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A large black steel axe swept across a giant tree which required ten people to put their arms around. The thick tree trunk was immediately broken.

With a sullen look, Xiong Shan put the axe behind his back, lifted the tree with both arms, and carried it on his shoulder. Then, he walked to the new territory of his clan which was under construction. This 'iron bone tree' was incredibly heavy, as its density was much higher than that of iron. Xiong Shan carried the hundreds of meters tall tree and walked quickly, crushing the rocks he trampled on.

Xiong Family descended from the Mi Family, also from Gong Sun Family. Xiong Family people were descendants of Emperor Xuanyuan. Xiong Shan was born in an average branch clan of Xiong Family, but according to the tradition, his clan used up all the resources to raise him as the only prince of the clan.

Despite his 'prince' title and Emperor Xuanyuan's bloodline, Xiong Shan clearly understood that as a 'prince' of Xiong Family, he could never be compared with those 'princes' from Gong Sun Family. At the very least, those young princes stepped into the world of Divine Magus at the mere age of ten, while he broke into the level of Divine Magus when he was almost thirty. How could he ever compare with them?

As 'Prince Xiong Shan', he was just like a brand of his family, to defend the dignity of the leader and elders of his clan when facing the elders from Mi Family or even Gong Sun Family.

Xiong Shan was clearly aware of this fact, and hadn't been talking his 'prince' title so seriously. He had been working hard and fighting hard. In Chi Ban Mountain line of defense, he fought more than ten great battles against the non-humankind. Back there, he met a lot of talented young human beings who had also been working hard and fighting hard, such as Lie Mountain Kang, Huaxu Lie, and Si Wen Ming.

Yes, Xiong Shan was a diehard supporter of Si Wen Ming; he could even be called as one of Si Wen Ming's most trusted subordinates. In battles against the non-humankind, the hundred-thousand-men Black Bear Army under Xiong Shan's leadership would always stay as Si Wen Ming's army. The Black Bear Army could be counted as a part of the army under Si Wen Ming's direct command.

"Stubborn elders!" Xiong Shan complained with a muffled voice while dragging the iron bone tree to the entrance of the new territory of his clan.

Tens of carpenters walked over with large steps and took over the tree from Xiong Shan's hands. After processing, this tree would become a part of the new gate of his clan. However, Xiong Shan didn't think that was right. This tree, which was cut off by him with a single axe move, was clearly not a tough material. Could a gate made of this crappy wood protect his beloved families?

Even though his clan couldn't afford to build a gate with divine materials collected from natural stars, like the gate of the 'Giant Bear Valley' where the base of Xiong Family was located, the new gate needed to contain at least a hundred types of essence metals, then be strengthened by all kinds of powerful spells, so it would be able to defend his people from wild beasts and those bloody non-humankind beings.


Xiong Shan stood in the position of the new gate, gazing at the new stations of his clan in a valley which had strands of smoke curling up. His brows were knitted.

Because of Emperor Xun, serious disagreements happened between all clans in Xiong Family. Some Xiong Family clans were willing to follow Gong Sun Family, to support Gong Sun Xun to the end of the day, while some Xiong Family people refused to follow an incapable emperor. Same as Xiong Shan, these people were surely Si Wen Ming's supporters.

Because of the endless disagreements, Xiong Family had split up. Xiong Shan and his father took away over a million elite family members and left the base of Xiong Family. Traveling for tens of thousands of miles, they came to this valley to build their new homeland.

"Abba, I need to say this. This place is not safe!" Xiong Shan abruptly pulled out his giant axe and burst into growls. "We should go to Yao Mountain City...Emperor Ji Hao has sent messengers to tell us that we can go to Yao Mountain City! We will be there in a month tops! We shouldn't stay here!"

Among these one million people, only about a hundred thousand were true elite warriors. Even though they also had over a hundred thousand 'iron-skin black bears' as their battle beasts, it was still impossible for them to fight against the strong non-humankind troops.

They needed to go to Yao Mountain City, to be together with all Brother Wen Ming's supporters, and to combine everyone's power, so the enemies could be defeated...

However, the few stubborn elders from his family had been saying that they shouldn't stay under the protection from other people, and brave Xiong Family man should build their own foundations, and things like that. Hearing them, Xiong Shan truly wanted to cut open their heads with his axe to find out exactly how their brains worked.

Did those elders really think that Xiong Shan didn't know? They discovered a large crystal mine in this valley, with quite a few precious types of metal minerals, which could be used to forge high-grade magic treasures. That was the reason why they insisted on staying here.

For the meaningless profits, these elders exposed their people to danger. Xiong Shan was already speechless in anger.

This valley was located right on the main path between You Xiong City and Pu Ban City, and the people who would come to this area were all core members of Gong Sun family. Why would Xiong Shan's clan stay here? To wait for an offensive launched by Gong Sun Family people?

Xiong Shan growled with rage. His father walked out frowningly from a cottage as he stared at Xiong Shan without saying a word. His eyes were filled with anger too. Based on Xiong Shan's childhood experiences, he immediately figured out what his father wanted to say — 'Don't cause me troubles. Go stay aside!'

Xiong Shan walked to his father with large steps. Also silently, he reached out both hands and attempted to convince his father with his strength.

All of a sudden, a shrill sound of horn could be heard. Xiong Shan looked back with shock and saw dense clouds rising from Pu Ban City. Following sonorous shouts, large groups of Jia Clan warriors were flying towards him. These Jia Clan warriors trod on metal plates, which were faintly golden and dazzling with sizzling electric currents.

Behind the thousands of Jia Clan warriors was a formidable army. Heavily armored human warriors mounted on mountain-sized bears were singing a battle song. Among their troops, hundreds of totem flags fluttered in the wind. Painted on each flag was a roaring winged bear trampling over mountains.

Judging by the flying bear battle flags and the totem flags of Xiong Family, this army was an elite force from Gong Sun Family!

In other words, these elite warriors with flying bear battle flags were under Emperor Xun's direct command!

Alarming horns echoed around the station of Xiong Shan's clan. From a distance away, a flying bear rose into the sky and approached swiftly. A scrawny old man on the bear's back yelled at Xiong Shan, "Under the order of the human emperor, traitors will be punished...You, without a doubt, are definitely traitors."

"Attack! Kill every last man...And leave all woman!" The old man shouted.

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