggong's hundreds of men couldn't fill all battlefields, not even if they were torn into pieces!

Donggong gave a bitter smile. He raised his head and looked at the ceiling, silently wondering if he should make a deal with that old man. He was a divine emperor now. Spirit Wa planned this indeed. However, that old man did mention it earlier to inspire Spirit Wa. Only because of that old man did Spirit Wa, Ximu and himself come up with this plan. That old man pushed him onto a divine throne, but he still needed fighters!

To be honest, as a divine emperor, Donggong still had to fetch the water, start the fire, and boil the tea himself when he wanted a cup of tea. Should a divine emperor be like this?

Shaosi and Zhu Rong both frowned. Zhu Rong glanced at Ao Bai. He didn't want to offend the dragon-kind. Therefore, he chose to remain silent. Shaosi stood u and began talking with a soft voice and a calm tone, "Emperor Ao Bai, thousands of battles are being fought in different places now, and the enemies are vast in number. How should we deploy our forces?"

Spreading her hands, Shaosi continued straightforwardly, "At the moment, their warriors are three times as many as ours...Let your people retreat to Yao Mountain City. We can only try wear them out with the power of Yao Mountain City. For face to face battles, we are outnumbered for now."

Including Emperor Xun's warriors and the non-humankind forces gathered by Yu Yao from tens of worlds, the enemies who had encircled the dragon troops at the moment were indeed three times as many as the total warriors stationed in the heaven. This number was based on what people saw from Dong Gong's Haotian mirror.

Even if Shaosi and Zhu Rong did everything they could to help the dragon-kind, scattering their warriors to all battlefields, the situation would only be worsened. Their warriors would be split up and sieged by the enemies.

Shaosi was right, even though she sounded passive. The best way to save as many people from this situation as possible was to let the dragon warriors retreat to Yao Mountain City with all the attacked clans as quickly as possible, then send out the heaven troops to reinforce them.

"But..." Ao Bai panicked. He didn't know what to say or what to do.

In the golden, burning palace, Ji Hao slowly opened his eyes and took a deep breath. A hazy golden figure split up from his body with difficulty, left the heaven, and disappeared into the starry void instantly through the sunlight above his head. Flashing through the space for a couple of times, the golden figure came to the sun world.

Masterly pushing aside the raging fire burning in the sun world, this golden figure walked to the underground hall where Si Wen Ming had locked himself in to concentrate on his cultivation for bringing the nine cauldrons under his control. The golden figure pushed the door open, walked in, and began talking, "Uncle, emergency… Can you do something?"

Si Wen Ming now looked like an ordinary human being. He slowly opened his eyes, looked at Ji Hao, and responded with a deep voice, "I have one cauldron, a breath away from success...Help me with some natural reward power, and I can do it in a moment!"

"Good!" Ji Hao gave a bright shout. His golden clone quickly walked behind Si When Ming, locked its fingers together, and slapped heavily on Si Wen Ming's head.

Strands of purple mist and golden light surged out of Ji Hao's clone. The natural reward power he earned earlier in Liang Zhu City by slaughtering numberless non-humankind nobles was sent into Si Wen Ming's body. The energy which had been releasing from Si Wen Ming's body was immediately boosted. Abruptly, a three-legged round-shaped cauldron by his left side burst into a dazzling light.

"Let's go!" In about ten minutes, Si Wen Ming waved his hand and gave a deep growl.

The three-legged cauldron buzzed rumblingly and darted out of the sun world at lightning speed, leaving a frosty light beam behind. While flying out, the cauldron grew larger and larger. It flashed through the space and left a series of afterimages behind. Within a moment, it appeared in the sky above Pan Gu Motherland.

Following a thunderous buzz, a hazy cyan-colored light flashed across the sky. Next, a million-miles-tall, incredibly heavy cauldron landed in Pu Ban City, releasing a prehistorical power. The especially heavy power immediately swept across the space ten-billion-miles in radius around Pu Ban City.

Popping noises could be heard without an end, as the bodies of all eagle-headed warriors under Yu Yao's command within this area exploded simultaneously.

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