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Xiong Shan looked at the three-legged cauldron in front of them with a dark face.

"An hour?" Stomping his foot against the ground, Xiong Shan said through gritted teeth, "If only we have an hour...Oi, are you happy now?"

Glancing at the group of elders who stood aside silently, Xiong Shan gave an angry growl, then carried his dark steel axe and rushed to the entrance of the new station of his clan. The few elders glanced at each other quite embarrassedly. "We were thinking for the clan, and this place is indeed great!" One of them murmured.

In Xiong Shan's clan, everyone who could fight had already picked up a weapon and stood nervously on the newly built city wall.

In the new station of the clan, which was still under construction, one could hear the children crying and women comforting them with trembling low voices from the crude cottages. Everyone understood that this clan wasn't capable of defending against the enormous army out there.

Xiong Mudun was Xiong Shan's father. At the moment, he was standing before the unfinished new gate with the strongest men from his clan, yelling hoarsely at the scrawny old man from Gong Sun Family, whose name was Gong Sun Chai. "We, Xiong Family people, are Emperor Xuanyuan's descendants as well! How can you point your weapon at your own families?"

Gong Sun Chai chuckled as flying bear cavalries lined up orderly behind him. The giant flying bears were breathing deeply and raising clouds of dust from the ground.

More and more flying bear cavalries had been showing up from the other three families, approaching Xiong Shan's clan. Once the clan was encircled by Gong Sun Family warriors, Gong Sun Chai would give his order to attack.

Gong Sun Chai drawled mockingly, "Families? Nah. You don't share the same family name with us, so how can you be our families? I won't waste my time talking to you today. Every man in your clan will die anyway. The weak ones, sick ones and old ones will all die, and only young and beautiful girls can live. Hah, they're gonna live a good life."

The expressions of Xiong Mudun and Xiong Shan changed immediately. Killing all the men and kidnapping the girls? What was Emperor Xun doing? He was the emperor of human beings, but right now, he was acting even more brutally than non-humankind monsters. What on earth did he want?

"We want to see Emperor Xun!" The elders from Xiong Shan's clan rushed out and growled, "We want to see Emperor Xun! We don't believe that Emperor Xun will give orders like this! We need to..."

Gong Sun Chai lazily waved his hand. Following his moves, tens of flying bear cavalrymen each pulled out a three-edged spear and threw at the group of elders. As a cold light flashed across the air, the group of elders burst into howls. The spears penetrated their bodies and brought them hundreds of meters away, then nailed them on a small rock hill.

"See Emperor Xun? Do you deserve that?" Deep sounds of horns could be heard from a distance away. Under Gong Sun Chai's order, the entire clan was encircled by flying bear cavalrymen. Gong Sun Chai slightly upturned his mouth corners as he glanced at Xiong Mudun and Xiong Shan, then turned back and gave his order with a cold voice, "Attack...Kill all men, kill the old people and the sick ones, but don't heart the young girls. Be careful, those are all money. Don't accidentally injure them!"

A faint misty dark light flashed across the eyes of the tens of thousands of flying bear cavalrymen behind Gong Sun Chai. They let out deep roars and drove the giant flying bears up to the sky, marching to Xiong Shan's clan like a tremendous dark cloud.

Xiong Mudun roared out loud and leaped straight into the sky. He wielded a heavy bronze club, smashed the head of a cavalryman, and threw him down from the bear's back. But, before he could launch the second strike, ten cavalrymen lunged their spears together. Xiong Mudun didn't manage to defend himself, and the spears went through his chest. Spell symbols sparkled on the spearheads, blowing his body into a cloud of blood mist.

"Abba!" Xiong Shan screamed as he wielded his axe and cut a few cavalrymen around him.

Countless long spears swished to him from all directions, squeezing streams of blood out of his body. Xiong Shan wielded his large axe widely and created a dark whirlwind, but still couldn't defend himself against the best cavalrymen from Gong Sun Family.

Xiong Mudun's blood rolled in the sky. As the leader of a clan, he was a Divine Magus, and was able to regrow his body from a single drop of blood. He wasn't as powerful as the Divine Magi from Mi Family or Gong Sun Family, but in five breaths at most, he could regrow his body.

Gong Sun Chai gave an evil smile. He took out a dark bone wand and quickly pointed at the cloud of blood mist.

A hazy, glowing green wolf was released from the wand that pounced onto the blood mist. A shrill howl could be heard from the blood mist as Xiong Mudun's soul was instantly killed by the dark curse that Gong Sun Chai cast. The blood mist condensed into blood drop, falling from the sky. But, before the blood landed on the ground, Gong Sun Chai took out a black bone bowl and waved it in the air. Xiong Mudun's blood merged into a long stream and flew into the black bowl.

"Abba!" Xiong Shan again gave a raging roar. He cut up three long spears coming at his chest, then raised his head to look at the sky.

Where were the reinforcements? Just now, the heaven replied that the reinforcement would arrive soon. But, where were they? An hour? Was that a joke? How could Xiong Shan's clan ever hold off Gong Shun Chai's great army for an hour?

Thousands of metal plates flew over. From the metal plates, heavily armored Jia Clan warriors jumped down with twisted smiles. They raised their heavy weapons and joined the battle. Mixed with the Jia Clan warriors, flying bear cavalry troops broke the crude wall built by Xiong Shan's people and easily marched into their station.

Xiong Family was merely a branch of Gong Sun Family, while Xiong Shan's clan was just a branch of Xiong Family. How could these people possibly rival the elite cavalrymen from Gong Sun Family? With one strike, Xiong Shan's clan was broken.

Shrill shrieks could be heard from the station, with ear-piercing noises of weapons hacking into flesh bodies. The screams of young girls stabbed into Xiong Shan's heart like the sharpest swords and brought him an unbearable pain. He turned back and saw some girls run out of their houses, crying and screaming. But, a couple of Jia Clan warriors mercilessly punched them to the ground and tied them up.

At this moment, when he turned his head back, tens of long spears penetrated his body.

Xiong Shan roared like a dying beast. Beams of yellow light burst from his body. Along with a bell ring, a heavy, dark-yellow, large bell rose from his body and gave vent to a tremendous magnetic force that made the hundreds of cavalrymen around him vomit blood, and be sent flying up to the sky.

Xiong Shan stared at Gong Shun Chai with hatred, raised the axe high, and rushed at him desperately.

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