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Liang Zhu City, a temporarily-built square filled with people…

Same as what was happening in the arena back in Pan Yu world, on this square which was still stained by blood, even having some body parts scattered on it, countless non-humankind nobles had been trying their best to earn actual benefits.

Ji Hao, Yu Meng, and Master Spirit-slaughter had wiped out all core top-grade leaders from Pan Yu world. Numberless people had eyes fixed on the vacancies left by these people, and countless people had been trying to make the most out of this opportunity.

Amidst the thick crowd on the square, Yu Huo's clone stood on a roughly built stage as he wielded his arms and screamed hoarsely, "I am Yemo Tian, the true successor of Yemo Family. Yemo Family is the leading family which discovered this world...According to the law of inheritance of Pan Yu world, I have an absolute right of inheritance to this world!"

Slapping his chest with both hands, he yelled, "So, my friends from colony worlds, please support me, support me..."

A giant stone flew out sideways, smashed on the head of Yu Huo's clone, directly hitting him down the stage and making his face be covered in blood. Hundreds of meters away, a gorgeously dressed Yu Clan young man pointed at Yu Huo's clone and shouted, "Ignore this lowly one...The right of inheritance? Do you even deserve to mention this word as a lowly thing from a lowly family?"

"Ado River Family!" This Yu Clan young man growled with a dry voice, " Ado River Family, the noblest bloodline, the noblest family in Pan Yu world...With the name of Ado River Family, I will raise an army to conquer this world. Anyone who is willing to join my army will gain glory and wealth...and the friendships from my family!"

A large number of non-humankind nobles from colony worlds cast their sparkling eyes on this Ado River Family young man.

As the rulers of colony worlds, they weren't interested in glory and wealth. Pan Gu world was rich indeed, but without a doubt, the profits from Pan Gu world would mostly fall into the pockets of top-grade family people, while they would only gain very little.

But, the friendship from Ado River Family...

If Ado River Family promised to marry their direct descendants to their families and to support their families, they would consider making this deal! As the rulers of colony worlds, they had indeed been living great lives, but wouldn't a strong backer benefit their families even more?

In a distance away, a few young men from a branch of Lanao River Family had already startled a battle against the other few young men.

A couple of muscular Yu Clan men stood aside and remained silent with heads held high. Standing around them were tens of giant black centaurs. Without question, these few Yu Clan men were the owners of these centaurs. In the chaotic war that happened days ago, these crazy centaurs had left everyone on the scene an especially deep impression.

These centaurs were extremely valuable. They were perfect fighters, fearless, strong, and brave, even stronger than Jia Clan warriors. Warriors like these were highly precious resources, that any large family from Yu Clan world would want them.

In order to draw these centaurs to their sides, the young men from a few large families started a wrestle against each other, without showing any elegance and gracefulness of Yu Clan nobles. They crazily fought, revealed each other's buried secrets, and cursed each other...

Suddenly, a blade light flashed across the crowd. A young man, who was fighting against the other few, let out a shrill howl. A heavy flying blade sank into his rib area and nearly cut his body into two. Blood spurted out of his wound, making the countless non-humankind nobles in the surroundings burst into screams and stir up the crowd.

No one knew who launched the attack. As blade lights and sword lights dazzled, tens of non-humankind nobles fell on the ground while screaming. Some other people even cast large-scale magic and created a raging fire and fierce thunderbolts that covered half of the square. The situation went further and further out of control.

Yu Huo's clone, who was put to the ground by a stone, slowly stood up. Looking at the square which was now in a great mess, he laughed with a hissing voice, "Just like this, just like this… Fight, be disordered, the more disordered the better...Souls are so tasty, you idiots… Just die and become my source of power."

Yu Huo's clone curved a mouth corner and gave an especially vicious smile while continuing, "Yu Ji, Yu Fen, Yu Luan...You bloody things... Do you want to make profits off me? Will you cry in sadness when all these colony warriors under your command die?"

Master Spirit-Slaughter stood aside, grinning brightly. He and Yu Huo wanted to do the exact same thing.

As a Yu Clan noble, Yu Huo was instinctively taking his revenge from the ones who attempted to take away his things. Unlike him, Master Spirit-Slaughter didn't have a standpoint or morality. He wanted nothing but slaughter. He wanted the situation to become more chaotic; he wanted more people to die, and more, stronger, negative emotions to be released. He even wanted to destroy the entire Liang Zhu City right now and finish off all non-humankind beings in the city; that would be the best.

Mingling in the crowd, Yu Huo's clone and Master Spirit-Slaughter grinned evilly. Pushed by some people, intentionally or not, the situation turned more and more uncontrollable. In this very moment, a non-humankind slave walked through the disordered crowd and came to Yu Huo while foaming at the mouth. He kneeled heavily on the ground and reported to Yu Huo with a deep voice, "My highest master, Master Yu Yao sent back a message...That greedy and stupid human emperor has accepted his offer and signed the warrant. Now, we can reasonably launch offensives on all human beings that we want to kill."

Yu Huo and Master Spirit-Slaughter both raised their eyebrows and grinned delightfully.

"I'll lead a troop myself to help Yu Yao punish those human beings, and to fulfill the promise we made to our ally." Yu Huo looked at Master Spirit-Slaughter and said, "You stay here and hold the situation...I don't want these idiots to calm down, I don't want any of these idiots to hold the true power. I want them to keep messing around like this. Can you do that?"

Master Spirit-Slaughter smilingly nodded to Yu Huo and responded, "Of course, believe the power of my kind, please. Creating fear and panic, that is the greatest ability of our kind...But surely, the casualty could be heavy."

Yu Huo's eyes sparkled with a dim misty light as he chuckled, "Why would I care? As long as some of them remain alive… later on...more idiots will bring themselves to us. Don't scare them away."

Master Spirit-Slaughter nodded, remained smiling. Yu Huo hurriedly left the square with a group of people.

In the next morning, led by Yu Huo and the twelve families in power from Yu Dynasty, a tremendous army marched to the territory of human beings. They were going to 'punish the traitors for Emperor Xun' — They told this to the world.

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