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Heaven, in the divine palace which was built with divine sun crystals, Ji Hao sat on a high stage. A golden beam of light descended from the sky, covering him entirely. The purest sun fire and the strongest essence sun power was being absorbed by Ji Hao's body, and his body had become like a pure ray of light, a pure fire.

The mill of Dao floated behind him, spinning slowly. The vast natural reward power had turned the entire mill pure golden. Shreds of screaming and wailing blood-red souls had been dragged out of Ji Hao's spiritual space by the mill of Dao. The mill would clear away the hatred, death power, and all other negative types of energies inside these soul shreds, then turn them into the purest original soul grains.

In Ji Hao's spiritual space, the Pan Gu bell floated above his embryo of Dao. Every nine breaths, the bell would buzz. The deep and strong bell ring contained an original, pure might, filling Ji Hao's spiritual space and shattering the blood-red soul pieces in the whirlwinds, which had almost merged into one. Strands of twisted blood-red mist were gone along with the bell rings, while a giant number of glowing spell symbols were left on Ji Hao's embryo of Dao. These spell symbols were generated from the understandings of the great Dao which belonged to the owners of these soul shreds, who were from countless worlds.

Compared to the past, Ji Hao's embryo of Dao had turned taller, stronger and clearer, and the power it released became deeper and greater. The feelings of Dao had been flowing across his heart as his cultivation was improving, and his foundation of Dao was growing stronger and stronger.

Master Spirit-slaughter trapped Ji Hao temporarily with a mystical power. But by doing this, he had done Ji Hao a big favor. He slaughtered millions of warriors and forged their souls into a giant sword, then sent the sword into Ji Hao's spiritual space, along with all the understandings of the great Dao of numberless worlds that those warriors possessed.

Ji Hao felt their Dao. He absorbed their Dao and made connections with his own Dao. With the help of the Dao from other worlds, Ji Hao had attained a deeper and deeper understanding of the great Dao of Pan Gu world. Gradually, his Dao had gone beyond the limit of Pan Gu world, and made a tiny step outward.

"Dao, too wonderful for words!" Ji Hao breathed slowly. Strands of his spirit power condensed into hair-thin threads and pierced into the space, triggering the natural powers. While traveling through the world with his spirit power, he slowly fell into a magical 'sleep state'.

His thoughts paused like ice, leaving a tiny part of his soul and spirit awake, flowing across and sensing the world.

Outside the divine palace where Ji Hao stayed to get rid of those annoying blood-red soul shreds inside him, Man Man was wielding her giant hammers while shouting thunderously to direct large troops of Zhu Rong warriors and Gold Crow warriors under Ji Hao's command for a combined great battle formation. Thousands of troops had been moving quickly, composing an enormous great formation that had been releasing a fierce aura of killing and raising a raging fire.

The childishness had started fading from Man Man's face. With a serious look, she gazed at the warriors who had been practicing hard for the new formation, eyes glowed with a light of determination.

"Ah, Ji Hao has been working really hard alone. I can't be like back in Southern Wasteland, eating and playing all day...I need to help Ji Hao." Man Man kept her eyes widely open while murmuring. Unwittingly, the people around Ji Hao had changed. At least, Man Man now understood that she had 'responsibilities'. Despite the fact that she didn't know what 'responsibility' exactly meant yet, she had already taken the responsibilities upon herself.

In another hall in the heaven, Shaosi, Zhu Rong, Ao Bai, Qing Qiang, and Donggong sat on five magnificent thrones. A series of tinkles could be heard from a few large cauldrons while strands of purple mist rose. The purple mists condensed into divine letters that flew up from them and landed softly on the tables before the five of them.

This was the 'office' of the five divine emperors. Since Ji Hao locked himself in the sun palace, Shaosi was doing his work for him.

Abruptly, Ao Bai burst into laughter, "Those non-humankind monsters... I thought they would learn to behave themselves after the massacre Ji Hao caused. But surprisingly, they don't seem to accept the failure willingly, but have sneakily begun doing things again."

Slapping a divine letter loudly against the golden table before him, Ao Bai sneered, "How can such a scum exist among Gong Sun Family people? Emperor Xun is working with the non-humankind...Hehe, punish the traitors? He's nothing but the human emperor. Facing the power of the heaven, what is he?"

Shaosi looked at Ao Bai with shock. Even though they were on the same side, Ao Bi's words were...

Indeed, the heaven ruled the world on behalf of Pan Gu world itself, and the five emperors could be seen as the embodiments of the world's spirit. Nevertheless, a divine emperor shouldn't talk about the human emperor, the leader of all human beings, who were the owners of the natural fortune of Pan Gu world, like that. If the rest of the world heard him, another wild storm would be started.

"Emperor Ao Bai?" Said Shaosi coldly, "What exactly is happening?"

Ao Bai grinned and stood up, then responded carelessly, "Some small things that can bring us free natural rewards. You shall not worry."

This divine letter was sent by Xiong Shan. He contacted the heaven through a secret magic, then sent this letter to ask for help. Ever since Ji Hao became a divine emperor, Si Wen Ming's diehard supporters had all learned the secret magic to contact the heaven the first time around. Was there a communication method in this world that could be faster and more convenient that delivering the words through the heaven?

Ao Bai locked his fingers together, then pointed at the cauldron from which this letter came. A strand of purple mist was sent into the cauldron, as Ao Bai smilingly said, "Xiong Shan, hmm… Xiong Family is a branch of Mi Family, which is a branch of Gong Sun Family. Xiong Family is also descended from Emperor Xuanyuan. How come Xuanyuan family kids are getting weaker and weaker over generations? For this small situation, he's scared enough to shout at the heaven for help."

Ao Bai chuckled and continued flatly, "Since he has already asked for help, we can't just ignore him. He's on our side, after all. I told him to hang on for an hour, then the reinforcement from the heaven will arrive."

Without giving Shaosi, Zhu Rong, Qing Qiang, and Donggong a chance to join the conversation, Ao Bai shouted out loud towards the outside, "Ao Hao, Ao Hao, where the hell have you been? Get over here! Go, take a troop through the heaven and earth great formation to save Xiong Shan's clan...Chop those non-humankind monsters and those human scums who are on their side. I want you to bring back a million enemies' heads!"

Xiong Shan asked the heaven for help, but Ao Bai didn't take that seriously.

The dragon-kind had their own information channels. Therefore, Ao Bai knew about the inner conflicts happening in large human clans and families these days. He knew that quite a large number of Si Wen Ming's supporters had left their clans and families with their people to build their own homes.

In Xiong Shan's letter, he clearly pointed out that his clan had a population less than a million.

A million human beings was something that Ao Bai couldn't care less a bout. A couple of strong pure-blood dragons were able to easily suppress a human clan with a population of over ten million. Xiong Shan's clan was way too weak.

Ao Bai refused to believe that the so-called 'formidable enemy' of such a weak human clan was actually a big deal. He sent Ao Hao with an elite dragon troop, because he thought it didn't require a great army to save Xiong Shan's clan.

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