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Divine letters were flying and orders were given; dragon generals roared excitedly, and over-energetic dragon warriors wielded their weapons, laughing out loud while darting around in heaven. The heaven and earth formation had been buzzing slightly, sending troops of dragon warriors to every corner of Pan Gu Motherland with the powers of natural stars, which existed all over the world.

"I am the fairest leader." Ao Bai proudly puffed his belly out and smiled at Shaosi, Zhu Rong, Donggong, and Qing Qiang, "I know that the ones who asked for help are all friends of Si Wen Ming and Ji Hao. So, once they asked, I sent out reinforcements...No time was wasted at all. The reinforcements I sent to them are at an exact same scale. That is natural reward, and I shall be rewarded by the world!"

Ao Bai gave a large grin, exposing his shiny white teeth. As Bixi, one of the dragon ancestor's nine sons, he possessed a devastating strength that no other dragon could ever surpass. Perhaps, because he was already gifted with a tremendous strength, he wasn't so smart, just like all his descendants.

Shaosi and Zhu Rong, who were both battle-experienced, looked at Ao Bai with twitching faces. They wanted to remind him that it was certainly inappropriate to divide the reinforcements he sent out so evenly. But, Ao Bai gave a bright laughter and said unquestionably, "Today, I will show you the power of our dragon-kind...Hahaha… Are human beings the owners of Pan Gu world? The owners of natural fortune? Hah, if we have to fight a war, you still need to count on our dragon-kind!"

Waving his hand strongly, Ao Bai sneered, "The enemies may be large in number, but we, brave dragons, only need to move one finger to destroy them, to cut off their heads, to make their blood flow like rivers, to cover the earth with their corpses...Ahyaya, who dares to fight me?"

Waves of power spread out of Ao Bai's body, quaking the entire hall. Shaosi and Zhu Rong exchanged a glance and helplessly stopped talking. But silently, they both began giving urgent orders. Under their orders, the Gold Crow warriors and Zhu Rong warriors immediately started gathering in the heaven. The water-kind force led by Shermie, as well as the water army under Wuzhi Qi and Yuan Li' commands, were all ready for fighting a war as well.

Above Xiong Shan's clan, Ao Hao looked at the enemies, which had been approaching from all directions like dark clouds, with a dark face. The enemy's army was greater than his by a hundred folds, and this fact brought him a headache.

Suddenly, a few eagle-headed creatures widely opened their beaks and released bolts of thunder towards Ao Hao. The water-tank-sized thunderbolts struck on his body and stirred up sparks against the scales on his face. Small electric currents sizzled on his face, even curling up his beard.

The pride and arrogance buried deep in the bones of all dragons now erupted from Ao Hao. Ao Hao raised a pair of long, four-edged swords, and roared, "Dragon boys, follow me...Hah, a bunch of human kids and some weird non-humankind monsters...Wipe them out!"

Ever since the dragon-kind, the phoenix-kind, and the humankind appeared in Pan Gu world as Pan Gu's descendants, human beings, who had no sharp claws or teeth, no strong scales, no ability to fly, couldn't live in water, and could barely do a thing, had been looking down upon by the other two kinds from the prehistorical era to the present. All dragons firmly believed that a strong dragon warrior was able to easily take out ten-thousand human warriors.

The enemy's army was larger in number by a hundred folds. Was that a big deal?

Ao Hao opened his jaws and let out a frosty stream of water. Countless dark ice pieces spun swiftly in the water. The human-head-sized ice pieces clanked deafeningly against each other while the water stream swooshed across the sky, swirling up tens of thousands of eagle-headed creatures and over a thousand flying bear cavalrymen.

The water was bone-piercingly cold. The dark ice descended from every direction and crushed every eagle-headed creature in the water, breaking the bones of the flying bear cavalrymen from Gong Sun Family.

Ao Hao burst into wild roars. His body expanded to thirty-meters-tall while he wielded the pair of hundred-meters-long, four-edged swords. Smashing them everywhere like a pair of pillars, he brought up fierce gales and bolts of lightning. At this moment, Ao Hao gave a full display to the mighty strength possessed by the dragon-kind. Wherever his swords reached, not a single flying bear cavalryman managed to take one strike from him.

Among all flying bear cavalrymen under Gong Sun Chai's command, tens were famous heroes from Gong Sun Family, peak Divine Magi. They growled resonantly and marched to Ao Hao, lunging their long spears along with beams of cold light.

Ao Hao showed no sign of dodging. He bumped straight into the cavalrymen's weapons, yet the sharp long spears merely sent up a few sparks of fire against his scales, failing to penetrate his skin. He swung his swords sideway and made the tens of peak Divine Magi vomit blood, breaking their bones and sending them flying away.

This was just a random strike launched by Ao Hao, but was extremely destructive. The tens of Divine Magi were sent flying backward, and five of them even exploded. Their bodies blasted into a cloud of blood mist, and their severely-cultivated magic treasures were shattered.

" invincible!" With one quick strike, Ao Hao crushed the encirclement of tens of Gong Sun Family generals. Behind him, the eight-hundred pure-blood dragons roared thunderously and expanded their bodies to twenty to twenty-five meters tall. Wielding all kinds of heavy weapons, they marched into the formation of the flying bear cavalry.

These mighty dragons were enraged. They straightened their scales, sharp as blades. The eight-hundred pure-blood dragons charged for once and severely injured over ten-thousand cavalrymen. The rest of cavalrymen moved into battle formations and launched ferocious offensives against these powerful dragon warriors. Hundred-thousand flying bear cavalrymen against eight-hundred dragon warriors resulted in no winners. More cavalrymen came to help, and large groups of Jia Clan warriors joined the war. Numberless eagle-headed warriors had been approaching, while more and more non-humankind warriors encircled Ao Hao's army. Some non-humankind warriors had already begun wrestling Ao Hao's hundred-thousand water-kind warriors.

Xiong Shan stood on the ground while gasping. "Kill, kill, kill, kill all the traitors of the humankind who joined those non-humankind monsters...Kill, kill, kill, kill all the non-humankind monsters who have been hurting human beings...Kill, kill, kill!" Seeing Ao Hao shuttle between the enemies, he wielded his large axe and growled hoarsely.

A black finger suddenly appeared behind Xiong Shan, along with a shrill swishing noise. The sharp fingertip penetrated Xiong Shan's head, sending him flying hundreds of meters away.

Xiong Shan was injured severely. He fell to the ground, unable to stop twitching. Wu Bi slowly walked out of the air, surrounded by coiling dark mists. Narrowing his eyes, he looked at the dragon warriors who were fighting in the sky. He had completely become a devil.

"Dragons...impressive! We, Chu Wu Clan… No, we are Original Devils now. Our ancestors created this 'dragon-slaying magic' with so many efforts, and finally, we have a chance to use it today...Dragon-slaying magic, a top-grade, supreme secret magic in this world. The dragon-kind is strong, so we dared not to expose it for so many years. But today, we shall let you dragon boys know that you are not invincible in this world!"

Wu Bi grinned viciously as clouds of dark mist spread out of his body.

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