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In the heaven, Ao Hao, who was just appointed as the Sidu Dragon King, coughed loudly. After giving a flick to his long fluttering robe which was embroidered with flying dragons, he proudly waved his hands to the eight-hundred dragon warriors behind him, then gave vent to a resonant shout.

"Let's go!"

High up in the air, tens of natural stars dazzled suddenly. Water-tank-sized, splendid starlight poured down from the sky and landed on an enormous platform in the heaven. Streams of mist spiraled up and coiled around each other, as the affiliated teleporting formation in the heaven and earth great formation was activated. Ao Hao and his dragon warriors were immediately surrounded by a thick layer of starlight.

The space quaked slightly. In the next moment, Ao Hao directly showed up above Xiong Shan's clan, with eight-hundred pure-blood dragons, three-thousand mix-blood flood dragons, and a hundred thousand elite water-kind warriors. Beams of starlight spread out as Ao Hao roared towards the sky. Watery clouds rolled over from all directions, steadying Ao Hao and his warriors in the sky.

"That Xiong Shan kid..." Ao Hao put on an act, intending to show his divine god might. But, abruptly seeing what happened down on the ground, he couldn't help but widen his eyes and get choked on his own words.

The slaughter had already happened to Xiong Shan's clan. Tens of thousands of young girls were tied up, being sent onto a flying fort.

About a hundred-thousand flying bear cavalrymen encircled a large battleground and had been laughing, shouting, and wielding their weapons to cheer for the hundreds who had formed a battle formation while launching offensives in the battleground. Xiong Shan was their sole target.

The dark-yellow bell floated upon Xiong Shan's head. Strands of magnetic force had been raising the dust and sands from the ground to build a strong earth wall to defend Xiong Shan. The cavalrymen charged and broke the earth wall over and over again, leaving deeper and deeper wounds on his body.

Xiong Shan was covered in blood. His spirit blood had been consumed by eighty to ninety percent. He was almost drained. He staggered, about to fall to the ground at any moment. He had lost too much spirit blood that even his wounds healed more and more slowly.

Even his inherited magic treasure, the 'earth magnetic bell', now had tens of cracks on it because of the multiple heavy strikes. Suffering a few more strikes, this powerful treasure would certainly be shattered.

For a couple of times, those flying bear cavalrymen had the chance to kill Xiong Shan for good. But, they were obviously making fun of him. They injured him badly, then let him recover, then injured him again.

Gong Sun Chai stood aside and laughed quite loudly, "Ayaya, what a strong boy! Still standing? Impressive! Hah, chop his legs this time. Haha, see if he can struggle up again."

Hundreds of cavalrymen turned around, laughing as they moved in a perfect triangular charging formation. After a shrill whistle, their mounts marched rumblingly to Xiong Shan in an unhurried, ordered pace.

Ao Hao paused for a second, then burst into raging growls. "Xiong Shan kid, don't be afraid. Your Master Ao Ritian is here!" He shouted.

"You, listen, this kid is under my protection now. If any of you dare to hurt him again, I'll peel your skin and pull out your tendons today!"

Gong Sun Chai immediately raised his head. Seeing Ao Hao, who was with a human body and a dragon head, his pupils instantly shrank to the size of needlepoint. "Dragons? This has nothing to do with you. This is between human beings. Are you dragons going against the order from our human emperor?"

Ao Hao said no word but sneezed loudly. Followed his sneeze, a pouring rain fell from the sky. The fist-sized raindrop froze in the air, then rapid whirlwinds were stirred up, rolling these ice crystals down to the flying bear cavalrymen like arrows.

A clattering noise could be heard without an end as the sharp hailstones fell from the sky. These hailstones seemed to be the size of fists, but under the effect of Ao Hao's divine god power, each hailstone was as heavy as a mountain. The hailstones landed on cavalrymen' bodies and caused loud muffled thuds, bringing them a great pain as they disabled them from even raising their heads.

Gong Sun Chai suffered the most. Because of Ao Hao's 'special care', thousands of hailstones smashed on his body, leaving him no time to react. Gong Sun Chai fell down from the back of his mount with all of his bones broken. He was almost turned into a pile of meat paste.

Fortunately, his mount, a flying bear, defended him on its own initiative. The bear spread its strong featherless wings, shielded Gong Sun Chai, and saved his life.

"Charge! Charge! Charge!" Gong Sun Chai hurriedly swallowed a few pills and relieved himself slightly from the pain, roughly fixing his broken bones. Then, he screamed out loud with a dry voice, "Dragons dare to interfere in our business? They dare to ignore Emperor Xun's orders...Are they rising in rebellion? Charge! Lay waste to them! Emperor Xun will take all responsibilities."

No one paid more attention to Xiong Shan. Under the hailstones, as the best warriors and the strongest troops of Gong Sun Family, the cavalrymen raised their shields to protect themselves while driving their flying bears up into the sky and swiftly forming a dense battle formation.

Following the sonorous sounds of horns, more flying bear cavalrymen flew up into the sky, wave after wave. From every direction, they encircled Ao Hao and his warriors.

Deep buzzing noises could be heard as hundreds of millions of metal plates rose into the air. Heavily armored Jia Clan warriors trod on the metal plates and approached Ao Hao and his people with evil, twisted grins.

A distance away in the sky, dense clouds dispersed. Three flying forts tore apart the clouds along with tumbling thunders. A giant number of ferocious-looking, eagle-headed, lion-bodied, winged creatures flew out of the forts and slowly approached Ao Hao and his warriors.

Within ten minutes, Ao Hao and his warriors were surrounded by an allied army of the non-humankind and the humankind. Ao Hao was completely outnumbered, as the enemy's army was way greater than his, by about a hundred folds.

Ao Hao's face was darkened a little. Human beings and dragons were all Pan Gu's descendants, but at this moment, the biggest weakness of the dragon kind was exposed — Compared to the humankind, the number of dragon warriors was too, too little. A hundred times greater number of warriors was enough to close the gap of individual fighting capacity between the humankind and the dragon-kind.

"Damn, this time...Master Ao may suffer some loss." Ao Hao gripped his weapon and murmured quite nervously.

In the heaven, divine letters had been ceaselessly flying up from the few large cauldrons, landing on divine emperors' tables. Almost at the same time, the clans of thousands of Si Wen Ming's diehard supporters encountered the attacks from the enemy's armies, which were in way greater scales than themselves. They all asked the heaven for help through the secret magic.

Carelessly and with little concern, Ao Bai divided the elite dragon force under his command into small troops and sent to the clans which had asked for help.

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