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Dragons were the most gifted warriors in Pan Gu world.

They inherited Saint Pan Gu's unbreakable physical body, and had indestructible scales, claws, and teeth. Their horns could even penetrate the sky, and their breaths could overturn the oceans and shake the natural stars.

Ever since the dragon-kind appeared in this world, dragons never dreaded anything. Back in the ancient time, dragons showed no respect to the heaven or the earth. They trampled upon the world, and did whatever they wanted. The heaven couldn't restrain them, neither could the saints. They were arrogant, violent, and domineering; facing them, all the other creatures in Pan Gu world would tremble.

All of this could happen because they were strong enough, especially the dragon ancestor and his nine sons. They were supernaturally strong, that not a single living being in this world could restrain them.

Just like this moment. Ao Hao and his eight-hundred pure-blood dragon warriors had been fighting rampantly in the sky, roaring thunderously. With one slight touch, they could send flying bear cavalrymen flying away, and kill Jia Clan warriors. Eagle-headed creatures had been falling from the sky, their bodies totally devastated.

Following Ao Hao's wild laughter, the eight-hundred pure-blood dragon warriors raised fierce gusts of wind with their heavy long spears. Flying bears were torn apart, cavalrymen were thrown away, strong shields were penetrated, and thick armors were shredded as easily as shredding papers.

"Fight!" Ao Hao wielded his pair of giant four-edged swords. Every strike he made quaked the space and stirred up terrifying whirlwinds. His eyes were glowing-red as he roared excitedly, "Fight, kill, blood, bodies...Human kids, you are still too weak, too weak, too weak...Compared with your dragon ancestors, you're like shell-breaking chickens!"

Ao Hao laughed, and his thunderous laughter quaked the earth.

He was qualified to be proud. The cultivation system of human Magi was created by Emperor Fuxi by referring to the cultivation methods of the strongest creatures in the world, based on the circulatory system of the blood flows inside the incomparably strong bodies of dragons, with his great wisdom.

This cultivation system had been perfected by generations of human leaders and emperors. But until now, the Magi Palace hadn't managed to figure out the structure of all small meridians inside human bodies, while the dragons were born with fully activated meridians and strong bodies.

In terms of physical body, a peak-level Divine Magus couldn't possibly defeat any dragon that was over a thousand years old. Not to mention the fact that dragons' scales provided them with an incomparable defensive power, which was greater than the defensive power possessed by any Divine Magus by a hundred folds. Ao Hao bumped back and forth in midair, making groups of elite Gong Sun Family warriors vomit blood. Of course, he was qualified to laugh at the entire humankind!

"You Xiong City boys, fight!" From the dense formation of flying bear cavalrymen, some Gong Sun Family commanders burst into raging roars. Countless long spears were straightened and lunged towards Ao Hao and his dragon warriors from all directions, causing deafening swishing noises.

The clanks echoed through the clouds. Fire sparks shone on Ao Hao and his warriors' bodies as their strong scales defended them against the spears. The hardest strike launched by the flying bear warriors merely managed to penetrate the scales of the youngest dragon warrior and leave a slight slash on his body.

"Hahahah… In ancient times, the ancestors of your human beings were as obedient to our ancestors as their grandsons...Now, you have developed, but you Master Ao Hao still has to teach you a lesson… Human beings can never trample upon dragons!" Ao Hao swung his sword and sent tens of cavalrymen flying away, then yelled, "Dragons are always your masters!"

Ao Hao spouted loudly and wildly, but he had been restraining his power.

When facing the non-humankind troops led by Jia Clan warriors, he would definitely try to kill them. Not many non-humankind warriors survived after being sent flying away by him. But when facing the cavalrymen from Gong Sun Family, he would show his mercy, even though he had been shouting pretty loudly. He would injure them severely, but wouldn't truly kill them. These cavalrymen were mostly Magus Kings, that those severe injuries wouldn't truly harm their life-force.

Wherever Ao Hao reached, bodies had been flying all over the sky. The flying bear cavalrymen were vomiting blood with broken bones, while the Jia Clan warriors were crushed, even blasted into blood mists.

The dense blood mist spread in the air, even turning the sky faintly blood-red.

On the ground, Wu Bi laughed with creepy hissing voice, "Ao Bao, ancient dragon? Hehe, indeed, your dragon-kind is strong. But, we human beings are also Pan Gu's descendants. We aren't born with muscular bodies, don't have sharp claws, teeth, and strong scales, but we have brains that you dragons will never have!"

Abruptly, Wu Bi slapped himself heavily and said, "Hah, I was too angry to remember that we are no longer human beings. We are the noblest Original Devil! Haha, we are wiser than human beings!"

Thick dark mists surged out of the bodies of Wu Bi and the group of Chu Wu Clan people behind him. Sad dragon roars could be heard from the mists. The dark mists squirmed and condensed into a series of twisted, weird, centipede-shaped spell symbols in the air, then swiftly flew into the battleground.

The long, twisting spell symbols airily landed on the weapons of the flying bear cavalrymen and Jia Clan warriors. Following deep dragon cries, the edges of these weapons were wrapped in a faint layer of dark mist, and glowed with an evil dim light.

The Jia Clan warriors who had been holding these weapons felt that their blood boiled uncontrollably. Driven by a strange power, a corrosive, weird energy was generated from inside his body.

Emitting a faint stink, this weird energy flew to the weapons, then these warriors wielded the weapons and hacked on Ao Hao and his warriors.

The puffing noises could be heard without an end. As easily as cutting watermelons, the thick scales of Ao Hao and his warriors were easily cut broken. The dimly glowing weapons sank deeply into their bodies, cut open their muscles, and left deep wounds on their bones.

Tens of dragon warriors even had their arms cut off by some cavalrymen and Jia Clan warriors. Blood spurted out of their wounds, but the blood was slightly dark, and had a faint stench.

"What? What?" Ao Hao was the enemies' main target. In an instant, he suffered over a hundred strikes. His thirty-meter-tall body was now covered in wounds, with blood squirting out.

Ao Hao was dumbfounded. In panic mode, he looked at his warriors, who were also severely injured, and paused.

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